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Life in High School



Ok so...most of you guys know what goes on in high school. Theres always that one couple that have sex in bathrooms but eventually gets caught, theres potheads, drama queens (groups who are always dramatic about everything), there are cliques with the most prettiest girls (there are at least 3 or 4 of them at my school and they really dont get along well with eachother), there are the athletes (boys and girls with high expectation of being better than others but some dont have good education...and they say theyre better), There are the Freshmen Druggies (they dont have to do drugs to be that they just wear tails and think theyre cool and some of them are actually freaks), There are also anime geeks and pervs, fuqboys, girls who dates every single guy(sometimes more than one and they also called sluts), there are really weird lesbian groups, Goths who are way into death metal (emos were usually in middle school) and then theres desperate pervs (guys or girls who wuld date anyone even if the person theyre dating is the most ugliest person in the universe even if its not a person it can be a mop and they will still date it). Soo..yea life gets pretty crazy now and then. sometimes annoying. Ever since my friends moved to Orlando or New Jersey..or even went to prison (i think one of them died but that was from a different incident not the prison part) things havent been the same. Some were better now that my ex bf (the crazy abusive one back from one of my blogs i told u about) has went to boarding school. Ever since that happened i never been more happier. But other than that more and more people are getting fucked up a little more everyday. I was fucked up too. I made bad decisions and i mean really bad. But i never did drugs or anything i dont believe in seeing that doing drugs will make u cool cos it doesnt it just..its stupid. But we all make mistakes i mean we're human wat do u expect? we cant all be perfect. For those of you middle schoolers who are on their way to high school. Be afraid be very afraid! lol im just kidding theres nothing to be scared of. High school is just another phase everyone goes through until u hit college, things may get a little challenging becus of the classes but other than that im guessing is just u being on ur own without anyone holding ur hand (not litterally). Also dont make any assumptions about high school the way u see in movies (same way im not making assumptions about college i try to do good in life without expectations) becus some of it isnt tru..i already told u wat kind of ppl there are but i never told u that in high school u can do watever the hell u want if ur senior with a car or a junior with a car (thats me!) or just becus ur 18 ur allowed to break any rules and think that u know how to handle urself without ur parents (cos there are some that dont and they are really immature and they really need their parents pronto). Im 18 and im still living with my parents and not acting crazy as to living in an ugly apartment. i mean if u can make it go rite ahead but im just saying. See? im telling u things change wen ur in high school and theres guna be a bigger change wen ur in college. People change, perspectives change, ur parents bank account changes becus u probably towed ur car or put it through an accident. Alot of things change though im being serious about the money changes..its very expensive to get a car fixed and im surprised that there are some ppl who didnt know that. Anyways im hoping that once i graduate and get to a good college i just hope life would get better after that. So thats my story of high school...i mean i would make it longer cos theres more to it than wat i just said but im pretty sure ill let them figure it out more on their own. So thanks guys for reading my blog i hope u keep reading them cos that gives me inspiriation to make more. And before i forget i am getting started on writing about what i can have more in common with ppl. So if u have any questions that u want to know about..if its either ur confused with something or anything really..please put that in the comments and ill make sure ill include that in my blogs. Thanks!!

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