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  4. The song may not have been famous but it’s a reach to say Dolly’s 13 year career before Whitney even released one thing was irrelevant... maybe to YOU and wherever YOU live she’s irrelevant but she has her own theme park where I live... I’ve never heard of “Whitney World”...
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    Isn't it weird how you search his name or his wife's name and you can't find anything on them like their Facebook or any other social media. Although I did find a fundraiser campaign that had Rebecca Minogue on their website, not sure where the website is now but Brendan Minogue commented on it saying "Good job honey."
  6. Attendance: 15.893/15.893 Boxscore: 2,410,086 Source: They have access to Pollstar -—-u2-the-joshua-tree-2087m-celine-dion-live-2017-633m-lady-gaga-joanne-87m/&do=findComment&comment=4494489
  7. Absolutely devastating! Here's to a safe, healthy and speedy recovery!
  8. It wasn't famous the song was actually a flop and no one cared for it, no one knows her version. Whitney's is world wide known and one of the most famous songs in the world ever, and don't compare Dolly to Whitney, Dolly is famous in the 21st century for Hannah Montana and that's it. She is a nobody I didn't even think she was still alive
  9. A "I cant be racist I have black friends" tea Why she always got cameras following her though and no, Madonna know damn well that caption caused controversy.
  10. Except for the fact that Dolly was on the radio, TV, was touring, and making shit tons of coins for 13 years before Whitney even made her debut Not sure why you’re attacking the artists themselves but both deserve complete respect, they’re both mega-legends.
  11. Brit obv, i cant imagine any sane person over 16 years old that would admit to listen to ratatga openly in public
  12. That post about Heather Heyer made me sick. Why are people so disgusting? I want it to be fake.
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    Haters gonna hate

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  14. Can’t believe she cancelled the one near me dumb ass bitch
  15. Given that her tour is selling better than ArtRave and Born This Way Ball, her headlining at Coachella amongst other things, and her having appeal in conservative Republican areas, I'd say the straights are comfortable with Gaga. Straight people aren't just white frat boys, even I myself have been in a fraternity (just graduated), who all watched Gaga's Superbowl and listen to a variety of artists including Katy, Taylor Swift and Kesha (in the midst of all the trap, hip-hop crap). Ya'll love to put straight people into one box, as if straight people aren't the majority of people in the world Fucking idiotic and just toxic.
  16. Of course! I never said that Whitneys version is bad, but no one gives any credit to poor Dolly
  17. I mean... An album with this singles and this videos: And album tracks such as: But what does Pitchafloja know?
  18. i'm sure they do, Gaga is extremely popular among the straights since Joanne dropped. tea
  19. straights listen to Gaga all the time. It's good to get out and talk to people People in the U.S only remember Britney for BOMT, the umbrella, and being an embarrassment on stage. Woo a legacy.
  20. Gaga is over..GP is not here for her anymore. Sad
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    "Swingin' with My Eyes Closed" will impact radio stations Friday, as the second single from Now.
  22. "Swingin' with My Eyes Closed" will serve as the second single from Now, and will impact radio tomorrow, per E! Online.
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