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Accused Much?



Alright so we've all been accused of something...whether we did them or not. I have been accused of attempting sexual relationships with a girl. Obviously she didn't like me from the beginning and all i was trying to do was be nice to her. I guess she hated me because she was hearing from other people that im bi and instead of ignoring the fact that i like both genders she decided to ignore the nice gestures i was giving her. I never liked her like that to be honest, im only nice to her because well i saw her all alone and i thought she needed a friend. Everyone goes through hard times and sometimes everyone needs a little laughter or a friend to cheer them up. So, after i was accused my mom and dad gave me hell after o told them what happened. They never believed me. Of course as usual everyone believes the person that played the victim card instead of the one who was accused. I never raped her or touched her in anyway i always kept my hands to myself because everyone deserves respect for their personal space. Anyways right after i was accused and been given hell i was to avoid showing my face to that place ever again..and guess what that place is? it was a church!! that shuldnt be a surprise because often churches gave themselves a bad title of being judgemental, homophobic unacceptable human beings. Its a sad life im living but i hope it gets better soon.


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