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Dr.Luke did what????



Whats up guys I just want to discuss what is happening between Lukaz Gottwald a.k.a Dr.Luke and the famous singer, song writer Kesha Rose Sebert. I was going through instagram and saw at least one piece of the filed papers from the court in New York and there was also a link and i read what was happening. Some were the ones a lot of her loving animals knew already though i cant speak for everyone because who knows...maybe people just dont have interest in the real world. But thats not important! What really got my attention was a few things: Kesha was texting Lady Gaga about "some guy" who also raped Lady Gaga making Kesha not the only one on the victim boat. Now, i dont even know if it's true or not because since Kesha has been abused and faced MAJOR depression she probably just wants to take her anger to the point where she ruins Dr.Luke's reputation and his business not to mention that on twitter Katy Perry herself said that she never had a problem with Dr.Luke and doesn't see him as a rapist. And that says a lot because if one female artist has no problem then there's bound to have the majority of female artists who are in contract with Dr.Luke that don't have those kind of problems with him either except for the few who claims they had (not including Kesha). Also before you guys start going all loco coco by sayin "How is she lieing? She's a victim of a music producer..why would anyone lie about being raped?" Well there has been a case where a woman accused an NFL player of raping her and getting her pregnant. But fortunately for the NFL player he was pleaded not guilty litterally the guy either wore a condom (which rapists wouldn't usually do when they rape someone) or didnt have sex with her at all (it was a long time ago so the memory is a bit fuzzy) and the lady later on either got tested for her pregnancy or she got her period either way everyone knew she was lieing. Do you see my point? also dont ask why she did it because the answer will always be thats shes crazy. Ok so back to Kesha. On the other hand however, she did before claim that Dr.Luke did put something in her drink and then somehow she ended up naked on his bed. And I dont think that's a coincidence. Ok so there's two sides to the story from the two. I am not saying im on Dr.Luke's side because i am an animal and i love Kesha with all my heart and i definately would fight for her. Im just trying to be unbiased and seeing both sides of the story and from what other artists view him as personally. Maybe what i said about her anger being taken to a whole new other level isnt true..but thats ok!! because it all comes from a perspective its just what i think that doesnt mean is true. Solid evidence is what makes it true and it can either save or ruin Kesha. Maybe even for life. But guys all this stuff that im saying, the majority of it is what I pulled out of the social media from what real people, specifically celebrities, are saying about this case and some are just my perspective..its what i think..im not trying to put solid facts because some may not be a fact at all. Meaning somebody is lieing im not going to choose which side i think is telling the truth or which one is lieing. But tell me what you guys think and ill reply to u asap. Byee!


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21 hours ago, Chris Morlock said:

this essay is very hard to read orangu1 the grammar jj4

are you saying that she's lying? jj4

nooo of course not...what i was trying to do was i was trying to be unbiased...which is very hard by the way...i love kesha soo fricken much...but what im trying to get to was..was she doing this out of anger?..i mean where i read it..it said when she texted Lady Gaga she was talking about "him" his name wasnt mentioned in their conversation but it was assumed that it actually WAS about Dr.Luke in an attempt to try to ruin his rep and business...but i do side more with kesha because she did (like i said in the entry) mention that she woke up naked on his bed..now that i believe..i also believed when she said that he might've put something in her drink which brought her to the point where she can't remember what happened and that she was in shock to find herself in complete nudity...but the only problem is was that since she couldnt remember she could only assume and that's what gave Dr.Luke the advantage to try to defend himself..which personally i find that defending him is complete bs because if he was a alone in the room with her then i would think it was him..because if Kesha didn't say anything about anyone else besides Dr.Luke being around her then using our common sense it will most likely be Dr.Luke's fault...but unfortunately the court doesnt see it that way..because unlike us..they cant be biased about the case..unless theres solid evidence then theres a chance that one side might have the greater chance of winning..but unfortunately until that comes up they're just stuck telling them what happened

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