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Enjoy Yourself (1989)




Rhythm Of Love:

I Am The One For You

What Do I Have To Do (Billy The Fish Mix, Part 1) [bc it's rare jj2]

Let's Get To It:

Say The Word - I'll Be There

Do You Dare (NRG Mix)


Keep On Pumpin' It (Angelic Remix)

Kylie Minogue:

Love Is Waiting

Nothing Can Stop Us

If You Don't Love Me

Difficult By Design

At The End Of The Day

Gotta Move On

Aston Martin

Love Is On The Line (Demo)

Impossible Princess:


Love Takes Over Me

(All Right) Now

This Girl

Stay This Way

Take Me With You

Light Years:



Cover Me With Kisses

Paper Dolls

Ocean Blue

Good Life





Good Like That


Never Spoken

Rendezvous At Sunset

Whenever You Feel Like It

No Better Love

Body Language:

You Make Me Feel

Slo/w Motion

City Games

On The Up

Cruise Control

Almost A Lover

Soul On Fire

My Image Unlimited

Trippin' Me Up




Made Of Glass

Lovin' You

(there's so many I'm just keeping to bonus tracks and b-sides):

King Or Queen

I Don't Know What It Is

Carried Away

Do It Again

Magnetic Electric

Rippin' Up The Disco


Go Hard Or Go Home

Change Your Mind

Broken Hearted (Love Love Love)


Mighty Rivers


Kiss Me Once:


Golden Boy


Bette Davis Eyes

Waiting 4 The Sun



As Kylie came to realise the success of her first album, a follow-up was already in the writing stages. The sound was a slightly more mature sound than the debut and made sense as Kylie began life in her 20s. There are some weak points on the tracklisting but overall it was a step in the right direction in terms of a second album. The album's closing and title track summarises the era perfectly in its sound and lyrical quality, a cute bop that was a more mature, cheesy and non-cheesy all at the same time. One of the strongest tracks being I'm Over Dreaming (Over You), the song was remixed for release on the following album's lead single, featured the title line in the Everything Taboo Medleys of Showgirl/Homecoming, USA2009 and it's such a fan favourite that it earnt itself a spot in the Anti Tour setlist. Overall an adorable album and a praised follow-up which remains a strong favourite out of the 4 PWL albums.



Especially For You (the tolerable original mix) (7/10)

This duet between a lovey-dovey Charlene and Scott Kylie and Jason, is a cute reflection of their relationship. While the released track sometimes gets a little tedious, the Original Mix, which erases the 'oooooh'-ing at the start, and plays at a higher key, is the one I prefer to listen to hands down. It has more synth parts here and there and less guitar. The song itself is decent, has a unique entry to chorus, and the songwriting is super cute. You can hear that they really are meaning what they are singing and have no shame about it.

We Know The Meaning Of Love (9/10)

This track serving as a b-side in some regions to Tears On My Pillow, is basically Enjoy Yourself's alter ego, even utilising the same dings and cowbell. A much more mature sound overall than the rest of the album, this song could have easily been placed on Rhythm Of Love. I quite enjoy this song as Kylie shows off her ultimate note-holding skills as she cries out 'love' and 'enough'. Overall a stunning little track that definitely should have had a place on the main album, this is not B-side material at all.



Just Wanna Love You (8/10)

There's something about this track I really like, although reminiscent of the sound of the first album, its basic lyrical structure fits the track fine and doesn't bother me. The strong and high synth instrumentation is cute. The track served as a B-side for Hand On Your Heart and while that's a fitting place for it, it's a gorgeous little track anyway.



Going to do Rhythm of Love and Let's Get To It tomorrow as it's late and I need to sleep. Goodnight FOTP jj2


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