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Fourth Harmony concert (5/27/17)



Yes I'm finally making a post about this concert. Sorry it took so long but hopefully you'll forgive me (if you even care) hahaha.

Also in case you don't know "OT5" means like, favorite fivesome. In the case of this post "OT5H" means Fifth Harmony the fivesome. Just in case you were confused. Anyways...

So something amazing happened for once: We arrived early. That never happens in this family. We’re never early to like, anything. But we did. We arrived at our family friends’ house where we would stay (so we didn’t have to rent a hotel) at approx. 5:30 PM. The doors to the concert venue didn’t open until 7 PM.

So after putting our things away in our family friends’ basement, and talking to them for little bit, me and my mom decided to hit it around 6:30 because we were afraid there wouldn’t be a lot of parking spaces.

We stopped at Starbucks on the way there because of course we did (this is me we’re talking about) and I ate a panini and drank an unsweetened green tea. Then we were on the move again.

Our GPS had the wrong address put in it at first, but luckily we figured it out just in time and changed it. Also the wrong address helped us go a back way and avoid the traffic so that was nice!

When we finally got there and parked, it was over an hour to go until show time. So first we went to the bathroom and then I went and waited in the long merch line while my mom went to get some food from the concessions stand.

I got a T-shirt, a “Fifth Harmony” sweatshirt (because I was cold and my dress was sleeveless), and a poster! This is the first tour where the girls have ever had posters at their tours! (Unless you count the VIP poster signed by all of them that I got when I met them on the 7/27 tour last year.)

After that I took all of my new merch, sat down next to mommy on the lawn, and listened to “Crying In The Club” to pass the time. At 7:30 we went down to our seats and just hung out, took goofy pictures together, and danced to the pre-concert music that was playing.

At around 8:02 PM, the lights went down and the girls came out. We all screamed (except for my mom, who covered her ears hahaha). They opened with “Worth It” which, to be honest, is not a good opening song in my opinion. I think it would’ve worked much better towards the end, since it was their first hit. But I still danced my butt off nonetheless so whatevs.

I’m glad Miss Movin’ On was the only Better Together era song they sang. The BT era is just so... OT5H... that I really don’t want 4H singing those songs anymore.

But oh my gosh MMO hurt. I recorded it because I’ve recorded it at every show since Neon Lights and it’s a bit of a tradition for me now, but oh my gosh I wanted to cry. The only reason I didn’t cry is because I didn’t want strangers to judge me.

I’m not one of those fans who hates all new fans’ guts or anything close to that, but I feel like the newer fans who didn’t experience the Better Together era can’t really know how much MMO means to me and the other fans who have been here since the beginning. It means so much to me and it also means OT5H. Having it without Camila felt weird and sad, kind of like how Don’t Forget Where You Belong without Zayn felt...

I kept waiting for Camila to pop out after the “it’s independence day” line and shout “IT’S WHAT?” to the audience. But she didn’t....

Anyways, that’s the only song that really hurt my OT5H heart a lot. The rest of the songs I don’t really have a deep OT5H association with like I do that song. So let me move on... (ha, unintentional pun...)

So tell me why, even though I charged the camera battery ALL NIGHT last night, it STILL started giving up after like, five songs at the most. Like what the HECK?

So since my annoying camera gave up I tried to take videos with my phone next. Well, that failed because my phone ran out of storage space before I could finish recording my second video on it.

So then I moved onto my MOM’S phone. My mom’s phone has a micro SD card inside it - basically that means that all her photos and videos are stored on the card instead of on her actual phone gallery. But she can still look at all her photos and videos on her phone as long as the micro SD card is plugged in.

I took a lot of pictures and a few videos on my mom’s phone - and most of them stunk. Because I had the flash turned on - since my camera took its best pictures when the flash was on, I figured the same rule would apply to my mom’s phone. Nope. Wrong. My mom’s phone took terrible pictures and videos with the flash on. Blech. Oh well.

During “Squeeze” a bunch of fans in the front were holding up posters and me and mommy were confused what they were for a moment, but then as the light came on a little bit more we could see that it was posters of the Manchester memorial ribbon. Dinah took one of those posters and held it up on stage with her during the rest of “Squeeze”. It was so sweet oh my gosh. <3 I had to turn back on my dying camera one last time to get a picture of Dinah holding the Manchester ribbon. Thankfully it was nice and let me take that one last picture. <3

During “Brave Honest Beautiful” the girls brought up three little kid fans to sing with them - one of which was named Lauren, hehe, Lauren and Lauren fistbumped hahaha - it was sooo cuute. I loved it. <3

During Bo$$ I danced so hard, and even though my mom was sitting down I could see her head-bopping and jamming to the “your *** better show me some re-spect” and “c-o-n-f-i-d-e-n-t” lyrics. Bo$$ is another song I hope they never stop singing to be honest. It’s perfection.

It was funny how when we were nearing the end (Gonna Get Better was the second to last song) I was going through my head of all the singles, trying to figure out what their encore song would be. I was like “let’s see, they already did Miss Movin’ On, they already did Bo$$, Sledgehammer, Worth It, All In My Head (Flex), and That’s My Girl... what’s left?”

I straight up FORGOT that Work From Home existed. Even though it’s their BIGGEST hit. What kind of flop fan am I to be honest? Hahaha. But as soon as they dropped that “we ain’t worried bout nothin” I was instantly like “OH YEAH” and started scream-singing and dancing my butt off.

I still feel like “we ain’t worried bout nothin” is a little shady since it was originally Camila’s line and she left. But, nonetheless, seeing/hearing it in the flesh made me appreciate it a little bit more anyway.

I was Snap-videoing WFH because I love that song but not enough to record a full length video of it. Plus I’m too busy dancing to record a whole video of it. I was so busy Snapchatting it that I almost missed the booty bump (you know, the part where all of them put their booties together and shake them). But I looked up from my phone just in time and SCREAMED.

At first I had thought they weren’t doing the booty bump this time because they usually do it during “we don’t need hands for that” in This Is How We Roll and they didn’t this time. But lo and behold they saved it till the end. Hahaha. Oh my gosh they’re so attractive I can’t.

Yeah but wow what a great concert. I can’t wait to go on their next tour. <3 Harmony concerts, whether Fifth or Fourth, will always be my second home. <3


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