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Britney Spears - Blackout/Circus

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oprah9 this album is just... oprah9 

i guess i can quote someone jj2 


is state-of-the-art dance-pop, a testament to skills of the producers and perhaps even Britney being somehow cognizant enough to realize she should hire the best, even if she's not at her best

Favorite Tracks:

1.Heaven on Earth
2.Toy Soldier
3.Outta This World
4.Piece of Me
5.Get Naked

Heaven on Earth has been my favorite track since i listened to it, and i love it with every single part of my body oprah9

Special mention to:

*Hot as Ice
*Gimme More

Less Favorite Tracks:

none yas2

Favorite Videos:

1.Piece of Me
2.Gimme More
3.Break The Ice
I don't count Radar video because it was released on circus era

My Singles Choice Would be like:

1.Gimme More
2.Piece of Me
3.Heaven on Earth
4.Perfect Lover
5.Ooh Ooh Baby
6.Get Naked/Freakshow

Gimme More and Piece of me as they were released, i think this album had too much potential songs to be singles, Heaven on Earth would be like her Everytime of this era, Perfect Lover and Ooh Ooh Baby, perfect dance songs, and Get Naked/Freakshow as fan favorite, as you know, almost everybody love them oprah9 

Gimme More 8.5/10
Piece of Me 10/10
Radar 9/10
Break The Ice 6.5/10
Heaven on Earth 10/10
Get Naked (I Got a Plan) 8.5/10
Freakshow 8/10
Toy Soldier 9/10
Hot as Ice 9/10
Ooh Ooh Baby 8/10
Perfect Lover 8.5/10
Why Should I Be Sad 8.5/10
Outta This World 10/10
Everybody 8/10
Get Back 8.5/10




I love how similar is this album to blackout, but also how sounds more mature, with songs like my baby... Blackout is the old testament and Circus is the new testament jj2 

Favorite Tracks:

1.Unusual You
2.Lace and Leather
4.Rock Me In

oprah9 Unusual You is a perfect track, the vocals, the praise, omg oprah9 Lace and Leather is a perfect dance song oprah9 AND AMNESIA/ROCK ME IN/TROUBLE ARE THE BEST DELUXE TRACKS EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR yas1 

Special Mention to:

*My Baby

Less Favorite Tracks:

1.Out From Under nicki1 

Favorite Videos:

4.If U Seek Amy
5.Kill The Lights

My Singles Choice Would be like:

3.Unusual You
4.Rock Me In
6.Lace and Leather

Womanizer and Circus as they were released, Unusual You is one of britney best songs, and it deserved to be single oprah9 Rock Me In and Amnesia would be perfect on standard version, tbh, deluxe tracks/exclusive tracks are better than some standard tracks and it makes me crazy oprah9 , Imagine a Rock Me In video oprah9 Lace and Leather could be a good promo single oprah9 and Radar, as she wanted, but with a new remix idk, 2008 version


Womanizer 8/10
Circus 8/10
Out from Under 4.5/10
Kill the Lights 7/10
Shattered Glass 6.5/10
If U Seek Amy 9/10
Unusual You 10/10
Blur 9/10
Mmm Papi 9/10
Mannequin 10/10
Lace and Leather 10/10
My Baby 9.5/10
Radar 9/10
Rock Me In 10/10
Phonography 10/10
Amnesia 10/10
Trouble 10/10
Quicksand 9/10
Rock Boy 8.5/10

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On 29/4/2016 at 3:32 PM, ChooseyLover said:

Out From Under is a masterpiece rih9

it's not jj2 

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Not you snubbing Out from Godner in favor of My Baby rip1 


19 hours ago, Igloo Australia said:

Break the Ice is literally the best track on Blackout...


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