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  2. I was gonna ask you about something, but I think it's okay now! Thanks anyway tho!
  3. This, 90% of people only know the Solo version.
  4. I didn’t want to edit my previous post in order to avoid tagging everyone again, but Mer Girl has left with 6 votes actually, not 5. I am aware that still doesn’t change anything and reminder for judges @Alvarø and @Kirjava wasn’t needed, but we need to be correct. Maybe this outcome will be better. Results: American Pie won’t be served again since it had been approved by 5 judges and that wasn’t enough against Paradise ( Not for Me ), which has acquired 11 votes. @Alvarø: “No, this is equally distatestful result as the previous one. “ @V For Vendetta: ““ @Shego: “At least
  5. someone called lady gaga nose feratu and i can't stop thinking about it
  6. @Ghostface I guess this further establishes Brooklyn Legend as last round's winner.
  7. I cannot accept this result
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