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My Life (just something to let out)



Hey what's up guys...today I just want to let out somethings that I have been holding back for a while now. As you will all know i now have a job and i know that's suppose to be something exciting like "yay! woo hoo! now you can get the chance of making it rain!" that is not true first of all. Second of all, I just work at McDonald's and for those who never worked there probably doesn't know literally how impossible it can feel trying to please the customers while the automatic soda machine keeps having a break down and i mean a major break down. I'm talkin' how the claws that suppose to clasp whatever size drink is being put in the order doesn't clasp it at all so I literally have to do it manually, and sometimes even though you know you put the cup in the right container it was suppose to be in, the machine itself doesn't pour the drink into the cup and instead just pours it in the...rig-like...thing...it's something when a customer orders a drink from the cashier and then there's the soda machine that the customer has to pour it in themselves and sometimes it overflows and the liquid just ends up spilling under those metal bars that just holds or disposes the liquid but that's out front where customers order their food I'm the one at the second window of the drive thru that gives the customer their meals. Anyways, it was a complete disaster it keeps breaking a bunch of cups which made us waste time and won't give the customers their drinks ON time. Most of the time we have to pour in the drinks manually by just pressing the buttons of the order for the customers. The only thing that made things easier was me trying to socialize with them and be nice and just stay on their good side to make it hard for them to go against me and i do that as a distraction while my coworkers go and fixes the problem. There's a lot to say about what goes on in there. I really don't like working at McDonald's but the only reason why its bareable for me was because I begged my manager, in a very subtle way, to move me from the grill position to the second window position because i didn't find it enjoyable to keep giving myself first degree burns every time i try to flip a burger. The window does have some ups and downs like, sure I'm able to talk to people and serve them drinks and their meals as soon as it's ready, but it does get hot most of the time and so i have to ask my manager if i can have a soda or something..yesterday (2/19/17) i drank two medium sprites and an apple juice that didn't have a straw attached to it. I was lucky they let me out an hour early because my shift was suppose to be from 1-5pm and i got out at 4, went out to starbucks, drank my favorite tall caramel frappuccino, i looked through my snapchat and saw my boyfriend's message about knowing i got out early mainly because i was bragging about how relieved i am about it in my story so he hit me up, then later he came over to my house. Again, i love my boyfriend but he acts like a complete child sometimes, he's always seeking attention and when he doesn't get it he has an attitude and just  tries to walk out the door then ends up coming back in because he realizes i didn't care because im suppose to be his girlfriend not his babysitter or his entertainer. He whines and complains i mean c'mon the dude is 18 years old shouldn't he be mature by now? Ugh and today he was bothering me about coming over to hang and talk and stuff and i said "no because you were being too much last night, you were always trying to put your disgusting fingers in my mouth and constantly waving your arms on my face and putting it in my face and constantly being touchy all over my body even in places that you weren't invited in" We were just watching a movie Inferno which was really interesting by the way, and all i wanted to do was chill and watch the movie. I don't mind holding hands or cuddling but if he keeps acting the way he's acting, then i might as well work as a babysitter and should be payed a lot because i always put up with him. The relationship is becoming more of a chore than romance and honestly I don't feel it's going anywhere. And I know what you guys are thinking "ok if it's not going well then just break up with him" and i will i just have to find a perfect time and just let him down easy. I didn't sign up to date a whiny boy who acts like a little bitch ok? If i wanted pussy i would date a woman..i was suppose to be signed up for a man who knows how to act while we're in public, who knows how to be mature and not complain about everything, who gives me what i like instead of making me do what he likes all the time...yanno like shareing..like I'll do things that he likes and he does the same for me. OH MY GOD  that felt good letting it out..I'm so glad you guys would take the time to read all this about stress and fiasco events at work (honestly). Keep reading my blogs guys i enjoy writing them just for you. bye loves! :D:D  


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