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    Will this be her look for ASIB?
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    I'm so happy her brunette hair is always my fave she looks so sultry and beautiful with it. Her 2012 and 2014 selfies on Instagram with chocolate and dark brunette always kill me
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    Yassss Light Years her best album my bussy is shaking
  5. here

    After I saw Tinashe's new hair color


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    i'm not here for messy ass grandma looks
  7. Rat Sheeran stan is getting brave?
  8. Album

    Also Less filler ballads girl. Make every ballad actually count as great and supply more bops please
  9. in supergirl how do people not know Kara is supergirl?? that little cut on her face gives her away..

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    FUCKING HYPED. Warrior - Kesha Warrior - Demi Lovato Warrior - Avril Lavigne @Chris Morlock
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    Omg it seems so Here comes her Audrey Hepburn impersonation era
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    PURE SALES / (SPS) US: 385,000 (716,000) - Gold (500,000) UK: 222,000 (340,000) - Silver (200,000)Germany: 43,000 (90,000) Australia: 51,000 (82,000) - Platinum (70,000)Canada: 55,000 (85,000) - Platinum (80,000)Italy: 31,000 (55,000) - Platinum (50,000)SK: 15,000 (=) France: 12,000 (35,000) = 814,000 (1,418,000) 973,000 (1,750,000)
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    Ohhhh ok I see I'm inclined to agree. It's a bop
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    Grade A as in 'if this is filler give me two syringes', not as in the trashiest of filler on the dancefloor, gonna lose it in the music on the dancefloor, got my body gonna use it
  15. thanks
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    But you gave it a 9?
  17. Today
  18. Probably after TAG is over
  19. Chris Bines
  20. The guy with sunglasses, not glasses
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    9 Grade A filler
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  23. Forever iconic
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