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Introducing: Alphabeat

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Alphabeat are a Danish pop band and they released 3 albums so far.

I don't understand why this band isn't more popular. They make very accessible and catchy pop music. um2

The biggest success they achieved in their country. They had some success in some other European countries (The Netherlands, UK).


Genres: dance pop, Europop, indie pop, house, wonky pop, power pop, synthpop jj2 

Their second album is more synthpop and has 90s elements. lj1 They also remixed some Gaga song and cover her two songs as a mash up (Telephone/Bad Romance).


On one side, they make jolly songs like Fascination (which isn't my cup of tea) and on the other  synthpop songs with polished production and fun beats. lj1


Their albums had different editions and different tracklists with some different songs. Mess. moo3


Give them a try. alex1







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Omg thanks for reminding me about them, they have some good bops... The Spell and Fascination alex1


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YESSSS - all of their singles are gold to be honest.

Fascination, 10,000 Nights, Boyfriend, The Spell, DJ, Hole In My Heart are the ones I'm aware of am I missing some?

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Boyfriend was the second and last physical CD single I ever bought oprah2 I never checked them out after that really so maybe I should get into them some time oprah2 

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