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Beyonce concert (5/3/16)



I really hope I'm doing this right, I've never made a blog post before...

So me and my friend L were worried because, as with all stadium concerts, there’s traffic. Lots of it.

Unlike my 1D OT4 concert (the most recent stadium concert I went to before this one) though, they actually had a sign that said “Concert traffic, go to -so and so-” so that the concert traffic was separate from the regular traffic. Which is what all stadium concerts SHOULD do to be honest.

Anyway, so we were freaking out and freaking out and then… the concert was delayed until 7:30 due to the thunder/lightning (it originally started at 6:00). Which was a big relief to be honest, it meant we didn’t have to rush as much. Still, we got in a parking place by like 6:something and just waited there until 6:45.

So at 6:45 me and L hop out of the car with our stuff (including a poncho-jacket for me and a normal jacket for her), and headed to the entrance. As we waited in line to be let inside, I started freaking out more and more like “L we’re about to see Beyonce! :’)” We were both just so happy.

Also while we were in line, these four people next to us were like… ultra fangirling. One of them said that when Beyonce dies, they want to die the day after so they don’t have to live without her but also don’t miss anything. ;_; They were so cute jfadskf;la

As soon as our tickets got scanned and bags got checked and all that stuff, we immediately headed to the bathroom. As a ‘great’ welcome to the concert, it turned out a lot of the toilets in there had stopped flushing and/or overflowed. Still, we stepped around it and were able to get to two toilets that were safe and sanitary, after waiting a while. Luckily, as soon as we finished and washed our hands, someone came in to clean up.

After that we went to the merch stand and I bought a poster and a T-shirt. The line for the merch was long though, so we did end up missing the beginning of DJ Khaled’s set. Not the whole thing though. Also at the beginning there was some confusion of where we were supposed to actually be sitting, but we figured it out eventually.

DJ Khaled was okay. I mean he was filled with a lot of energy and really made the crowd jump with the songs he played, but I just… didn’t care enough about him to 100% enjoy his set. That may be mean, but oh well. I didn’t get tickets for him, I got tickets for Bey. So. I still did dance to a few of the songs he played though.

An intermission passes, and then it’s time for… BEYONCE. Oh my gosh, she was so amazing. She started off with “Formation” which immediately got all our energies up and us dancing super hard. She is an amazing performer. I mean I already knew that just by GIFsets on here and stuff, but man. Seeing it in the flesh is a whole other level. I’m telling you, if you ever get the chance to see her - even if you’re just a casual fan, not a really dedicated one - you need to. She owns the stage, vocally, dance-wise, and just… energy-wise in general. She was so perfect. Me and L were both having the time of our lives watching her and dancing along with her.

But then… The lightning came. An announcer came on the stage and told us that due to the thunder and lightning the concert had been suspended (“BOOOO!”), but that it wasn’t over (“YAAAY!”). We were to get to safety until the storm passed and she would come back. Well, me and L didn’t actually have a car in the parking lot - my mom had dropped the two of us off and then left. So we just stayed in the stadium with everyone else in similar situations. I got a Sprite from the concessions stand and she got a Coke.

So there we were, just sipping our sodas in this crowded area, waiting for Beyonce to return. Then one of the officers told us (along with others) “show’s over”. So we called my mom and went to find her and go to the hotel.

The next day it turns out that that officer was a liar. The show was NOT over, and Beyonce DID come back after the storm passed. Me and L were so mad when we found that out because we wanted to see the whole show! But that officer told us the show was over!

I’m still mad about it to be honest. I don’t think I’ll ever get over this. Blech.

Well even though we only ended up seeing half of the show, it was still one of the best shows ever. It was L’s first concert and she said it was the best first concert she ever could’ve asked for, thunder or not.

One day I plan to see Beyonce again to be honest. She just completely won me over after this show. She’s such an amazing performer and everyone who can see her, should. I hope at the next tour I get tickets for me and L again, and to use L’s words, this time it’ll be indoors. :P Hahaha.


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19 minutes ago, LG5 Pls Dont Flop said:

wtf i'm mad now cry3

Same cry3

I bet Beyonce would not approve of this officer telling us false information and making us leave her show to be honest...

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7 hours ago, blankdreams said:

up to which part did you actually get to watch cry3 

We got to watch up to a "Freakum Dress" interlude??? I don't remember what the last song before that interlude was though. </3

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48 minutes ago, Anna-wa said:

We got to watch up to a "Freakum Dress" interlude??? I don't remember what the last song before that interlude was though. </3

omg that was barely half the show then cry3 poor you

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WTFFFF thats so unfair meg1 find out his name and sue a bitch!! meg1

but other than that it seems like you had good time though demi1



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fall2 poor you missing out on it, you should sue them. 

Love this blog though, what an amazing read! yas2 

We both witnessed the slayage that queen Bey was! yas2 

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