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an entry about my boring ass lyfe



ok so, its been an ok day...nothing emotional happened so dont worry but i was out like litterally all daycry7 first visiting my old schools like my elementary and middle school and stuff and then we went to pick up my nephew which was great cos now he gets to sleep over. And then we went to do my hair and finished what we've started before we went to new york last week and when we came back thats when we finished. But then we went to the shop called uBreakIfix to fix my phone that i dropped in the toiletrip4sob1during my time in NYcry4cry3cry5dead2 (i know it was a tragic scene and i tried to fix it by putting it in rice and it didnt work so i was lied to #thestruggleisreal)kesha2 but they couldnt fix it so my phone has gone to phone heaven (RIP from 2016-2016 im just really bad at taking care of my phones) and then we had to go to some hair shop to buy this special shampoo and conditioner to help keep my silver hair color from fading and let me tell you that was hella expensive like litterally it costed $9.95 for the shampoo one and only $11.99 for the conditioner i didnt like the pricefall6. And then after we finished all that we picked up my brother from his football practice and just went for ice cream because that was honestly the most rainiest, hottest, sweatiest day of my life and usually icecream helps so i mean who doesnt like ice cream asides from lactose intolerant people (well thats not tru some ppl like that like ice cream) and people with no souls? Anyways that was my day and i really hated it cos it was UNEVENTFUL  like my gawd who could live like this? well anyways i gotta go my little pumpkin patch luv u!! wub1


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