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  2. She looks great, snatched for the heavens but my god, I hope she stops her ozempic usage now and opt for a healthier approach. We don't want her to look gaunt like that rat Smelly Osbourne.
  3. I tried listening to The Carbon Emissions Department and I can honestly say, without a shadow of a doubt, that Taylor Swift makes music for people who has not gotten over anything...EVER.

    1. Chris


      i miss her early days/her first peak tay2 

      to experience Speak Now - Reputation was such a fun time for me as a swiftie. after that, it started going down from there

  4. 993900CB-961B-46D9-97DF-C98D1AD2935B.jpeg

    1. Lynk


      Oh love it!!! When did you get it?

    2. Dennis Reynolds

      Dennis Reynolds

      Just yesterday at GameStop bebe1 16 bucks, so pretty good deal! I like the little figures they sell for Mario and Sonic but hadn’t seen any TLoZ ones before.

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  6. New York City Mayor Eric Adams Is Considering Revoking Diddy’s Key to the City Source:
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