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For the Abused



This is the story as when i had an abused experience. So i started dating this guy and he was the most kindest and sweetest guy i ever met. He would spoil me with gifts and always appreciate our cuddle times. He was the best boyfriend ever and i thought nothing bad could possibly happen. Well..at least thats what i thought. He would always go where i go and know where i am 24/7. He would also come over to my house. Sometimes uninvited. But i didnt see anything wrong with that. We dated for a year and my mom one morning was telling me that she was worrying that he might be developing an obssession towards me. I was dumb enough to not believe her. But i started thinking all those times he was following me, first of all he knew every single one of my classes and he comes over uninvited. Uh oh something is wrong! and then i began to worry. I dont do well with clingy guys (no offense but they arent my type) so knowing that information i broke up with him. And being dumb once again i thought that once we broke up everything will be done and over. I was wrong. Big time! He started harrassing me to date him again and started making me do things that i dont want to do because it pleases him. And when i dont do it he would start calling me worthless and pathetic and tell me how stupid i am and start telling me that no guy would love me or treat me good as he does. I soon began to grow depressed and started to suffer so badly that i became suicidal. He would even use my mom to go and make me date him. But i didnt want to go with that abuser. A day or two later my mom read my texts and found out how badly he was treating me. So like any mom she saved me by threatening him that she would call authorities if he doesnt stop harrassing me. Eventually he stopped. lucky for me now he hates me for letting her see our texts. Alot of people arent as lucky as i am. I know how hard it is to speak up against abusers. I was afraid of speaking up because i was afraid he might use people to go against me and hurt me. But i was lucky...this time. Next time i wont be if im not careful. By the way #FreeKesha some of us are in the same boat as her. Some abusers would take it as far as to rape their significant other..and sometimes its not from the significant other sometimes it can be your co-worker. We have to stand up for Kesha's freedom. Dr.Luke cannot get full control on her. Sometimes in life you got to learn to fight back! It was brave of Kesha to tell the world what he did to her and now we have to help her fight for it! Let her rise! and make Dr.Luke and Sony fall and pay their price


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5 hours ago, Salty said:

Aw I'm really sorry about that but I'm glad you're away and say now, definitely need to be careful hug1 

thank u so much..im glad i got out of that situation when i still culd

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