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ok this shit is just for fun



ok you little shits this is how its guna go down... now i know you guys been reading my blogs about stuff like heart breaks and my abusive boyfriend and crap like that and to be honest i was having such a depressing year so im sorry if i was bumming u guys out. In this entry, we just gonna discuss how awesome i am than you and that u will never be as awesome as me im just kidding im a little shit too so dont worry we all suck equally. OK, so how do i start? uhhh well im usually more of an upbeat kinda gal and incase you guys were wondering about my last blog, yes im bi im more girl-crazy than i am boy-crazy so i could possibly be more of a lesbian but im not because i still love dudes because boys are awesome and they're the kind of people you can get down with yanno? i dont mean like down and dirty i mean just talk to them yanno?..because not a lot of girls can understand dudes like dudes been misunderstood for not being able to listen to women and instead just looks down at their tatas yanno? but since i have nothing for them to look at they just have no choice but to listen to my problems all day kesha1 lol i know im kinda slick that way. Which is why i keep losing my boyfriends...not my girlfriends though they dont care wat i have they just there for....idk sex i guess...i mean boys are too but i just never fuck em cos im just not into that...like i remember this one time this happened in one of the comments in youtube this guy wanted to do a one night stand but i rejected his offer cos who knows he could be a predator or a rapist yanno? so i told him i didnt wanna do it cos i wasnt into that kinda shit with a guy. nicki1  yanno now that im saying this out loud i could possibly be a lesbian becus if im not interested in a guy's body or even interested in having sex with them then maybe women are for me. Anyways, im not gonna put in a lot of time into this entry so now you guys just know how im not always a bummer i mean i can be funny and upbeat as well and im really good at making new friends and socializing with different people yanno? im the kind of person who can make anyone laugh even at the toughest time when they dont even WANT to laugh when they rather slouch in their couch crying and being upset about things and its not just towards friends i know how to make strangers laugh and trust me if you give me a chance to get to know me i will make your day like nobody else has. ok one more story, i actually remembered barely even knowing this girl and in just 5 minutes i made her laugh so hard she teared up and she told me "It's been forever since i laughed like that" im guessing she's been through a lot so she needed someone to make her day. So i hope you guys enjoyed this i will be blogging again soon! LUV U MY LITTLE PUMPKIN PATCH! (<-- lol dont judge this is how i show love xD)


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