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    They could just do a press tour I don't get why they aren't... Releasing the same tweet/instagram post over and over to the same audience isn't helping
  3. Excuse me ‘Jam’ invented pop music
  4. I mean I see where you're coming from but honestly when your arguments also apply to bland and basic girls like Taylor Swift who happened, I don't see why Tinashe couldn't.
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    on the itunes on this current computer (ive played it on my phone a lot more lol)
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    have you updated itunes recently? i did and i had to reinstall the scrobbler
  7. No, that’s stupid.
  8. i havent been too active on this computer recently
  9. Hi boo
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    wait these seem so wrong i know i listened to it way more than this
  11. is it me or did spotify shut down for a sec?

    1. Music Meister

      mine always crashes but my laptop and phone are pieces of sheisse

  12. Make it stop pls
  13. You should scrobble LWYMMD one more time to delete that... thing from #1
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    Such an angel.
  15. Literally me everytime I got a reply from that deluded lunatic omg perfect gif thanks
  16. Yeah, it's been gone for a while unfortunately. Hence why I haven't been watch anime at all nn but I'm sure there are some alternatives out there!
  17. This thread
  18. so if the game already is going on but paused dont i have a disadvantage LOL
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