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Sexualities is accepted without being accepted



Everyday im in school and everyday people critizise the way i live my life. *sighs* i know u guys hear these types of problems before from lesbians and gay men...and even from bisexuals who goes through trouble and especially through trans. But even though same sex marriages are legalized or being legalized i just feel deep inside that it still isnt accepted by everyone. People always ask me "hey do u think that girl is cute?" or "would u scissor her?" and tbh i was so embarressed and humilated and felt ashamed of myself. Why would ppl go out of their way to be rude and ignorant and not consider other ppl's feelings? my parents gave me hell as soon as they found out i like women (idk how else to say this but im bi not lez) my dad told me how dissappointed he is all becus he found out i kissed my gf in school (shes now my ex..but we're frends now)..so even my parents were against me..they never bothered sticking up for me but instead just started looking down at me like im someone who doesnt belong, a black sheep, a lost cause. But that was all happening in middle school. In high school wenever i start talking to a girl ppl would come up to me and ask if i was dating her. Or even if i did have a girlfriend ppl would pass by and mumble under their breath something like "eww" or "gross" or "girls shouldnt date girls". people would give me and my partner disgusted looks. I have never been more uncomfortable in my life i mean i was so insecure. Alot was happening and i thought everyone was my enemy..that there's no one there that wuld ever see me as a person instead of this "faggot" as they say or "dyke". Yes i like women and yes i make mistakes cos after all i am human. But kissing a girl and falling inlove with one was never my mistake. It was my purpose. I was born this way and like Jackie Robinson once said "I'm not concerned if you like me or not...all i ask is that you treat me like a human being". I hope this whole homophobe charade wuld just stop and that one day ppl will realize that we're just like them, we just like different things in others. 


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