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Let's Get To It (1991)



LET'S GET TO IT (1991)

Serving as Kylie's fourth and final album with PWL, it is apparent in the ever-maturing sound Kylie wants to move away from her classic PWL roots that brought her to fame. She pushes the controversial boundaries in experimenting with more sexual lyrics and much darker pop than what the past three albums had held. Pete Waterman described working on the album as a 'nightmare', and while retaining a few tracks that are very classic SAW like 'Give Me Just A Little More Time', 'Word Is Out' took the album theme in a different direction. The video for the opening track and lead single was provocative in that a daytime version had to be cut for mid-day music television. Becoming her first single to miss the UK Top 10, the public was seemingly a little unhinged at the fact this cute little post-television soap star was now expressing herself. An alternative Summer Breeze mix was commissioned for the Australian single and used in place of the original on the album itself. 'If You Were With Me Now' was a cute ballad, but now often thought of as too Disney - although it did reach #4 on UK charts. Failing to chart in Australia, they made its international B-side 'I Guess I Like It Like That' the A-side, and most copies issued in a plain black sleeve. 'Keep On Pumpin' It', while not an album track nor released directly under Minogue's name, but rather British duo Visionmasters, gained writing credits from 'I Guess I Like It Like That' due to its sampling of her vocals from the track. It was thought it would be a big club hit, but the single barely scraped the UK Top 50 at #49. 'Give Me Just A Little More Time' was released as an early 1992 single, with B-side and super 90s house banger 'Do You Dare?' having two remixes being commissioned for the release. The original track, which remains unheard, is said to feature verses and harmonies, was a lot different to the remixes that were created. To round off the singles, April 1992 saw the release of 'Finer Feelings', which was redone for release by Brothers In Rhythm, one of whom, Steve Anderson, would go on to be Kylie's long-term musical director and close friend, and still is to this day. Another fantastic B-side was released along with this single, house track 'Closer' is a standout in her PWL catalog and a strong favourite. In Australia, "Finer Feelings" became her lowest-charting single at that point, reaching number sixty on its debut in the ARIA top 100 singles chart for the week ending 5 July 1992.  "Finer Feelings" remained Kylie's only single to miss the top 50 in Australia until her 2010 single "Get Outta My Way", which peaked at number sixty-nine. Overall the swingin' soul vibe of this album was a perfect way to tie off her years under the PWL label and depart from Stock, Aitken and Waterman songwriting.



Serving as the B-side to Kylie's very stunning but also very experimental 'Word Is Out', this light ballad spotlights her strong vocal ability and is very soothing. The backing choir is very reminiscent of her earlier albums, but there's no doubt this is a lovely little track. The lyrical aspect is a little basic but the label has gained their traction in choosing B-sides correctly, and this fit the B-side stigma to a T. It provides the backbone for the hard-hitting Word Is Out and it's done that job well.


DO YOU DARE? [NRG Mix] (10/10)

Introduced with a very sinister and gaining intro, this house bop slowly builds up and by the time it reaches full speed you just want to dance!! This timeless but nostalgic song also showcases her amazing vocals and screams nineties! The piano and synth throughout the track are executed perfectly. Do You Dare? is worth a full 10/10. Something that never gets boring or old, and another one of the most left-field tracks out of her PWL catalog.



CLOSER (9/10)

With an aurally confusing intro for your brain's metronome, this is Do You Dare's slightly calmer cousin. This fairly dark track also features Kylie's heavy breaths and midway through the track a strong bass kicks in which always manages to remind me of the Cherry Bomb intro. This track epitomises Kylie in the Let's Get To It era. This isn't about teen relationships and short-term anymore - this is mature, sexual, and slightly raunchy, while not overdoing it or being 'slutty'. 'Closer' provides her soothing, slowed vocals with a beat that you can't not dance to!



Might be doing Kylie Minogue and Impossible Princess tonight - keep an eye outjj5


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