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My Pokemon Gym: The Series [GALAR EDITION]





Welcome one, welcome all to the return of the My Pokemon Gym series!

It's been five long years since I first took on this series, and two generations have since passed. It's time for an update! The My Pokemon Gym series takes a deep look at the concept of a gym leader; using my favorite Pokemon to plan out teams for each type; following the same Pokemon and Level structure for each type. However this year, we'll be celebrating Galar with a Galarian twist on things as each gym type will publish a list of ten teams - one for each gym stage, the Championship Cup semi-finals and a postgame Championship Cup rematch. More info below. But before we go any further; those looking to read through my original series can find it listed HERE



Only Pokemon within the Galar region (including the Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra) will be able to participate.
Pokemon with Galarian Forms may only use their Galarian Form.
Each gym type must contain at least one Generation 8 Pokemon or Galarian Form.
Each gym type must contain version exclusive differences between the Pokemon teams.
One Pokemon from each team must be the designated MVP Dynamax Pokemon.
No Starter Pokemon, Mega Evolutions, Alolan Forms, Gigantamax or Legendary Pokemon are allowed.
All gyms will be Single Battle format - except for Gym #8 which will be Double Battles.
3 Favorite TMs from the Galarian TM list will be given out for each type during the Gym Battles.
Gyms 1-6 will only use Level-Up Moves and the chosen Favorite TMs.
Gym 7 will include Relearnable Moves while Gym 8 and the Championship Cup include all TMs or TRs respectively.
The postgame Championship Cup Rematch will include Egg Moves, Move Tutors and Hidden Abilities.


With that out of the way, it's time to begin. We'll be publishing this series in the order each gym was first created from Pewter City's Rock-type gym to Spikemuth's Dark-type Gym. The first entry will be published shortly and you can follow along with this series by clicking HERE. See you on the flip turn! 




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