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  2. Oh well, I will be looking forward to seeing something more specific
  3. You got me in love again wub1 

  4. i hope she gets her life back asap. the fact that she's been under this terrible conservatorship for 13 YEARS is just sad and heartbreaking they really destroyed her life.. her life is so sad and i feel bad for her
  5. Umm, there are always her Cheek To Cheek album photos u know. Those look like they could be from the 70s, 80s, or 90s!
  6. About time.... But....so this means, further evidence that we are gonna win and that the conservatorship is maybe ending?!?!? We are winning!!!! Honestly i'm so happy that it's finally happening! Thoughts?
  7. Not me secretly predicting Forever Winter with this wintery edit I made last year without knowing it https://www.instagram.com/p/CEFH7cQpUoc/ (sorry if it won't embed, nothing does for me anymore )
  8. Today
  9. damn i should've pick someone else then, gaga's photoshoots are always weird
  10. Sorry to say this merch was kind of ugly hoping for much better when we do get 1989
  11. Ed confirmed a while back he and Taylor wrote 2 songs for Red !
  12. I am claiming Forever Winter I am obsessed with that title!
  13. Yes! @Simón. is doing his best to ensure that it’s never coming
  14. I've always want to get into her music so this will be a great opportunity
  15. It has to be a professional photoshoot that is 70s/80s/90s, etc inspired!
  16. I already have her discography on my phone but we will be streaming regardless
  17. Personally, I love Melanie's music! It slaps so much! And her concepts are really interesting, as well!
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