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Entea's EOY 2015 Music Charts: Introduction





Since I'm new what a better way to start of this blog by posting my EOY of 2015, this way you can get a sense of who I stan for. Call me lazy but I will be copying and pasting from my last.fm profile and not in the form of a detailed countdown. The reason for this is that most of you will probably think 99% of my chart entries are irrelevant and also I'll just over think the layout and spend ages actually making it.



I have tried to make my last.fm data as acuate as possible, even went to the extreme of manually adding songs that I've missed. Having said this I don't know the cut off point is on last.fm so this can be hours out of date. I will be posting my top 40 artists, albums and songs so hopefully by posting this some people will find new music that they'll like.



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3 hours ago, Blue Riding Hood said:

Perched sia1 

GIFBin Image

Wish I did it in the forum instead of the blog, won't let me do the full 100 fall6

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