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  3. Please find a way to ban child porn but still have the rest of the glorious porn sources available there, gay god.
  4. Jjang

    Kind of like this statement from 1988? "I think Madonna is particularly revolting. The things she says are disgusting and I'd kill anyone who used her kind of language around me. People who have to overplay their image must be doing so because they have no natural appeal. So I think her time at the top is limited." Both Whitney & Mariah tried it with the shade, but when the 90's were closing & the new decade begun she was clearly the more critically and commercially successful artist again. Poor them.
  5. The biggest social justice warrior platform also had incredible amounts of child porn. I laugh.
  6. HninSi

    What else can you post tho? Remember the Whitney trashing letter? The real testament of Jealousy. A stained personality.
  7. Saiga


    I wanna participate
  8. Saiga

    I need new music
  9. I don't like her much but I'm glad she's making quality albums! Hopefully my faves would choose that path.
  10. The One Beyond All

    you wrote "recharge" actually. But still? LAV is included in the always charting Immaculate Collection and it is an extremely famous song that anybody knows belongs to Madonna
  11. Today
  12. The One Beyond All

    Um dodging the phantom dragon is its only option, too bad that the dragon will not stop hunting him till his soul his taken away. The Shinbra tensei requires only 5 seconds to recharge and Itachi would be so busy dodging that he would not be able to get close enough to the Deva Pain. You keep talking about Amaterasu when it can be absorbed/repelled easily LOL We are talking about an healthy Pain and Itachi would still need some time to figure out how the Six-Pain work. He would consume a lot of stamina to fight the weaker Pains while Deva Pain just need to use one Chibaka Tensei to end the match. Yasaka Magatama isn't destroying Chibaku Tensei LOL Itachi would need to perform many Y.M. and his eyes would will get strained and not able to sustain all the attacks. LOL It was with the help of their tailed beasts that itachi even stood a chance against the chibaku tensei On top of that my receipts clearly prove that Itachi was not sure to defeat Jiraya even with the help of his strong teammate. Clearly he would shit his ass against an healthy Pain. It's not rocket science.
  13. Do you know what people outside the US say when you bring up Mariah Carey? "Who the fuck is that?" They seem to know Madonna and Michael though.
  14. I want you to stick on me like grits as well
  15. Then make a thread about Mariah flopping, always works.
  16. Except it will seeing as how she makes sure she sings it every New Years, keeping it fresh in watchers heads that it’s her song. plus she’s also a much bigger artist than any of the other Christmas carol singers
  17. I need a hit that sticks like grits let me be
  18. That won't be the case when she's long dead, though.
  19. I Brings That Levity

    Who's Brenda Lee? I really liked Madonna's first album it was really good, i heard she done albums after it but i've never listened to them, i heard they did well, good for her. I also enjoy that iconic Cyndi Lauper hit Like A Virgin. Whitney "The Voice" was so good she made two cover songs hers, I Will Always Love You and I'm Every Woman. Celine "Boring Ballad Legend" had the iconic skinny Titanic theme. Even Kyle Mahogany the "Non-Local Madonna counterpart" has the La La La Bop. Britney has Baby One More Time, it's copy+paste alternative Ops I did It Again and then the slayyyyage that's Toxic. Xtina "Sandpaper Voice Of A Generation" has Beautiful and Fall In Line. Cher "Madonna's Biggest Stan" has Believe. #WhatTheFuckIsMDNA
  20. hector

  21. Winnie fools you people once, shame on him. Winnie fools you 73 times, shame on you
  22. 8Bit Heart

  23. sweetie I made this same exact thread one year ago. We'll see you next time
  24. Recharts every year, comprehension hunny
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