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  2. Jon.

    mirage remixes
  3. Jon.

    mariah performs at jim kavanaugh birthday party
  4. amazing and stfu grew on me a lot too but i find her off center hair part on the album cover extremely irritating
  5. Harry_CAL

    FJM on Later... with Jools Holland
  6. "Lost" Amongst all this forum action? It should be pinned to the front page as a hot topic.
  7. You can have a “Rumoured” album thread in Music Mania - but it will just get lost with all the other threads
  8. The gasping The bumblebee in Canada outfit The Dr Luke connexions
  9. Sleep Deprived


    The woman in white on the right-hand side looking lost and alone with her puckered boobs
  10. But we're not allowed to have an album thread until there's an official release date And with Gags, who knows when that might be?
  11. Sleep Deprived


    At first I thought you meant Feminem And I was like, sis, he ain't been Slim Shady for 20 years now
  12. Suddenly we're Flop of the Poppers
  13. VIDEO OF THE YEAR Yummy - Justin Bieber Circles - Post Malone Liar - Camila Cabello Look At Her Now - Selena Gomez The Box - Roddy Ricch ARTIST OF THE YEAR Taylor Swift Billie Eilish Post Malone The Weeknd Selena Gomez Justin Bieber SONG OF THE YEAR Lose You To Love Me - Selena Gomez Don´t Start Now - Dua Lipa Beautiful People - Ed Sheeran Circles - Post Malone Good As Hell - Lizzo NEW ARTIST Arizona Zervas Lewis Capaldi Roddy Ricch POP Halsey - Graveyard Selena Gomez - Rare Dua Lipa - Don´t Start Now Taylor Swift - Lover Katy Perry - Harleys In Hawaii Maroon 5 - Memories HIP HOP Roddy Ricch - The Box Eminem - Godzilla ft. Juice WRLD Nicki Minaj - MEGATRON Future - Life Is Good ft. Drake Travis Scott - Highest In The Room BEST R&B Beyonce - SPIRIT The Weeknd - Heartless Trevor Daniel - Falling Chris Brown - No Guidance ft. Drake Rihanna - TBA
  14. Since when did Patti no-hits Labelle become so desired on this forum?
  15. Sleep Deprived

    Because of this thread, I had "bon-a, bon appetit, baby" in my head all day Then I heard Yummy on the way back from work
  16. Surely he'd only get a cut of the 10%, as the rest of his... "song"... is completely different. Seeing as Billboard counts Youtube views, it's actually great promo for him even if he loses
  17. Princess Aurora

    It's a shame it never fully leaked but we know exactly why it wasn't released
  18. It sounds off-beat but you can hear her beautiful voice
  19. ajp


    It’s OK - She is definitely going towards Ariana’s sound with this
  20. Madonna

    I really hope it leaks one day. It looks fucking hilarious!
  21. They did her kinda dirty bc if you watch recordings from people actually there she sounded a lot louder. But it’s obvious she’s hella nervous
  22. Surrealism

  23. Today
  24. Some cool stuff but I don't feel this would have necessarily been any better than TROS,; I don't even like the basic story more. That movie's plot wasn't the problem; it was more that it was a chaotic everything-but-the-kitchen-sink mess scrambling to finish the series
  25. Hejira

    IN RETROGRADE FOR PITCHFORK IN RETROGRADE is a duo that coalesces a variety of mediums and sonic palettes to create a sound and an image that is uniquely theirs. With “TRAICIONERA” (featuring Rosalía), they disseminate various political ideologies whilst reclaiming what it means to advocate for justice in the ages of the #MeToo movement. Recently, IN RETROGRADE has donated over $1.1 million to the Equality Now and Futures Without Violence (FSW) organizations in support of Lindsay Lohan’s poignant depictions of overcoming adversity for instance. Their intentions are to acknowledge environmental degradation, prevent the sanctification of U.S. imperialism, highlight the disparities between communities of color in various sectors, and to ultimately document their experiences with music, film, performance art and television. Solange Knowles is a polymath. Knowles was an astrophysicist at the Johnson Space Center. She states that the name of their duo alongside Tahliah Debrett Barnett—who also goes by FKA twigs—derives from their mutual relationship of cosmology and various fields in science. Before becoming a singer, she was a curator at The Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, Texas. “This is where I found an admiration for creating architectural spaces” she states. Tahliah Debrett Barnett’s performance background is rooted in her extensive ballet training at The Royal Academy of Dance. Moreover, Barnett also has a very eclectic background. By day, she frequently performed around venues in London as she sang her favorite Billie Holiday and Aretha Franklin tunes. Around London however, she was known for her incredible one-woman shows featuring a variety of genres, styles, and more. “I love practicing martial arts such as Wushu because it makes me more confident on stage,” she says. “I view everything that I do as a single body of work and the best aspects of performing is developing these intricate details that are embedded in the composition of a song. Nobody necessarily knows the bloodshed and courage an artist is supposed to develop to become a performer.” She states that she often listens to records by John Coltrane, Rihanna, and Troye Sivan. “I listen to anything! Trap isn’t normally my “thing”, however the recording process of [TRAICIONERA] was liberating.” She also states that the song of their recent single is not indicative of what is to come on their upcoming project(s). Their upcoming EP acknowledges various issues that are integral to their identity. For instance, with “PROTOTYPE”, Solange and Barnett chant about the framework of algorithms and how racism has transformed in the digital age. “That’s one of my favorite songs that we have made because white artists benefitting from our culture has become so normalized” Solange states. “When you scroll on Instagram, Connect, or any other social media, you see a fabricated guise by white girls with cornrows, Afros, and more. In fact, some of them even talk and imitate us by using a caricature that reinforces negative stereotypes on us.” With IN RETROGRADE, both Barnett and Solange Knowles have a vision to influence young black artists to have more accurate depictions of their experiences rather than merely existing in predominantly white spaces. “Creating our own opera is so liberating because most people can not even name a single black composer—let alone a composer that is a black woman. With our upcoming project, we hope to inspire other black women to dominate in any respective field.” On TRAICIONERA: S: It was definitely a new experience because I have never written in the perspective of an animal before. I’ve never even sang in Spanish either. The song is really special to me because without recording [TRAICIONERA], I would never have developed a bond with twigs nor ROSALÍA. I learned a lot about the artist that I want to become through the process of creating the song and ever since then I’ve fueled various ambitions to become the best artist that I can possibly become. T: Definitely. ROSALÍA is a powerhouse and I learned a lot from her. She’s a classically-trained artist herself, hence she gave a lot of input in our upcoming music. The song is about empowerment—which sounds a bit cliche but it is true—and it is also about...building on your power through the support of people that share the same struggles. I think every black woman relates to being compelled to be as quiet as possible to not “disturb the workplace” and every woman in general has related to feeling vulnerable and torn up because of the vindictiveness of a person with a higher power. The song begins with us personifying a wolverine because they are infamous for being stronger together. S: Um, I think that’s a wolf and not a wolverine… T: Shut up. [laughs] You know what I mean. On other upcoming projects: S: We have been auditioning extensively! I have been in talks with a couple cinematographers, screenwriters, and more. I also recall talking to an ethnomusicologist just to make sure that this one song in our project is accurate as well. There’s an upcoming opportunity that we were recently offered which I am excited for. I can not wait. T: As an artist, progress is always gradual which means that in order to become the best version of ourselves we need to work as much as possible to fully execute that vision. That is applicable to any other occupation as well.
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