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#HyliaRANKS: Madonna's Albums



I'm strictly doing her studio albums only, soundtracks and what not aren't included. I'm keeping the descriptions brief for the time being, but I may get more into my thoughts if I do more of these blogs.


1. Ray of Light



Ray of Light, like Kylie's Impossible Princess and Janet's The Velvet Rope, was both an artistic and musical breakthrough. I would've liked to have witnessed that whole era of music first hand. oprah2 Ray of Light just sounds so beachy, and at times icy to me and it really relaxes me. Great album for road trips, night time, or basically whenever you wanna listen to talent!


2. Music



Music is kinda like Ray of Light's sister that moved to the Wild West and proceeded to beat up every misogynistic man she encountered in the local saloon. When I first got into Madonna about 6 years ago I didn't really like Music, but the more I listened to it the more I fell in love with it. Music was truly ahead of its time, and in my opinion, would still sound fresh if released today.


3. Bedtime Stories



I grew up listening to a lot of R&B artists/groups from the 90s, like Aaliyah, Brandy, Monica, TLC, Destiny's Child etc so this album hit the spot for me right from the first listen. When I listen to Bedrime Stories I feel like I'm in a super luxurious hotel watching Madonna play in a large ballroom. This album truly has no fillers, in my opinion.


4. Erotica



Erotica is surprisingly tame when you look at the title and compare it with her SEX book. She perfectly juggled being both provocative and classy with the lyrics on Erotica and even threw in some fun samples like Vogue in Deeper and Deeper, Justify My Love in Waiting, etc. Fot a long time, Erotica was my favorite by her, but it presently being lower than before doesn't mean I like it any less.


5. American Life



As a lover of both folk and electronic music, I absolutely adore this album. Musically and lyrically, this album is a major triumph, especially after having to live up to Ray of Light and Music. The political lyrics mesh well with the more personal lyrics to create what is, in my opinion, one of her rawest albums to date.


6. Confessions on a Dancefloor



Like Music, this album took a long time to grow on me, except Confessions took MUCH longer. When listened to all the way through, Confessions is a fun and adventurous musical experience but I sometimes have a hard time listening to some of the tracks individually. Like Music, I truly believe this album would sound fresh if released today.


7. Rebel Heart



I've given Rebel Heart a lot of flack, but over time I've come to really like it. At times, it has some of her rawest lyrics since American Life, but also some pretty cringey lyrics, which I can overlook in cases like Bitch I'm Madonna and Holy Water, since I shamelessly bop to both of those. It does unfortunately have two of my least favorite Madonna songs, which are S.E.X. and Best Night (the latter of which is the definition of filler) but the S.E.X. demo at least bops so oh well!





I know I'm gonna get flack for putting MDNA anywhere that isn't last place, but like Turn Up the Radio on the Hot 100, my fucks to give simply aren't there! MDNA was released close to a vacation my family took that year and it was also the first album she released after I became a fan, so it holds a lot of great memories for me. MDNA has several bops and while it's not boundary pushing like her previous releases, I still find it to be a fun listen.


9. Hard Candy



Hard Candy, like MDNA, gets a lot of hate. Also like MDNA, anyone wanting to challenge me over the position of this album can have a seat in the waiting room! My intern @Sylk will take care of you. Hard Candy was the end of a streak of marvelous albums for Madonna but I still enjoy it nonetheless.


10. True Blue



True Blue is a wonderful 80s pop album, with some of her biggest moments in her career like Open Your Heart and Papa Don't Preach. True Blue contains one of my all time favorite Madonna ballads by her, which is Live to Tell, and also has many songs rife with that gay 80s pop sound that ruled basically the entire decade.


11. Madonna



I don't really have much to say here. Madonna is a good debut album, albeit a bit fillerish.


12. Like a Prayer



Like a Prayer has spectacular lyrics, but I just can't get into it that much musically. I really want this one to grow on me.


13. Like a Virgin





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Totally agree with LAV being last. I hate that album with a passion. COADF is my personal #1 and imo Bedtime Stories was a very trendchasing album but amazing review nevertheless! 

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