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Who's That Pokemon? (Ep4: Stunky)


Stunky. The Skunk Pokemon. A Poison and Dark dual-type Pokemon introduced in Generation IV. Without beating around any bushes, you could also call this the Pokemon no one gives a shit about; like many Pokemon that originated from Generations IV and V. Most of them look like shit anyway, so it's not particularly surprising. Stunky herself looks rather cute I guess but her evolution is nothing short of an abomination. But that's not why we're here today. We're here to discuss Stunky (as a random number generator chucked out her number, smh.) Interestingly, Stunky has a base stat of 329; which is shared by only one other Pokemon; Trubbish. That's right! Things already don't look good for the smelly sis. The main thing to discuss here though is it's typing. It's a Skunk so obviously it fits the Poison typing completely, but Dark? In Japan, the Dark type is known as the Evil type; which does clear up some misunderstandings about various Dark type Pokemon. But what exactly is dark or evil about Stunky? The fact most skunks have black fur? Well yeah, but Lucario is blue and isn't a Water type so the point is? Honestly, this is something I'm confused about after a recent theory video from The Aura Guardian, and I can honestly not find an answer. Lemme know if you have a theory about why Stunky is Dark type. I certainly can't figure this shit out. 



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