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Impossible Review: The Velvet Rope


Today, I will be reviewing my favorite Janet album, The Velvet Rope


I will not be including interludes because why would I?

1: Velvet Rope (10/10)

Such an amazing start to the album and gives a general idea of what the album will be. To be honest, what isn't perfect about this song? It's beautiful with a hint of haunting and she spills the tea. Also the violins tho, adds so much drama.

2: You (6/10)

A great fuck you song that also spills some great tea. The lyrics are also really good but something about it just seems a little off.

3: Got 'Til It's Gone (8/10)

Chill but still kinda heavy and reminds me of the janet. album. It was a great choice for lead single since it does give a general idea of the album as far as theme and darkness.

4: My Need (7/10)

The sexual lyrics tho "I just want you inside, baby" "Tonight, I feel so tight" oh my jesus Janet pop that pussy severely! Nothing stands out about it tho

5: Go Deep (10/10)

THIS BOP GOES OFF!  My favorite bop/not serious song on the album. It is just so amazing, the lyrics, production, vocals, EVERYTHING

6: Free Xone (9/10)

Yas at her including the gays on her album! This song could have been hit or miss but she executed it perfectly.

7: Together Again (10/10)

What were you expecting? Beautiful soft start then it goes OFF and it is literally sent from heaven

8: Empty (8/10)

So beautiful and great lyrically. This song can do no wrong

9: What About (10/10)

This song hits me really hard because I relate to it. Fave song on the album

10: Every Time (9/10)

Great lyrics, melodies, everything

11: Tonight's The Night (7/10)

It's cute

12: I Get Lonely (8/10)

A great single choice and love the beat to it but sometimes it's pretty forgettable and idk why she sampled it in Dammn Baby but it worked so well. Extra points for being in 2015

13: Rope burn (8/10)

Reminds me of Got 'Til It's Gone but still great in its own way. It's so smooth and makes me want some rope burn 

14: Anything (7/10)

Tbh sounds like it could be on All For You so extra points for being ahead of its time but loses points for probably not being as good as the songs like it on All for You

15: Special (7/10)

Really cute lyrics but idk about the rest

16: Can't Be Stopped (9/10)

Why the fuck is it a hidden track? It's a bop!


Album Score: 8.31

This album has great lyrics and production and all of Janet's pain really shows through. Although it is overrated, it still is amazing, unique, and deserves the praise.



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this is literally a flawless album cry6 one of the best pop/experimental albums of ALL TIME, idgaf what anyone says  cry6


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2 minutes ago, Alejandreaux said:

this is literally a flawless album cry6 one of the best pop/experimental albums of ALL TIME, idgaf what anyone says  cry6


Yas, you don't gotta worry about anyone else says because you have taste

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