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#LP1 - Rising Ruby (Ep2): Bug, Bug, Bug, BUG!!!





Ah, what a wonderful night of sleep that was. Well, if you excuse the fact there was hundreds of trainers all cramped in the one Pokemon Center and I woke up with Torchic trying to peck my hair out. I could have traded you for Treecko, you know? That Pokemon Center sure ain’t all it’s cracked up to be, but I guess it’s better than camping out.  But enough complaining, it’s time to resume my Pokemon journey. Next stop: Rustboro City. Just how far is it anyway? I check out the town map installed on my PokeNav. WHAT? I have to go through a whole forest to get there. REALLY? Can’t I just have Torchic burn it to ashes? Would Officer Jenny arrest me or does she just not give a shit? Well, I can think about this later. I need to get there first. 

Entering onto Route 104, I meet Youngster Billy who wants to battle with me. I kinda wanna just get going but he’s giving me no choice whatsoever, so I reluctantly agree. I send out my Zorua, as he sends out Psyduck, Exeggcute and Nidoran. What a weak team; I hope I don’t catch any of them. Zorua finishes them off with a dazzling combination of Feint Attack and Extrasensory. Not long after, I hear a rustling sound as my DexNav begins to vibrate. There’s a Pokemon close by. I actually see it in the grass but can’t quite make it out. It’s something yellow. My DexNav tells me that it’s a higher level than the usual Pokemon around this route. I creep towards it as encounter it for a battle. Oh. It’s just a Psyduck. Well I don’t want that. As I reach into my bag for a potion to heal up my Zorua, I lose my grip. Suddenly a Poke Ball rolls out of the bag towards the Psyduck and taps it on the foot. Oh fuck no. You cannot be serious! It shakes once. It shakes twice. It shakes three times… and clicks. “Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations!” states my Pokedex as I stare in disbelief. I cannot believe I’m now stuck with this Psyduck until I get to Rustboro City. Urgh! 

As I’m about to enter the forest, another kid turns up looking like some fancy dress party mess. Oh, he’s rich apparently. Well, if that’s what rich kids wear, I’ll stay poor, thank you very much. He sends out Growlithe and Litleo ready for a battle. I don’t really have anything else to do so I prepare to send out Zorua. Suddenly a Poke Ball bursts open and Psyduck comes forward. Are you fucking serious right now? Get back in the ball! This is going to be a long journey…

After a long and treacherous journey, I made my way into Petalburg Woods. I see a bug catcher at the entrance looking slightly anxious. I engage in conversation with him and ask him why he’s not going deeper into the forest. His answer was simple; “This forest is haunted! There are ghosts ahead”. I, uh, I’m not scared. No, that would be completely ridiculous! I’ll just have Zorua go first to you know, gain some experience. Not that I need any form of protection of course! Now half-way through this blasted forest of endless bugs and did I mention, I hate bugs? Soon after, I feel something on my leg. Oh my god, it’s a bug. Bug! Bug! Bug! Bug! BUG!!! Get it away from me. Ahhh fuck. Zorua use Extrasensory now! Luckily the bug was a poison type too, letting Zorua hit it super-effectively. I see something ahead; it looks like a person. Thank goodness, I’m saved! 

I approach the person. He looks like an adult at least. He’s wearing what looks like a lab coat. He sees me and greets me. As he begins to explain what he’s doing in this forest, we see someone come towards us; wearing some form of red outfit. It’s absolutely tacky and totally last season. Who thought you should wear that? Your mother? I don’t know how but this guy seemed to know what I thought, as he shouted “You’re so in for it!” and threw a Pokeball towards me.  Well shit. Guess we’re going to battle. I respond with Zorua. His Poochyena didn’t stand a ghost of a chance. Next, he sends out a fire/ground Pokemon; a Numel. I think it’s time to give my Torchic some forest-experience. My Torchic decimates his useless Numel with such ease that makes Psyduck look decent in comparison.  After the battle, the red suit guy runs away exclaiming something like “I’ll get you next time”. I’m surprised he didn’t make a Scooby Doo reference at this point. 

The scientist hiding behind a tree comes out to thank me for rescuing him. Oh. I get it. He was after the scientist and not me? Oh. So I just wasted my time. Oops. As thanks, the scientist gives me something called the Experience Share, which I turn on. Apparently, it will help the Pokemon who don’t battle to level up regardless. That’s good I guess. Maybe Psyduck will become of some use after all. I bid farewell to the Scientist and start working my way towards Rustboro once again. As I'm walking towards the end of the forest, I see a blue light emanating from my backpack. I pull out one of my Poke Balls and open it. It's Torchic. But something's different. It's changing. I stare in disbelief. Oh WOW! I realise it's actually evolving. It grows taller; actually a lot taller. It's almost my height. After the process is finished, I show my new Pokemon to my Poke Dex; "Combusken, the evolved form of Torchic." Wow, I did it. I'm so proud of my little chicken... well big chicken now. 

I’ve almost reached the end of the forest. Come to think of it, where are the ghosts? Was that bug catcher just trolling? I’ve seen a lot of bugs… too many bugs, but no ghosts. Suddenly my DexNav starts to vibrate once again. I turn around and see… um there’s nothing there. I turn around again; still nothing. I then feel something tugging at my hair. OH MY GOD. GHOSTS! Suddenly, one of my Poke Balls burst open from my bag. Yeah. I don’t even need to state who it was. That fucking duck. I see its eyes turn a blue color almost as if he’s trying to identify the ghost for me. Then, I see it right in front of my face; it’s a Pokemon! It’s a ghost-type Pokemon, not an actual ghost. Oh, how nice, it’s a Pumpkaboo! I’ve heard of these and always wanted one. Before, I do anything, I see Psyduck’s eyes flash once again. Seconds later, the Pumpkaboo gets sent flying towards a tree. Wait. WHAT? Then I see another Poke Ball levitating from my bag and shoots off towards the Pumpkaboo. One shake, two shakes, three shakes. “Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations!”

It looks like I caught the Pumpkaboo. I’m overjoyed with my success but also slightly confused. What exactly happened? It must have been this Psyduck. Never did I think I would rely on a Psyduck so much, but this one seems to convey my thoughts exactly. I say good job and tell him to return as he’s deserving of a much needed rest. I think one more thing though; he’s definitely sticking around on my team for future adventures!


combusken.gif  - Level 16 - Scratch, Double Kick, Flame Charge, Sand Attack

zorua.gif  - Level 16 - Scratch, Snarl, Extrasensory, Feint Attack

psyduck.gif  - Level 17 - Secret Power, Water Gun, Confusion, Fury Swipes

pumpkaboo.gif  - Level 8 - Trick, Trick-or-Treat, Astonish, Confuse Ray


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