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A new beginning



  I know I haven't posted a blog in a while. However, I feel now is the perfect time to reignite the old dwindled flames. I have just undergone a major transformation. All of my time spent here, has led up to this. Hopefully this will be the final step into achieving my true goal, and ultimate self realization. 

  There was WinnieThePooh and there was Winniedeng. Both contrasting aspects of myself. One kind, and one wicked. For years I battled with the inner workings of my mind. Longing to achieve a balance in myself. It's not until I took the time, to actually look into a mirror, and see my face. Did I realize what I actually had to do. 

  This is the final step, I think. NicoleRichiePurpleHair.jpg will be the final step into achieving nirvana. It will a complete and harmonious balance between Winniedeng. and WinnieThePooh. At least I hope so. I've been calculating up until this day. Waiting for the perfect moment to initiate such a drastic and irreversible change.  My heart tells me I made the right decision, and my brain says to listen to my heart. I want to believe this is the perfect plan. But you know what they say...


When men plan, God laughs.


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