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Pokken Tournament Release Date + 16th Fighter!


As stated in the above blog entry, a new Pokemon was to be revealed on January 15, and it has been. Welcome Chandelure to the mix. Chandelure is a Ghost / Fire type which floats in the air. A full detail videoing its in-game play will be available on January 31. Even more information about the game has also been revealed. Four new support Pokemon are revealed; Sylveon, Croagunk, Pachirisu and Magikarp. There are 3 modes announced so far; Single Battle (with 3 different difficulty settings), Local Battle (where one player uses the control pad and one uses the big screen), and Online Battle (Friendly or Ranked). It has also been revealed that Pokken Tournament and the WiiU Bundle will be released in North America and Europe on the 18th of March!



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26 minutes ago, Max said:

Definitely stanning for Godelure in this.

Braixen and Mewtwo tho > clap3 


I just bought a Wii U. legend1 

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