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Why I do not look at comments sections anymore (and I suggest you stop too)

Dennis Reynolds


I realize I have said this more than once over the past couple of days, but allow me to try and persuade you all one last time - do not look at comment sections anymore.


I don't mean literally all of them - there's probably no harm in checking out the comments under some obscure website or blog that you follow, but any major site like YouTube, Facebook, TMZ, DailyMail or IMDb is bound to have a shitty comment section.


This is largely because of the fact that comment sections are not really meant for serious discussion - that's what forums are for. I have seldom seen two people engage in an intelligent, rational discussion on any of those sites - if two people have replied to each other multiple times, it's usually some childish bitchfest.


It barely even matters if it's a comment section where you're anonymous or not either. Give a man a mask, and he'll show you his true face - if it is a site based in anonymity, people will have no fear and say the reprehensible, inflammatory things they don't have the balls to say in real life, and if it's a site linked to your real identity...well, a lot of people will still say horrible shit, but now that your appearance, job and location are on the table, some ad hominem attacks will be thrown in for good measure. Just to be clear, I'm not talking about any specific groups of people here - there's something about this method of communication that brings out the worst in people in general.


Seriously, just give it a shot for a while and see how you feel. I think it'll only do good for any given person. And I'm also probably not gonna post anything serious in my blog in the foreseeable future so the four people that read it when they're bored need not worry.



@Hannah & @Diamond in particular since I already said a lesser version of this same basic message to the two of you previously. 



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I recently have and it upset me a lot. The only thing I can say about those is that the world is populated by a disgusting MAJORITY, and nobody can tell me different. Those that don't do sick shit in real life, get their ya-yas out online.

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