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Lana Del Rey - Ultraviolence Review

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So today I'm going to be reviewing Ultraviolence by Lana because it's my favourite album of all time by my favourite singer lana1 

Cruel World - 10/10

I love this as an opener. I love the drums and the electric guitar, they come together to make an epic instrumental. The only thing that slightly bothers me is all the choruses have slightly different lyrics, so I never know which variation is coming up when I'm singing along haha. But for an almost 7 minute song, it's very surprising to me how it never gets old and I'm always able to listen to it all the way through.


Ultraviolence - 10/10

Another flawless song. I love the simple organ feeling, I see what she was going for in the MV (although I wish she used the footage she kept for Freak - but that's another topic). I love the lyrics in this song. They're so dark and deep. I also really love the spoken bridge, it gives me life every single time. 


Shades of Cool - 10/10

What a surprise, another perfect track. I loooooovvvveeeeee the vibe this song gives off, so psychadelic. The instrumental break bridge part is actually insane. At first I didn't like how I couldn't hear Lana under the guitars but now I really love it. Her vocals are also AMAZING in this song, especially the chorus. Talented queen.


Brooklyn Baby - 10/10

This song is literally so cute. I love how her New York accent starts to peek through in some parts, it's adorable. (Tawlking bout my generation etc). I also love Barrie's little cameo. As with most of the songs on this album, the drums and guitar fit the song so well and just fit Lana's entire image perfectly. I cannot even start to explain how much I think the UV era was just so Lana - from the photoshoots to the music to the mood she was in throughout, it's just so HER.


West Coast - 10/10

Lana's best song. This song is actually orgasmic. I looooveee the buildup to the chorus - "your love, your love, your love", and then the immediate drop in tempo indicating the chorus is coming. Absolutely genius. I LOVE how the song slows down for the chorus, it just gydusjhfsdbfusdjgjtsdhfhgsh AHHHHHH 


Sad Girl - 9/10

This song is just a little bit too repetitive for me. But I still really like it. The overall 'jazzy' (rip4 how many times does Lana use that word to describe her music) feel is so nice and her vocals in the verses are amazing.


Pretty When You Cry - 10/10

Honestly one of my favourites from the album. I love the fact that this song was recorded in one take, it just makes the song so raw with emotion. Her vocals are littered with pure emotion throughout the entire song and it's just beautiful. THOSE DRUMS, again are AMAZING. Also the bridge is fantastic. 


Money Power Glory - 10/10

I love the vibe of this song - for some reason it reminds me of sitting on a beach at night, watching the water (idk why). I love the simplicity of the instrumental, it's just that repeated drum beat with some strings thrown in. It makes the song so enjoyable.


Fucked My Way Up To The Top - 10/10

ANTHEM TBH. I am in love with the overall "fuck you" vibe this song gives off, Lana plays the sassy role so well. I just love when Lana swears in songs, it's a spiritual experience.


Old Money - 10/10

The pure emotion bleeding out of this song make it mesmerising. I've never listened to this song and finished it with dry eyes, it just sucks all the emotion out of me. Such a beautiful and powerful song. 


The Other Woman - 9/10

I actually like this! Definitely my favourite of Lana's covers. I also think it is quite a good way to finish the standard album.


Black Beauty - 10/10

One of my favourite Lana songs of all time. Unlike a lot of stans, I actually really love the album version and prefer it over the demo. The added instruments just make this song that little bit more powerful and haunting. I also really like the way Lana sings this, it's so soft and dreamy.


Guns And Roses - 8/10

Definitely my least favourite on the album, it's quite boring but still enjoyable??? I love the bridge.


Florida Kilos - 10/10



Flipside - 10/10

Another magical song. SoooooooooooooooOOOOoOoOoOOOooooOOOo underrated. Wish this was on the deluxe album and Guns And Roses was the Target exclusive tbh, this song deserves more recognition as it's just so UV.


Is This Happiness - 10/10

Talking about underrated, there's this gem. This is just mesmerising. I love the bird chirping and background noises, it makes the song so peaceful yet so emotional. Vocals are also on POINT.


OVERALL, 97.5/100

Incredible. Hope she does something like this again, it's such a religious experience to listen all the way through.


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