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My Past to Present (maybe a little something we can relate to)



ok guys...its that time of year again where i dont act crazy and have the need to tell you my struggles cos you know....the struggle is always real wen im around and im not sure why so lets get started. Ok so, for the people that know me (ik you guys dont but thats not a big deal thats wat socializing is for) they think of me as this wild, funny, out-spoken chick but little do they know with every happy present came a sad past. I was NEVER out-spoken or even socializing for that matter when i was younger and im talking like maybe 13 years old maybe younger. Anyways, i was always that one kid in the back of the room who is quiet and doesnt like to socialize with ANYONE unless someome came and talked to me (which rarely happens and wen it does happen it always comes with insults) yes i was an ugly child (or i was told i was one anyway...boys were a bunch of shit eaters cos all they ever do is talk shit) anyways asides from the trouble i was having with socializing, i honestly didnt know how it felt to have a real friend except the only true bff i ever had was wen i was litterally in second grade and we couldnt last long together becus she had to move to Georgia and that left me well...alone. Ever since then i was having trouble making new friends and thats where we fast forward to 5th grade where i was litterally pushed around, insulted everyday, always isolated during lunch (it wasnt even a choice)....yea...not my hottest year. Fast forward to 8th grade things got a little better...or so i thought. My old middle school didnt accept homosexuality, bisexuality or anything thats not straight so my life gotten worst. When i had my first gf i had my first kiss as we and it didnt end well for me not for her (i wuldnt bring her down with me anyway) and my parents were involved and wen i walked into the office i saw my mom crying and my dad stand there in disbelief however when we made it home they never punished me or anything just told me that they're disappointed in me. To be honest they shouldnt be disappointed becus loving the same sex shuldnt be shameful or something to be hated on it shuld be supported and if there r ppl who disagrees oh well they guna have to deal with it regardless. 2 years later as a sophi my mom eventually accepted me to like women. And of course you guys know my bf cos hes the one i showed to her and i was only a grade higher than him so he was like a freshmen and we already knew what happened he did things and i was depressed blah blah blah. Fast forward to now which i am now a senior im kinda still pretty bummed out becus i really dont wanna live with my parents at this point and there r still things that i have to deal with luckily theres no people involved so yay me and thats pretty much what happened in the past and now. Btw i just want to thank u guys for readin my blogs i really appreciate it and i really do hope u guys keep reading them becus i have a lot of other stories to share so ill see ya later pumpkin patch! ❤


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