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  2. Chris Morlock


    Boys - Ariana Boys - Venus XCX Lonely - Freaky Prince Boys - Gravity Boys - Ghostface Boys - Roman Boys - Beyoncé Boys - Chris  
  3. @Vesper is FUCKING FUMING But I thought this was “just a limited run” in Vegas and Christina was doing piss poor! The only thing getting pissed on is Britney’s tombstone as her career rots away, like her face! You fucking lose, you smelly cunt
  4. Chris Morlock


  5. Diamond


    Yes Not that it matters much anyway
  6. Hylia


    This isn’t the Noah Cyrus megarate @Sylk ahh it’s your girl
  7. Madonna


    You're still in. I forgot to edit the tags. Are you voting for Scheiße as well?
  8. Hylia


    Whoever is left better come vote False God before they catch these hands
  9. Not me coming here to say the same thing
  10. Dan

    I want Die Young 2.0, the perfect song
  11. This song really represents my feelings right now


  12. Nadia Almada

    I want a new album
  13. Today
  14. Gilly

    how does this chick still even have fans i left her back in 2015 (i used to stan ha)
  15. its honestly bad the melody SUCKS. Ariana sounds boring. Mileys part had potential but those lyrics i- Lana had the best part but it feels... out of place just a MESS all around
  16. Liam


    Dark Ballet 60 God Control 100 Batuka 100 Come Alive 15 (-) Extreme Occident 75 I Don't Search I Find 95 (+)
  17. Joanna


    Dark Ballet 60 God Control 100 Batuka 100 (+) Come Alive 20 Extreme Occident 75 (-) I Don't Search I Find 90
  18. Liam

    Charli XCX did not even chart to be able to plunge down the charts! Xtina's Fall In Line bigger hit?
  19. I mean, I liked the song and the video aesthetic but was it me or it's like something wasn't matching? Like it wasn't cohesive enough? Overall, it wasn't as bad as I expected though
  20. Princess Aurora

    I know a Charli XCX stan on Tumblr who use Poppers so the stereotype is confirmed, However, the collabs are on her new album are cute
  21. Agugaga

    What the fuck is a Charli XCX? What fans? I’m so confused
  22. Gravity

    Wow the taste she has in her own music The Roof, Fourth of July and My All are the Butterfly trinity and Mariah agrees
  23. She performed Cry in Hamilton
  24. I Brings That Levity

    Charley XYZ has stans? Could i count them on one had? That leaked song she wrote for Gwen Stefani was cute tho.
  25. I Brings That Levity

    sksksksjsksj. I-I-I'm, yes i love Infinity. Why you mad boo?
  26. sweetener

    did y'all watch jesy's documentary? i was bawling the whole time
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