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Rant #2 - Perverted "Straight" Guys

Dr. Slay


So I got moved up to a different class so im taking state history and the seating chart is all fucked up so I'm isolated from everyone else including my other friend except for this one little asshole that sits behind me rip4

Just yesterday and the previous days before this guy was all whispering in my ear and being all uncomfortably touchy-feely like poking me, touching my hair, trying to tickle my sides, then massaging me etc and whispering in my ear saying stuff like "you want this big dick in you don't you" or "you wanna suck this big cock big boy" or any other "perverted straight guy trying to act gay" talk ALL AS A "JOKE" fall2

He even had me in English class where he kept poking or trying to tickle me whenever he came in out of nowhere until I decided to move seats in that class sia4

I'm literally too afraid to do anything cause of all the "omg im a straight guy acting gay no homo" talk in the school and idk what to do sia4

Including that just today I heard this guy in P.E. class talking to one of my other friends and asked them "so you like the pussy? the booty? you like eating vaginas?" So then my friend replies to him and "well no" then he says "oh well are you saying you like guys then?" and he replies "no i'm not a pervert i just like girls" then the other guy is just looking confused and kept asking him a bunch of more sex questions and etc. rip4


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What he's doing constitutes as sexual harassment and if you were a girl this kind of shit wouldn't happen. Rihport ha fat

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9 hours ago, delete it fat said:

Is he hot at least? creep1

No he's one of those twink fuckboys with the fuckboy hair who only listens to rap music rip4

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12 minutes ago, Dr. Slay said:

No he's one of those twink fuckboys with the fuckboy hair who only listens to rap music rip4

He'll die soon enough, fatty

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