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Glory First Impressions Review

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Yeah the album isn't even officially out but here is my first impressions review of all the tracks.

Invitation - I'm still not over the fact that the intro song is called invitation oprah2 So smart imo. I think this song works really well as an opener, it's an 'invitation' to the rest of the album through a relatively lowkey song that sets the bar for the rest of the album. I loooove the vocal effects and this was an instant favourite from the album for me. 10/10


Make Me... I still love this song. I honestly stand by her decision to make this the lead single, it's clearly one of the most radio friendly songs on the album. The rap however, brit10 I just don't think it fits on the song at all. 9/10


Private Show Idc what y'all say, this song is a bop and a half. The vocals are really weird but I like it and regularly bop to this song. It's my most played on Glory atm. Fight me. The spoken parts and the laugh on the outtro are amazing 9/10


Man on the Moon another stellar pop masterpiece. Again, fight me if you don't like this. It's a fucking bop and the chorus is heavenly. Didn't expect anything less from Godney 10/10


Just Luv Me The production on this track is incredible. Gives me lowkey Revival vibes but I'm okay with that as that album was amazing ny19/10


Clumsy Again, not here for the Clumsy hate, it's another BOP! Oops! brit7 HEEEEEY CLUMSY brit7brit7brit7 9/10


Do You Wanna Come Over? This song has obvious Blackout vibes and I'm here for it. Absolute gem oprah13 10/10


Slumber Party Another instant highlight. LOVE THE PRODUCTION SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH, the chorus is absolutely remarkable cry9 I LIVE FOR BRITNEY SWEARING 10/10


Just Like Me Again, I LOVE THIS SHIT! Kinda screams filler to me but like in a good way? 8/10


Love Me Down DEFINITELY my favourite atm. So much replay value. The chorus omfg cry9cry9cry9cry9cry9cry9 This has so much potential and I'm gonna need a music video for it like yesterday oprah13 10/10


Hard to Forget Ya Ironically, this song is very forgettable to me. Kinda boring, but the chorus is a BOP TO THE TOP 7/10


What You Need This reminds me of Step on Up by Ariana and that is not a good thing brit6 6/10


Better This also sounds very Revival to me and honestly this time that is not a good thing. I also think this song is kinda boring. 6/10


Change Your Mind GEM! I loveeeee the vibes of this song so much, bop 10/10


Liar Y'all are overrating the fuck out of this song. It's a cute bop but definitely not one of the best on the album xtina14 7/10


If I'm Dancing Cute bop but also screams bonus track to me. 8/10


Coupure Électrique This song seems so random to me ??? The French sounds AMAZING but the song is very boring, it goes nowhere. Sounds like a demo. 6/10


Overall, 85%

This album is incredible. It's just full of fucking BOPS and I love it. I'm sure this score will increase as I listen to the songs more, as I think a lot of them (especially Coupure Electrique) will be growers


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