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  2. i am sorry. i genuinely fell bad for her.
  3. I think it's the first time I ever used a Eurovision in my videos rip4 I hope you like it :) 



  4. @ajp EMOTION (album) topped Japan iTunes on 29 June 2015: https://www.instagram.com/p/4gvChMKVsi/
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  6. ICYMI: Who is Dave Chappelle, and what did he do? A few months later, Netflix announced 4 more Dave Chappelle comedy specials.
  7. Hi everyone! *notice everyone have left* Bye everyone!
  8. You still have 2 days! Maybe you'll get better before then? if not, we'll try and work something out. Feel better soon bud! That's alright, this was just everyone's daily reminders
  9. I won't be sending in before tomorrow, sorry!
  10. @Snow I truly don't know if I can submit in time. Whatever got me I'll is taking longer than I thought to get rid of
  11. Not me working on the entry as I got the tag
  12. I'm struggling hoping to have it to you soon
  13. Status: 6/13 submitted I know it's been very eventful with Eurovision, BBMAs and the TAG Finale.. but a reminder to send in your trinities!
  14. Is this thing cancelled? I don't mind if it is, I've lost motivation for writing anyway.
  15. Would it be better if it was Wonho's junk?
  16. It's interesting, I got this thread idea from a tweet and all the replies were the same five main pop girls
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