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My Personal Reading Challenge


My Personal Reading Challenge

So, as maybe many of you may already know, I love reading books in my free time. 

I don't know how many of you may be familiar with Goodreads.com but it's an excellent website to keep track of all the books you're reading and it tells you when you're on Track or when you're behind on schedule, or even Ahead of your own challenge. This year I'm challenging myself to read 35 books. Last year I read 34, so I think I got this, but just as a little motivator I'm gonna post a Blog entry for myself as a little reminder, pusher, pick-me-up'er etc. 

So here's my Challenge;

01 out of 35 books read.

I've read Seeker, for which I also posted a review in my Blog which you can find here. :) 

But maybe some of you guys remember, I also LOVE magazines! Not just every magazine, but my favorites are; Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Glamour & National Geographic. I have tons of newly bought lying in my room and so many of them are still unread. And they are so thick and I read EVERYTHING that's inside, so I decided to count those along with my Challenge. Because if I'd only motivate myself to read my books, the magazines would remain unread forever! *sigh*

Sadly, I can't add the magazines to my Goodreads account for the Challenge, but they DO count the Donald Duck Pockets I read. So, I'm gonna count 1 magazine + 1 DD pockets as 1 book. :) 

I'm pretty sure no one's interested in any of this, but I just had to post, as a little motivator to myself. brit13 



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