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Who's That Pokemon? (Ep2: Rhydon)


A new year and a new episode. And what better way than to start the year by going right back to the very beginning; a very good place to start. Many uneducated on Pokemon trivia would believe that Pikachu would be the first Pokemon ever created, but let me inform you otherwise. Meet the real first Pokemon created; Rhydon. Rhydon is known as the Drill Pokemon, and is a ground and rock type. It evolves from Rhyhorn quite lave in their evolutionary line; at level 42, and later gained a new evolution; Rhyperior in Generation IV. Due to this, Rhydon has the highest base stat Attack for any not fully evolved Pokemon. Rhydon was rather a staple Pokemon to some in the first generation; also being used by the final gym leader; Giovanni, and your rival on some occasions. The developers of Pokemon confirmed Rhydon to be the first Pokemon created. He was included in the plans for the original Pokemon; where it was named Capsule Monsters, and was the first Pokemon indexed in the original Gen I games. (The index numbers later became equivalent to their dex number so Rhydon is now #112). Rhydon was also used by Blaine in the Pokemon anime, getting defeated by Ash's Pikachu (despite being a ground type with Lightningrod) where Pikachu literally aimed for the lightningrod. Perhaps this could be due to Blaine being in Team Rocket once upon a time. In the next episode, we will look at the first mascot introduced to the Pokemon series. But for now, let's have a round of applause for the Pokemon that started it all (even if none of us really like him).



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