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Opinion I Arranged a (Slightly) Better Tracklist for Bionic!



Alright, so I'm still currently listening to Bionic because, of course, duh. I'm also in a good mood and somehow feeling a good vibration from nowhere. Anyway, so I only realized now that the transition from Prima Donna to Morning Dessert and Sex for Breakfast to Lift Me Up is one of the ugliest transitions ever in pop music. There's like no relation whatsoever from Prima Donna, which still depicted Xtina in a club and drinking her tenth booze for the night, to Xtina apparently rolling around the bed with somebody in the morning? What? xtina1

You might argue with "oh, it does make sense because she was in that club until the morning, it was a long party y'know" and tell me that I'm just stupid, but no. You're stupid, because immediately after Sex for Breakfast confirmed that it's morning now (she literally saw the sun rose up at the sky during the bridge of this song), Lift Me Up had her singing about things lifting up to get her through the night. Yeah, time suddenly became irrelevant for Miss Legend X because her partner had fucked her so hard just a song ago. Again, what?! xtina1

So, because I hate that Sex for Dessert, I mean, Morning Breakfast, got sandwiched between her tearing up dis club! electro romp and her Beautiful 2.0, and given the fact that I hate the three final songs in the actual standard edition of this fuckin' album, I decided to rearrange the tracklist to make it sound AND feel more connected/whole! xtina2

Here's my proposed tracklist:

1. Bionic

2. Not Myself Tonight

3. Woohoo

4. Elastic Love

5. Desnudate

6. Love & Glamour (Intro)

7. Glam

8. Prima Donna

9. Bobblehead

10. Lift Me Up

11. My Heart (Intro)

12. All I Need

13. I Am

14. Monday Morning

15. Birds of Prey

16. You Lost Me

17. I Am (Stripped)

18. Little Dreamer


So, I believe that my tracklist arrangement makes for a better listening experience. To me anyway. Still, not only sonically, with this tracklist the album also flows better in its own narrative. I mean, Bobblehead definitely fits as the song after Prima Donna because lyrically it read as an extension of her statement being THEE prima donna of....the night, at least. In that very same club, she also announced that "you bitches are stupid as fuck" with a smile on her fuckin' face. xtina7

Going from Bobblehead to Lift Me Up may sound jarring at first, because they sound so different from one another. At least Sex for Breakfast actually ends with a fade like what Lift Me Up first line suggested, right? Well, no. Sex for Breakfast didn't end with a fade-out. It ends properly as a full song with no possibility of an extended coda; she sang the last line as a perfect wrap up to the song. So, it's best that we just ignore that particular line on Lift Me Up, because putting it after Glam doesn't work at all. (Glam is one of the few songs here that actually fade-out at the end.) xtina7

I guess I could say that there's no song that can bridge Bobblehead to Lift Me Up, and there's also no song that can bridge I Am into Monday Morning. I still put Monday Morning into my "standard edition" anyway. It's my favorite song from Bionic, always been and always will be. Elastic Love takes second place, but I digress. Going from Monday Morning to Birds of Prey feels kind of, uhm, weird? But also switching their places didn't feel good either. Oh well, whatever, I stick with the weirdness. xtina11

I wanted to end the album with a somewhat somber mood because, well, this was her divorce album after all. So, I put You Lost Me as one of the last three tracks for my tracklist. It definitely feels like the correct song to be played after Birds of Prey, but sonically they share so little of similarity with their respective production. I will repeat it again, You Lost Me sounds like something that would fit in the second half of Back to Basics and it's the only song here that sounds out of place. But I'd rather listen to You Lost Me than Xtina Hates Boys but Boys Love Xtina. xtina11 

Also, imagine if Max ever comes on that particular song and questions his existence at all. Cruel.

For the last two tracks, I thought about putting Stronger Than Ever and My Girls to the tracklist. HOWEVER, I changed my thought after a serious consideration. Stronger Than Ever shared the same sentiment with You Lost Me, and while You Lost Me frustrates me with its rather 60's soul ballad production, at least it's beautiful. You know, unlike Stronger Than Ever which sounds like a slowed down Fighter (and that song was already a mid-tempo, girls) and produced like Light Up the Sky from Lotus. And to really end the album with My Girls would just be petty, because Le Tigre are only featured on this one song so it feels like it wouldn't even matter if they were never here to begin with. xtina1

Therefore I ended the album with the stripped take of I Am and the bonus track, Little Dreamer. Firstly, I Am is a gorgeous song regardless of its production and there's definitely a reason, albeit being personal to herself only, why she decided to include both versions in the deluxe release. Secondly, Little Dreamer should have never been an iTunes exclusive bonus track only. Thirdly, Vanity fuckin' sucks and I will never ever like that song! xtina10

In conclusion, Bionic is a fuckin' underappreciated messy masterpiece that YOU need to listen to and start appreciating now. Even with its actual tracklist. Go, stream and download it! xtina7


Edit: Alright, maybe Stronger Than Ever is not as badly produced as Light Up the Sky. Might even consider to put it as track number 17 in place of I Am (Stripped), but I would still want to listen to the latter. So, maybe I'll make it track number 19? As if it were the bonus track of the album. xtina2

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