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I didn't know how exactly to title this but these are just a few things i want to get off my chest after not blogging for a while



Hey whats up you guys i know it has been forever like almost a year since i havent blogged theres actually a list that i have right now its not much but anyways i would like to congratulate Kesha for her newest song "Praying" which was released July 6, 2017 if you HAVENT heard it yet (though im sure majority of you have) check it out on youtube! you can also download it on itunes, spotify, amazon music and google play. I cant wait for her album 'Rainbow' which will be released i think in......actually i dont know when it will drop lol but if you guys have any idea please leave a comment down below and i will take a look at it and the next time i blog i will definately talk about it. Anyways, onwards to todays blog! i have been playing the single pringle role for far too long and i think its starting to get to me. Lets see, did i ever tell you guys that i'm finally enrolled in college? it's not much but it is a start im enrolled in PBSC a.k.a Palm Beach State College because i have no idea what i want to do as a career so im starting off with having Criminal Justice as one of my majors 👏👏👏👏 yay to me i finally made it thru high school without dropping out (tho i had been thinking about doing it but its a good thing i havent) by the way you guys i know i made it as a joke but dropping out is no laughing matter for as you can see im one of the few in the family (mostly my dad's side my mom went to college but just like me she was the few who even made it pass highschool and made it to college as well) to even made it to college. My dad was a drop out with a G.E.D, my aunt did the same practically all of his family were drop outs (except for me) so he was really proud of me for staying in school and making it to college because just like any good parent he just wants the best for me. As i was saying yes i have made it and im very proud and hopefully i will make it to a university like FIU or maybe FAU i dont know but i will have to work hard and see. Another thing i would like to get off my chest is im getting noticed on youtube however i dont want a bunch of subscribers if im not able to even reach my laptop so i have to wait to find available time to even go on it and not only that i got to figure out this really cool screen recorder its called OBS (you can look it up right now if you like) and let's look at reality i'm not good at tech stuff so if i have time and my laptop with me i can always go on youtube and figure that stuff out. But the point im trying to get across is im getting subs and im so proud of myself and so i really want to achieve becoming a famous youtuber so that i will be better noticed for my videos and then i could go into further achievements like selling my own merch, going to vidcon and meeting fans..Im a little obsessed with attention and being noticed for what i do (just like how im so obsessed with love but we will talk about that another time) and i know this takes time so until then id have to wait so that i can make some adjustments to make my channel look nicer and more professional like other youtubers..by the way if you are a very well known youtuber (known for gameplays and rps) please i would like some advice on how i should make my channel look nicer and how i should record my videos..like is there a special way i should do my intro? my outro? is there a better way to record that i should download and install instead? let me know right away and i will take into consideration. wow that was a mouthful but enough of that i just wanted to get all that off my chest. I guess that is all i have to say for today i hope u guys enjoyed this blog. I will blog again sometime this week if im not busy. I love you guys...your my little pumpkin patch (pumpkins will always be my favorite) 🍊 i know it looks like an orange emoji but if you use your imagination it could be a delicious little pumpkin. Okay i will see you guys next time i love you! goodbye! 😚😚😚


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