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#ChrisReviews: Madonna's American Life (2003)



I borrowed this album from the library yesterday (got home after 7:00 PM) and started to listen to/get the idea of doing a review of American Life very late last night giveup1 

It was about 1:00 AM when Nobody Knows Me was like, over jj2 

lemme just post what i wrote last night sass1 




1. American Life - 9/10

-Great opening track

-favourite lyrics:

"I tried to be a boy, 
I tried to be a girl 
I tried to be a mess, 
I tried to be the best 
I guess I did it wrong, 
That's why I wrote this song


"I'd like to express my extreme point of view 
I'm not Christian and I'm not a Jew 
I'm just living out the American dream 
And I just realized that nothing Is what it seems



2. Hollywood - 10/10 (tbh)

-Cute bird chirps oprah2 

-favourite lyrics:

"Everybody comes to Hollywood
They wanna make it in the neighborhood

-low-key bop alex1

- lol2 @ the "..dont push the button..." part.


3. I'm So Stupid - 7/10

-Another low-key high-key bop

-Amazing vocals

-favourite lyrics:

"Everybody's looking for something
Everybody's stupid stupid

-these vocal notes giveup1 


4. Love Profusion - 8/10

-Great song transition

-Production slays so far (overall; album)

-favourite lyrics:

"There is so much destruction
What I want is a celebration

-I like the whispering tbh jj2 


5. Nobody Knows Me - 10/10

-I honestly thought that Love Profusion was still playing when this came on lol2 

-"I had so many lives since I was a child" giveup1

-"Sometimes I feel shy/Sometimes I feel I can fly" OMG giveup1 SAME slaycat 

-Such a BOP! alex1mess1 

-favourite lyrics ( slaycat ):

"No one's telling you how to live your life
But it's a setup until you're fed up
It's no good when you're misunderstood
But why should I care
What the world thinks of me

-These beats bey5 


6. Nothing Fails - 7/10

--These vocals in the chorus/end of 1st versegiveup1 


-Kinda feel that these are my favourite lyrics even tho i dont feel the same way nat1  

"I'm not religious
But I feel such love
Makes me want to pray

-That choir giveup1  Amazing touch

-NOTHING FAILS nigjam.gif

NO MORE FEARS nigjam.gif

-Low-key, a minor bop tbh jj2 


7. Intervention - 7/10

- giveup1 @ the opening lyrics & vocals


-"And I know, I know
There is nothing to fear
And I know that love
Will take us away from here
" jj7

-"Satan's game" brit8 

-"In the blink of an eye everything could change
Say hello to your life, now you're living 
This is it from now on
It's a brand new day
It was time to wake up from this dream
" slay slaycat 

-This bridge giveup1 this album slaycat 


8. X-Static Process - 8/10

-"I'm not myself standing in a crowd giveup1 
I'm not myself and I don't know how giveup1 

I DONT KNOW WHO I AM" giveup1 

-Not a big fan of the instrumentals but i like the lyrics and her vocals.

-WaiT. I take that back giveup1 


9. Mother And Father - 5.5/10

-Intro is a bop tho jj2 

-But the vocals brit5 (verse)

-Vocals getting better brit11 (chorus)

-This low-key rap giveup1 opening track tease jj2 

-I like the harmonies brit11 

-"I got to give it up" iggy1 

"I got to give it up" iggy1 

-These bridge vocals brit5brit5brit5


10. Die Another Day - 10/10

-Amazing intro giveup1 

-This is gonna be a bop... giveup1 

-It is a bop... slaycat   

-The violins bey5 

-The chorus bey6bey6bey6

-the laugh giveup1 Britney's Private Show tease jj2 

-These notes at the end slaycat 


11. Easy Ride - 10/10

- giveup1 all I gotta say tbh giveup1 

-Idk how to describe it, downtempo/ballad? giveup1 

-The chorus giveup1 

"I go round and round just like a circle" yas2 

-Amazing closer.



I honestly expected trash brit5 I'm glad it wasnt giveup1 

So underrated tbh My favourite Madonna album atm tbh. (Tie with COADF)



-American Life


Nobody Knows Me

-Die Another Day

-Easy Ride





Recommended Comments

6 minutes ago, Rebel Bitch said:

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS cry1 This album is fab cry1 

Btw this version of NKM is better jj3 Watch it meg1 


This shouldve been on the album cry0 

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This review tho. lol2



I enjoyed reading it tbh and glad u loved that underrated masterpiece. cry0


So u basically lied last time when I asked u if u listened to ALL the FOTP girls' albums. eve1


I love this



-American Life


- Nobody Knows Me

-Die Another Day

-Easy Ride


Yasss stan for the superior songs yaaaaaaaaaaassss. 







Now all u have left is WATCH THIS ORIGINAL AMERICAN LIFE music video that Madonna released to try and prevent people from supporting the Iraq war in 2003, but the video only came out during the war and also she was scared of major backlash so she took down the video and made a boring replacement video of just her in a uniform with flags behind her.


The video (and the album) is about the US and the west in general becoming more focused on material things to the point that going to war and killing innocents is "cool". She mocks that idea in the video by having the americans have a military fashion show with bloodshed and people are just enjoying everything not even realizing that it's REAL and people are DYING ON STAGE and that WAR IS NOT A GAME. The guy in the end is supposed to be President George W. Bush.






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And after u watch American Life, watch this masterpiece video that was a single for James Bond movie in 2002. It was the MOST EXPENSIVE FEMALE VIDEO EVER.




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I have yet to make it to this album myself but your review has gotten me interested. brit0 I also laugh at the "push the button" stuff in Hollywood. ny2 Thanks for providing a review that doesn't ward me off from the album by labeling it trash dead1 I'm glad it's not as bad as everyone else claims it to be.

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25 minutes ago, Shiver said:

Why am I seeing scores below 10/10 though? oprah12

because they were correctly scored oprah12 

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40 minutes ago, #MusicNotTheBling said:

@mods change every score to 10/10 or ban ha!!


are you pressedT at the tea spilledT?


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1 hour ago, The Black Parade said:

are you pressedT at the tea spilledT?


nothing fails is a fucking 10 



X-Static Process too


and don't make me talk about mother & father



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