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Who's That Pokemon? (Ep1: Fearow)



Welcome to Who's That Pokemon! This particular series features discussions about various pokemon; their stats, their design, just anything, in depth. So let's begin; 

Fearow. The "Beak Pokemon" and the evolved form of Spearow. A normal / flying type Pokemon and the second (and irrelevant) regional bird from Kanto. Let me be honest and say that I have never used a Fearow, nor am I planning on using one in any gameplay anytime soon (except in a nuzlocke if I find one and then it can be used as death fodder). Fearow's stats aren't up to much, and its movepool is no better. It's a shame it can't learn Acrobatics. The reason this Pokemon is my first in the series is because it's national dex number is the same as this blog's ID number (22). I found a shiny Fearow once in Platinum (which may or may not been hacked, I don't remember) and killed it, so Fearow doesn't really have the best luck. Fearow's biggest anime appearance comes as a Spearow where it attacks Ash in the first episode. It later returns when evolved and fights against Ash's Pidgeot (and loses). A metaphor of Fearow's existence, really. 




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Ex-fucking-cuse me but I will NAWT take this shade against qween Fearocious rav1 But it's true, I never used ha and I'll probably never will rav1 

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