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Welcome to My Top Ten Water-Type Pokemon countdown. This blog will also features various types of countdowns (searchable by the countdown tag) in addition to the Who's That Pokemon series. It will continue other series in due time, with one coming later this afternoon. This series will feature my top five, top ten, or top twenty (or top anything really) of anything Pokemon. My opinions on various Pokemon subjects do change extremely often so my #1 today might not be my #1 tomorrow. With that in mind, today's countdown will be Water-Type Pokemon. Everyone who knows me knows that Water is my favorite Pokemon type (although my favorite Pokemon isn't a water type). They're so majestic and beautiful. So let's crack on with #10:



#10. Dewgong

Dewgong is a Water / Ice Pokemon (and not the only one on this list either). It featured in Lorelei's initial Ice-type Elite Four team. Truth be told, I've never used a Dewgong because there has always been a better alternative, but I actually want to use one soon. Maybe in a future playthrough (#hint #hint). Dewgong looks so beautiful and clean. Beauty seems to be a big factor on this list actually...



#9. Milotic

Probably the most overrated Gen III Pokemon to ever exist. It's an absolute stunner but if I'm honest, it's just lacking. I don't play competitively. My in-game teams never see a use for "bulky Pokemon"; I always hit hard and fast. For that reason, Milotic is almost irrelevant. It's on this list because it's one of my favorite Water-types, but it struggles to go higher because of its lack of use in game. GameFreak need to serve that Water / Fairy mega evolution (perhaps with Pokemon Z, which seems to be the Anti of the Pokemon world).



#8. Kingdra

Another Pokemon that suffers from the curse of in-game playthroughs. It has good stats overall, and while any Pokemon (within reason) can smash in a game like X and Y, or Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, it still restricts my use of Kingdra; especially when they appear so late in game, and there are usually stronger alternatives. Yeah, Kingdra's dragon dance makes it powerful and Swift Swim increases it's speed, but who has time to set up Rain Dance and Dragon Dance in every single in-game battle? Certainly not me. Kingdra is an adorable Pokemon design though, and a highlight of Generation II. Fuck you Clair. 



#7. Suicune

Another Gen II Pokemon appears here. The first legendary to appear on this list, and the box legendary of Pokemon Crystal. Every aspect of Suicune is wonderful. It's design is just so beautiful. It's majestic. The ribbons just add a lovely touch to the final design too. It's great to see a 4-legged Pokemon like Suicune be represented in Pokken Tournament. Water types can fight too, you know. Even as a legendary, Suicune suffers in this non-competitive list like Milotic and Kingdra as it's more suited for defensive (aka weak bitches only) play. 



#6. Greninja

One of my absolute favorite designs from Generation VI, and actually within the last three or four generations too. I knew everyone was talking shit when they said the Froakie evolution would be Water / Fighting. It was the most obvious dark type since ever. It's a Ninja! I'm really glad it was Dark after all since I despise the majority of Fighting types. Greninja has an amazing design (as opposed to his prevolutions which are slightly terrible). His stats and moveset make him an amazing starter Pokemon and perfect partner for the Kalos region (albeit not being my favorite Kalos starter either though). A great Pokemon design. 



#5. Gyarados

Probably one of the most iconic Water-Type Pokemon of all time. Gyarados was THE Pokemon back in the good old days. I'm glad it received a mega evolution in Gen VI because frankly it deserved one. But wait... Water and DARK? The actual fuck? Everyone and their grandmother knows that Gyarados should be Dragon type. I hope we get a Mega-Gyarados Y or something. Maybe even make it more special orientated (or include an ability which increases the power of "beam" moves for say Hyper Beam and Ice Beam). Regardless, Gyarados is one iconic mothafucker and will always hold a special place in my rankings. There's some tough competition about but Gyarados snatches a top five spot!



#4. Kyogre

The other Water-Type legendary Pokemon to make it onto this list, and the highest non genwunner Pokemon too. Kyogre has always been one of my favorite Pokemon; water type or not. Easily the best Gen III legendary (even if I traded away my original Sapphire for a Yugioh game when I was a kid). The struggle to catch this bitch was insane in Emerald. It's a shame Groudon got the better primal ability rendering Kyogre relatively useless. Groudon may have the better primal ability, but when will he ever have the acclaim and fans that the real Gen III legendary (Rayquaza? I don't know ha) does. 



#3. Lapras

The other Water / Ice Pokemon to grace this list. Lapras is used as a method of transportation for trainers wishing to cross the seas. They even took advantage of this in Pokemon X and Y, giving it away to trainers (similar to the Gen 1 games) and including a special sprite for it while surfing. It's a shame it hasn't got a mega evolution... yet. I feel like they're saving it for Z (and if there isn't one in Z, I will be extremely disappointed). Lapras does have the issues in-game where its bulk outweighs its power, but this is the one exception on the list. I adore Lapras and it's in my top five Pokemon of all time. A flawless design and adorable Pokemon from head to... shell? Lapras will always be on my team if available. (In fact, it was on my first X and Y team). 



#2. Vaporeon

Of course an eeveelution is going to appear on this list. Vaporeon is my favorite Gen I eeveelution, and is my 2nd favorite overall eeveelution, and 2nd favorite Water-type Pokemon too. Another bulky pokemon due to its HP stat, but it's definitely not slacking in attack power, with 110 base stat in Special Attack. It's move pool is a bit lacking and I do wish it would be changed at some point, but it's clearly to stop certain eeveelutions becoming too powerful. Vaporeon is already rather well-used in game and competitively too. I mean what else do you really need? Surf, Ice Beam, Shadow Ball and Hyper Beam is usually my in-game moveset for Vaporeon. 



#1. Starmie

This surely wasn't too much of a surprise for anyone, considering my love for Kween Misty. Starmie, my #1 favorite water-type Pokemon, is a Water and Psychic type; the best of both worlds really. Starmie has always provided me with reliable in-game success, and has always been a powerplayer in the competitive field as well. That's just how the kween of water type Pokemon rolls. It also housed my favorite Pokemon attack ever; Bubblebeam. Another ode to Misty's flawlessness. My in-game Starmie will never let me down; serving Surf, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam and Psychic. I even caught a shiny Staryu in ORAS which I evolved (after cloning) into a shiny Starmie. The true kween. 



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Just now, Kesha Sebert said:

Starmie yas2

All of Misty's pokemons are cute brit2

I love Queen Misty too yas2

Yas stan gaga13 Misty is so flawless. My fave character and kween has Starmie, Lapras and Gyarados. gaga13 Staryu slays too but I'm only doing final evos moo1 

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Just now, RihannaRTT said:

Espeon. Then Vaporeon. Then Jolteon. 


GIFBin Image

dd why am I the only fag that stans Sylveon oprah4 

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Water-type is my favorite type. 

Milotic  cry1 

Kyogre cry1 

Vaporeon cry1 

Suicune cry1 

Even though I know Suicune is a water-type, I always wanna call it an ice type. The giant crystal and color scheme just screams ice type. fall1 


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6 hours ago, Brittnay said:

Water-type is my favorite type. 

Milotic  cry1 

Kyogre cry1 

Vaporeon cry1 

Suicune cry1 

Even though I know Suicune is a water-type, I always wanna call it an ice type. The giant crystal and color scheme just screams ice type. fall1 


Water / Ice mega would slay ngl. 

6 hours ago, BlackJesus said:

I do t know some of these fall1 

Where Tentacruel? ...oh wait, that's a ice Pokemon right?

Tentacruel was an honorable mention (Water / Poison). I've never been a fan of him until recently. Tentacruel, Corsola, lesbian iCON Swanna, and Lumineon are all honorable mentions. 

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On 2/1/2016 at 4:13 AM, RihannaRTT said:

Water / Ice mega would slay ngl. 

Tentacruel was an honorable mention (Water / Poison). I've never been a fan of him until recently. Tentacruel, Corsola, lesbian iCON Swanna, and Lumineon are all honorable mentions. 

lesbian icon swanna jj7 

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