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Jingle Ball DC (12/12/16)



When I first decided I wanted to go to it, it was because Niall and 5H would both be performing there. You may think it’s ridiculous to go to a whole festival for just two acts out of eleven, but whatevs. I know I’m not the only one who does it. Plus, I didn’t *hate* any of the other acts. I liked Alessia Cara, Daya, and DNCE as well when I was thinking about going.

Plus, I had never been to a festival before so I was like why not you know.

Then after buying two tickets, I remembered that my friend (who I'll refer to as S) lives in DC and, since she is a Niall girl, I thought it would be awesome for the two of us to go to the festival together to like, see solo Niall’s career beginnings you feel me? So, it was set. We were gonna go to the Jingle Ball together. :) 

That day me and my mom left around 12, and we drove to a Starbucks that S gave us the address for so that we could meet her there before the show. Her girlfriend was there too. So all 4 of us had a drink at Starbucks (I got a large caramel frappuccino to celebrate the awesome night we were gonna have) and then after that my mom left to go to where we were staying (at our family friends’ house). Then me, S, and her girlfriend all went to Nando’s.

Because how appropriate to go to Nando’s for dinner when me and S are about to see Niall right? Hehehe. (For those who don't get it, Nando's is Niall's favorite restaurant of all time.) Anyway, I got a chicken breast sandwich and we just kind of sat there and talked about anything and everything. We took a few selfies “””the old fashion way”” (with my camera instead of a phone camera hehe). It was a lot of fun. <3

Then me and S said goodbye to her girlfriend and we started towards the venue. There was a little bit of confusion at first about where the line was and stuff but we eventually got inside.

The show got off to a bad start because we ended up missing all but the end of Fifth Harmony’s set. :( Neither of us had thought 5H would go first - we thought they would’ve been closer to the end since they were more popular than some of the other acts. 

So after that I was like :/ because I didn’t think this show was gonna be so great after all now that we’ve missed 1/2 of the reason I’m here, but I’m happy to say I was proven wrong.

Tove Lo came up next. We weren’t sure who she was at first, but then I could tell she was singing “I’m a cool girl” (this was my first time hearing that song, but I had heard OF it) so I was like “oh yeah it’s Tove Lo”. Instantly after we realized who she was, she started singing “Talking Body” which was funny to us because if she had started with that we would’ve instantly known she was Tove Lo. Hehehe.

Anyways, after her was Alessia Cara (I only remember the order because I’m uploading YouTube videos the same time I’m writing this). And oh my gosh Alessia was AMAZING. I recorded her performances of “Wild Things” and “Scars To Your Beautiful”. Her speech before STYB talked about how much pressure society puts on girls and honestly it was just so amazing. It almost made me cry if I’m being 100% honest. ;_;

After her performance I really feel like, the urge to become a bigger Alessia fan. I don’t feel that urge for most of the acts - although they were all good - but I definitely feel that way for Alessia. Her voice is so amazing and she was so great. <3

Next up is Ellie Goulding. Now, when it comes to her, I have to be in the right mood for her voice. I don’t *hate* her voice but I really have to be in the right mood to properly enjoy it. I did dance during “Love Me Like You Do” and “On My Mind”. Me and S were both thinking she’d do “Lights” but she surprised me and did stinkin’ ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN.

For people who don’t know, Anything Could Happen was like Fifth Harmony’s IT song when they were on X Factor. It’s the one that, in the judges’ words, switched them from being the underdogs to being the top ones to beat. Anyway, let’s just say that Anything Could Happen has a LOT of emotions attached to it for me as a Harmonizer. A LOT.

I nearly cried when she sang “ON THE RECK OF 86″. It was like I could hear X Factor era Ally singing along with it in my head, along with the XF crowd cheering. And when she sang the “I’ll give you anything you need” part, I also was on the edge because I could hear XF era Dinah’s high note in my head. It was a very emotional song for me to be honest. I hadn’t been expecting all the emotions I got from it jfkl;daskl;

THEN Camila came back on stage to perform “Bad Things” with Machine Gun Kelly. I’ll admit, this was actually the first time I had heard Bad Things (even though I downloaded it a while ago) and I LOVED it. It was great. I’m so proud of Mila, she’s so awesome. <3

Some boys performed after that - G-Eazy, Diplo, whatevs - no one I really cared about. S told me she had no idea who G-Eazy was; I told her it was okay because he’d be forgotten by next year just like every white rapper. “Other than Em*nem” she told me. “Yeah,” I agreed. “Unfortunately....” 

Me and her took a bathroom break during Diplo’s performance because I literally knew 0 of his songs and didn’t really care enough. 

AND THEN, NIALL STINKIN’ HORAN CAME OUT ON THE STAGE. Me and S lost our minds with how hard we were screaming when they announced he was up next. I took out my camera immediately - not wanting to miss a SINGLE moment of this historic performance. He was so amazing oh my goshhh. I love him so much. I can’t wait to look back on this night one day when I am buying tickets to Niall’s first solo tour - kind of like how I look back at the Neon Lights show whenever I buy 5H tickets now. I’m so proud of him, and I can’t wait to see him again one day. <3

Daya was next. I don’t really have much to say about her other than she’s talented and I like her songs. :)

DNCE was after her and oh my gosh DNCE. They KILLED IT. In all honesty they were probably my favorite performance of the night (other than Niall and what little I saw of 5H bc I’m biased). They were just so energetic and fun and oh my gosh it was awesome. When “Cake By The Ocean” started I was going ALL OUT. Dancing my butt off.

They also did a 90s music medly - they did “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls and “Oops!... I Did It Again” by Britney. When they started singing Britney, I LOST MY MIND. I was dancing and screaming SO STINKIN’ HARD. I recorded a video during the “I’m not that innocent” part and the video pretty much shows you how I was feeling; you can’t really see anything and the camera is wiggling everywhere. I was just so happy jlf;lkdasjkf;la

At the end, Joe went into the crowd and walked around. So that was pretty awesome. Obviously he didn’t come all the way up to the nosebleeds where I was hahaha but it was still really cool to watch him run through the crowd and hear how many people were screaming. It was like my childhood had come full circle watching that, hehehe.

Finally, to close it all up was The Chainsmokers. Now, I gotta tell you, before this festival I really had NO CLUE how popular the Chainsmokers were. I mean, I knew they had a few hits (Roses, Don’t Let Me Down, and Closer) but I didn’t realize how truly popular they were until it was announced they were next. Other than Niall, they probably got the most screams of the night.

Let me tell you about the people in front of us though - oh my goshhh were they SUPER fans. Like, they were freaking the heck out when the Chainsmokers came on. It was like me and S when Niall was on.

This one person especially was going in - like, during all of the Chainsmokers’ songs they were dancing like their life depended on it. I could not replicate their dance moves if I try. They were dancing so hard, it was awesome.

After the Chainsmokers said goodbye - after they performed Don’t Let Me Down with Daya - me and S wasted no time in getting out of there in order to try and beat the traffic.

This is the first concert I’ve been to where I didn’t get a T-shirt - which is sad but oh well. We were late getting there and by the time we left all the T-shirts were gone. It’s okay though, I will live.

All in all, it was an AWESOME festival. I can see why people like going to these. Maybe I’ll have to go again next year (if 5H are performing again of course ;)). I had so much fun and I’m so glad S went with me. She’s an awesome concert buddy. :)


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2 hours ago, TattooedHeart said:

omg cry2 

Did Niall sing any new songs? cry0 

Also that sucks about 5H :( 

Fraid not, "This Town" was his only song. I feel like it's going to be his only song for the rest of the Jingle Ball tour to be honest.

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