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Tryna match make here



alright you sick fucks...this is how its guna go down..my friend who is about to turn 18 in just 10 days is tryna find a gf and i told him i will help him get a nice gf. One who isnt crazy (maybe just a lil crazy) one who doesnt know alot about relationships, one whos laid back and wont text and call 24/7 or stalk his shit cos everyone knows that guys dont like that shit (well at least most of em dont anyway), also one who's OBVIOUSLY around his age he doesnt like liars lieing about their age cos who wuld asides sickos yanno? also DO NOT  comment "why cant he go on dating websites?" its cos dating websites r for sick fucks who dont give 5 monkey asses to pedro's soul if that doesnt make sense its becus the whole point of its nonsense is that dating websites dont make sense cos ppl always put false information. Now, for any single gals out dere lookin for a nice gentleman plz hmu like message me and shit. Alright little pumpkin patch always remember if u find urself on a dating site ur prolly either high af or u didnt get a degree cos u aint smart enough to know how terrible those places are. Also dont do drugs


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