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  2. Sylk here

    omg @Taylor memories 


  3. Sylk

    im gonna throw up
  4. Jake

    Otter. Didn't know he was that hot though
  5. hector

    Omg wow!! Lana looks.... fat
  6. Today
  7. Madonna

    A muscular, semi-hairy man. https://pairedlife.com/dating/Gay-Men-Are-you-a-Jock-Otter-Bear-or-Wolf
  8. Moon Queen

    didnt realise he be serving looks
  9. I say let it fall out the top 20 before pursuing next single...unless radio pulls through which seems unlikely at this point
  10. Freaky Prince

    Whats a wolf?


    Why not
  12. im getting deja vu whats this same exact thread made about LWYMMD ??
  13. Madonna

    He's an Otter although on the verge of being either a hunk or a wolf. A cub is a young bear and a bear...well ya know...
  14. No, I've never really listened to her discography
  15. ParentalAdvisory


    um DIE ANOTHER DAY sis
  16. Venus XCX

    The more you know!
  17. Ariana

  18. Urbanov

    Isn’t he a jock or something
  19. I thought you like Billie Eilish??????
  20. 8Bit Heart

  21. Madame X


  22. 8Bit Heart

  23. Ariana

    Sure sis, but leave Maluma alone
  24. I'm here for a mature single rn If it's going to be her talking 90% of the way through then she can keep it
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