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Intro + Kylie (1988)



Welcome to this little blog where I'll be reviewing various b-sides, rarities and remixes by the era, and also giving a short summary of the album theme! Going in chronological order, the PWL years are easy because there's barely any unreleased (and I won't bother with remixes from this time either, it's mostly extended edits) Below is the tracks I'll be reviewing per era, in the spoiler box. Please let me know if I'm missing any worth a review! jj5 Enjoy!




Made In Heaven

Glad To Be Alive

Enjoy Yourself:

Especially For You (doing the Original mix bc it sounds 100% better)

All I Wanna Do Is Make You Mine No brit5

We Know The Meaning Of Love

Just Wanna Love You

Rhythm Of Love:

I Am The One For You

What Do I Have To Do (Billy The Fish Mix, Part 1) [bc it's rare jj2]

Let's Get To It:

Say The Word - I'll Be There

Do You Dare (NRG Mix)


Keep On Pumpin' It (Angelic Remix)

Kylie Minogue:

Love Is Waiting

Nothing Can Stop Us

If You Don't Love Me

Difficult By Design

At The End Of The Day

Gotta Move On

Aston Martin

Love Is On The Line (Demo)

Impossible Princess:


Love Takes Over Me

(All Right) Now

This Girl

Stay This Way

Take Me With You

Light Years:



Cover Me With Kisses

Paper Dolls

Ocean Blue

Good Life





Good Like That


Never Spoken

Rendezvous At Sunset

Whenever You Feel Like It

No Better Love

Body Language:

You Make Me Feel

Slo/w Motion

City Games

On The Up

Cruise Control

Almost A Lover

Soul On Fire

My Image Unlimited

Trippin' Me Up




Made Of Glass

Lovin' You

(there's so many I'm just keeping to bonus tracks and b-sides):

King Or Queen

I Don't Know What It Is

Carried Away

Do It Again

Magnetic Electric

Rippin' Up The Disco


Go Hard Or Go Home

Change Your Mind

Broken Hearted (Love Love Love)


Mighty Rivers


Kiss Me Once:


Golden Boy


Bette Davis Eyes

Waiting 4 The Sun


KYLIE (1988)

Here begins the story of an Australian pop legend, our best export and cutest little girl next door - the gorgeous first album, whether you think it's cheesy or not, certainly is quite adorable. The overall theme for this album was driven by the very sound at the time, none other than Stock, Aitken and Waterman pop! This album laid the foundations for her music in the UK, parts of Europe, and Australasia. Little Charlene Robinson from Neighbours was becoming a pop icon quicker than you could say Lucky. There were doubts of course, even people suggesting she would just be a 'one-hit wonder', but this little diva's got fight in her and she wasn't going to up and leave her fanbase which was growing by the millisecond.


to begin...

Locomotion (7/10)

This is technically pre-Kylie88 and PWL, but I've included it here anyway. Her first ever single working with Mushroom in Australia, received the praise and critical reception it did because of her nation-loved role of Charlene on a little show called Neighbours. The original production of Locomotion is a very Aussie early-80s uptempo new wave sound, a direction many Melbourne-pop/rock bands were taking at the time. It may be a little cringe, but I forgive, it was the 80s, which will always be a bit cheesy, to anyone. That's just common sense. The track is special because it is a direct symbol of Debutlie. Either way, Locomotion '87 is cute, funky and she has the purest little voice, even belting out some of the yeahs. After meeting PWL, and recording the classic Lucky, they also took this track in a whole new pure pop direction and give it the small trendy revival it needed.

Made in Heaven (9/10)

Made In Heaven is that cute, 80s PWL fix that stands representative for most of the uptempo album tracks, while not sounding as cheesy. It's got good lyrics, good melody and it's my go-to track when I want to play something from Debutlie era. She maintains a strong and confident voice, this song definitely should have been on the album. It even has a video!


Glad To Be Alive (6/10)

The B-side to Locomotion 1987, this song was right to be chosen as a B-side. The structuring of the song is a bit strange, and it makes me feel happy that Kylie moved away from this sound... The guitars make it sound a bit Australian country and that genre isn't my taste at all (Some Kind Of Bliss was similar but pulled off with a bit more pop). Nonetheless, it's still adorable, innocent little Kylie.


I'll be back soon for Enjoy Yourself - stay tuned jj2


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