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  2. Just browsing tinder as a female out of curiosity, so many gorgeous straits, some that still struggle to get laid. Time to invest in some wigs!

  3. It’s not a bad cover, but I hate Christmas albums from my faves. 7
  4. Theres some Christmas bangers on this album The cover is honestly nice - A 7
  5. Bad Guy by Billie Eilish & Justin Bieber has debuted at #8 on the leaderboard with an average score of 3.5. Next single to rate is... Jax Jones & Bebe Rexha - Harder Rate this single from 1 - 10 in this thread. I do accept rates to 1 decimal place.
  6. Worldwide Angel

    sweetener is ariana's best album and pharrell's production is the highlight artpop is gaga's best album and conversely btw is so fucking overrated and messy half of the music / interent trends wouldn't be a thing without MAYA (2010) by MIA itz > blackout (it pains me to say it) but the experimentation >>>> the fame kind of aged horribly, tfm >>>> madame x shits on all of the other pop girl releases tbh demi isn't as annoying as everyone makes her out to be...she's just outspoken and clocks most of your faves...the only time she was wrong was when she came for mariah 2010-2012 pop is the worst era in pop music....pure shite the way people try to discredit janet is gross, she's as influential as madonna whether she writes or not bey is multitalented rosalia is the most exciting artist to debut in this decade half of the girls wouldn't have fanbases if it weren't for charli xcx bjork isn't some crazy banshee and is responsible for a lot of trends, sounds and artists being as popular as they are gwen is more influential than people give her credit for trap music , hip hop and r&b aren't trash like some of y'all make it out to be.....i have if anyone is calculated, its taylor...not beyonce + more if you ever want to chat about it
  7. Never been much of a fan of this album (beyond 100 Degrees) but she looks so good on the cover She's radiating joy and Christmas spirit and serving pose on that sled. I don't think all those sparkles are necessary, though. 9
  8. ShutUpRae


    Mariah Carey Madonna Destiny's Child Britney Spears Katy Perry TLC Aaliyah Jessica Simpson Lil Kim Toni Braxton Kylie Minogue The Weeknd Usher
  9. nosweetdream


    Taylor Swift Lana Del Rey Lorde Paramore Charli XCX Halsey Kim Petras Kylie Minogue Madonna Katy Perry
  10. Entea

    Gavin & Stacey
  11. Americunt


    A member on LB says that their manager at Target told them NFR CDs have begun production, because they've received confirmation for their stock request. It usually takes between four and eight weeks to fulfill a CD production order for a major label release, which puts us right on track for an August or September release, assuming this is all true.
  12. I've never heard a single song from this album, nor do I intend to but this cover is a snatch. A 10 from me
  13. Two number ones AND a grammy! Poor pressed and obsessed rats in the op. It’s so funny, it’s so funny to me!
  14. Some of you...would like to forget this even happened, but KM13 was an official studio album full of cheer, festive collaborations and one ex-fiancé reference. Here is Kylie’s last Parlophone album: You have 24 Hours to give the cover artwork of “Kylie Christmas” a score of 1-10
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  16. Ronlop

    TOUR UPDATE18/7/19 @Harry_CAL The last update for the festival will be tomorrow until the charts arrive
  17. Maraj


    Beyoncé Nicki Minaj Ariana Grande Kali Uchis BTS Blackpink Megan Thee Stallion Red Velvet Tyler, The Creator Lizzo Rihanna Rosalia Frank Ocean
  18. Joanna


  19. Freaky Prince

    Anyway, Shallah performance still getting over 800k views a day.
  20. Lucifer's Angel

    the image of the sweet "girl next door" was long gone after she release videos like My Prerogative, Slave and kissed Madonna with passion only Britney fans got shocked... it was predictable her downfall regardless of her breakdown tbh
  21. Ronlop

    Disco sucking day doesn't happen on a regular basis sfdkj
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