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  2. Hyun.

    welp i even added the wendy emote to make it not seem serious,, that failed huh
  3. Divine

    omg oomf can’t take a JOKE I see
  4. Hyun.

    how is hating one (terrible) song compared to hating all boy groups out there omg make it make sense
  5. but wow... a classic cry1


  6. Divine

    just like your hate for Bad Boy yet here we are
  7. my external hard drive is running out of space fall2 

  8. Hyun.

    the blind hate y'all have for bgs is so sad tbh
  9. Today
  10. Chris Morlock


  11. Elusive


    1. ghostin 2. imagine 3. needy 4. thank u, next 5. bloodline 6. in my head 7. fake smile 8. NASA 9. bad idea 10. break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored 11. make up 12. 7 rings
  12. LoveBoat and Your Disco Needs You absolutely snatch me on at least 232 levels of existence conversely, I’m one of the few that seems to genuinely dislike Spinning Around
  13. I still have hope it’s coming in April
  14. Baby One More Time Single Ladies Crazy In Love Genie in a Bottle Irreplaceable  Lady Marmalade Womanizer 3 Hold It Against Me Baby Boy Check On It What a Girl Wants Come On Over Baby
  15. It lowkey reminds me of the Confessions tour version of Future Lovers, in that Madonna speak-narrates this long hypnotic trance masterpiece; Kylie's is much more club-ready and fun and celebratory though. There's a euphoria there that's all hers. Confessions is gorgeous and has a related but different mood, I think. I really want Kylie to make a straight-up dance album next.
  16. There is already a Campaign online 200,000 sigs
  17. Ugh that sound is completely what COADF was trying to achieve
  18. Electric Light

  19. people will really trash nicki for supporting a paedophile but then continue to support/stan/defend michael jackson
  20. Satori


    I love this and there could even be a bootleg entry called 666 for all her worst songs The GHV2 is my favorite album booklet of all fucking time for two reasons: those liner notes (which still fucking SEND me ) and all the photos.
  21. Paranomin

    I get why she is so popular, shes so unique . I find her music okay just not my style
  22. Mariah's 18 #1's

    also we love one of her best bops ever
  23. Mariah's 18 #1's

    omg i remember this, ironic as hell
  24. Hylia

    I hope so. I didn’t care for her at first, but she’s swiftly grown on me and I absolutely love her.
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