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    Ray of Light
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    Is it a visual album?
  4. Hated enough that she had a handbook dedicated to her. Poor haters they were PressedT and still Are. Queen wasn't bothered but Imagine if there were something similar but about Gaga for example?! She would disintegrate!
  5. Don't act like you weren't clocked hundred times here
  6. I'm not even inspired enough to respond to it, he embodies the term "reach"
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    Nobody is a masterpiece y'all
  8. God. I love the Just Like You video so much. Need a set of it BADLY
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    The documentary is amazing The only thing I would add is JW behind the scenes footage
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    I loved the documentary
  11. Finally listening Enchante Tension
  12. Today
  13. she did but not because of her weight
  14. Music Video

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh my god! Hands down best she's ever looked!! So fucking good! In love with it.
  15. No it wouldn't, Mariahs would always look better, genetics and care for her body.
  16. Chickening out after getting clockted = pressted. No madge Stan is a match for me.
  17. Compare their skin at the same ages like in 20s 30s and 40s. That'd be interesting.
  18. aww cute
  19. Stating redundant facts to try and defend you're fave, who doesn't care about you. Pressted Rushing into every troll thread to attempt to drag. Pressted Hating a artist because you're fave shaded her 20 years ago. Pressted Spelling "pressted" as "presseted" pressted.
  20. How are we "presseted" ? Stating facts does not equal being "Presseted"
  21. Madonna won, but her fans are still pressted? That doesn't add up.
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