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Who's That Pokemon? (Ep3: Clefairy)


Clefairy. The uh... Fairy Pokemon. Clefairy is a Fairy-Type Pokemon (previously a Normal-Type pokemon until GameFreak decided that the Fairy Pokemon should be a Fairy Pokemon). Clefairy evolves via moon stone into Clefable, another Fairy Pokemon, and evolves from Cleffa when friendship is high. I always, mostly always, usually, sometimes, very rarely stick to my word, and this is no exception. Clefairy was actually the original travelling partner for our anime protagonist Ash, until she got rejected for some yellow mouse thing at the last second. There could be a few reasons for this; misogyny, misogyny, and trying to explain that a Fairy Pokemon was actually not Fairy. It opened up a whole new can of worms. Did I mention misogyny? Yes, Clefairy was most probably not chosen because she is pink and too feminine, and therefore the show would alienate the male audience of young boys; aka the target demographics. After all, girls weren't even introduced until Pokemon Crystal, innit. Instead Clefairy got demoted to some useless Pokemon plot for Mt Moon with some looney scientist. It's not all bad news though. Clefairy did give us one of the best mini-games from Pokemon Stadium!




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I ABSOLUTELY LOVE CLEFAIRY! She was one of the first Pokemon I've ever catched yas2

I prefer Clefairy than Pikachu in every single way rav1






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