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The end became official



Hey what's up guys..i know at least two days ago pretty much about how i remember, i have said something about being back together with my bf and how things are complicated between me and him. Now nothing is complicated anymore because just yesterday i have officially ended my relationship. To be honest i thought it was for the better anyway asides the fact that he is completely bipolar, he also smothers me alot! i can't deal with excessive hugging and constant kissing when it's not needed and litterally everyday single minute says "I love you" 24/7 there's not a day where he doesn't say it. He also doesnt listen and just stop respecting my wishes and instead just care about his needs. He constantly sends 20 texts a day just for reassurance that i still love him when i "did" (past tense duh) and whenever i just want to chill and watch a movie he's constantly on top of me whether he lays his head on my lap, sits on my lap, puts his arm around me. He litterally never lets me out of his sight and never lets go of me. Soooo...the fact that i left brought me to paradise and that i can finally breathe! and i know that sounds mean but give me a break will ya? i've already been thru hell and i don't want anyone complainin and tellin me how thats not half bad or how thats unfair...people are different and not everyone (though some) appreciates excessive hugging and touching and i'm one of those few that felt that way about it. I've been single and am still single even though half of my guy friends that i've known for a while did have a crush on me and actually two of em asked me out right after i broke up with him. I said no to them because....well...i just got out of a relationship and i don't want to go back just yet. I wanna live my single life until im ready to go back out to the dating world. So yes, things did get complicated but since i don't want to deal with them i just ended it and instead decided to live my own life...that's pretty much there is to it, i just ended it imediately and left i didnt want to face the pain or anything..thnx for reading guys plz keep reading my stuff and make sure to like and ill keep writing! Byees!!


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On 1/23/2017 at 4:12 PM, Chris Morlock said:

what about that one girl from a few entries ago? oprah4

oh i found out she liked someone else.....bummer :/...but its ok at least i didnt have deep feelings for her

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30 minutes ago, Harley_Queen said:

oh i found out she liked someone else.....bummer :/...but its ok at least i didnt have deep feelings for her

aw, you poor underrated kwin oprah4

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