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Best Album Tracks off the Albums: Madonna (Personal Choices)


I've been thinking about this  and wanted to make a thread but that felt reductive so i decided to make a blog post, entry, whatever, about it.

Best Album Tracks: Madonna

Madonna's image with her right hand placed on her right cheek and with the left hand, she holds on to a number of chains wound on her neck.

Single: Holiday- Its a bop and earned her a spot on the market

Album track: Physical Attraction- the non-singles werent as cute so PA wins ths won, tho Think of Me has caught my eye as well


Single: Material Girl- this one was so hard as like all the singles off this album except Angel are a ten, but this was the first Madonna song i had on repeat when i got my iPod way back in the day and it holds a place among my all-time faves.

Album track: Pretender- She's pretty good herself, this may change tho, just like the debut

Madonna in white blond, short hair tilts her head back, with the album name appearing atop her image.

Single: Live to Tell- YES i think its the best because im a sucker for ballads and even though Madonna cant really sing to well, she gave off the vibe needed for the song.

Album track: Where's The Party

Madonna - Like a Prayer album.png

Single: Like A Prayer- her best song, why wouldnt it be her best single off the album? 

Album track: Till Death Do Us Part- this is also one of my fav of her songs, it tells a sad but raw story in a digestible way

Madonna's face with eyes closed and her mouth open. On her left cheek, the words "Erotica" and "Madonna" are written in black color.

Single: Rain- The lyrics and melody SPEAK to me. A great song

Album track: Secret Garden

Upside down image of Madonna laid down in a bed, wearing heavy makeup with her hand to her head, with "Madonna" written in pink capital lettters, while "Bedtime Stories" is written in sky-blue capital letters.

Single: Take A Bow- I love R&B and Madonna served with this one and the US charts thought so as well as  became her longest-running number one there.

Album track: Love Tried to Welcome Me- alex1

Ray of Light Madonna.png

Single: The Power of Goodbye- one of her best ballads, a powerful song by melody alone.

Album Track: To Have And Not to Hold

Music Madonna.png

Single: Music- a 21st century bop, rightful number one, etc.

Album track: Paradise(Not for Me)

Madonna wearing a black beret and jacket, looking seriously towards the camera

Single: Hollywood- Madonna continues to go against the norm here

Album track: Intrevention

Back view of Madonna wearing a pink leotard. Her legs are stretched apart and tilts her head back while supporting herself with her right hand.

Single: Sorry- should have been as big as Hung Up, one of her best PERIOD

Album track: Future Lovers/ Like It or Not

Madonna sitting in front of a pink background with her legs stretched. She is wearing a black leotard and a boxer belt, while pulling a black rope across her mouth with her hands.

Single: 4 Minutes- I like the Celebration version better but its still alright 

Album track: She's Not Me

Close-up of Madonna in front of a colorful background. The image is distorted through the use of a glass-pane like filter, giving it a wavy appearance.

Single: Girl Gone Wild- a bop and one of the sexiest visuals served by a pop girl

Album tracks: Beautiful Killer

Black-and-white image of Madonna, with black strings going criss-cross over her face

Single: Living for Love- one of my personal faves

Album track: Illuminati

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Single: Holiday- Its a bop and earned her a spot on the market

Album track: Physical Attraction- the non-singles werent as cute so PA wins ths won, tho Think of Me has caught my eye as well

Literally picked my three favorite tracks from the album yas bitch

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