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    #3 on Spotify's biggest playlist
  3. bye legend! take care, sis, and stop by the rabbit once in a while!
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    and AG4 is coming soon too!
  5. Someone emailed Universal's music store and they said that the May 26th date was accurate, though the pre-order's not up yet.
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    Fuck CDs and vinyls - my dad has even cassettes giveup1 He's such a stan. 


    1. Urbanov

      These are the one I found. He probably has more. He asked me recently about "this website I'm browsing" and it was FOTP. I hope he is not registered here giveup1 

  7. INTERACTIVE BILLBOARDS ENCOURAGE PEOPLE TO SHOW THEIR #ATTRACTION New interactive billboards are encouraging people all around the world to “show their attraction” as part of a fun new campaign to promote British singer Florence Welch’s latest single ‘Attraction’. The purple billboards feature the familiar symbol found on the cover artwork for Welch’s new song, a combination of a heart and the female sign. Inside the large heart is a screen showing what is being filmed by a small camera installed above the billboard, inviting passers-by to stop and check themselves out in the reflection. A simple message below the screen asks the public to “SHOW YOUR #ATTRACTION”, encouraging users to get out their phones and take pictures of themselves engaging with the billboard that can then be shared through social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat. Below is another message inviting them to actually listen to Florence Welch’s new single ‘Attraction’, which is currently available to purchase on iTunes or stream via Spotify, Google Play and CALTube. Nearly 100 billboards seem to have been installed overnight, appearing in major cities all around the world such as New York, London, Sydney and Tokyo, greeting the public on their way to work this morning. They have been spotted outside stores, on the sides of bus stops and in the middle of busy shopping malls, areas that are likely to have been strategically picked as they are sure to attract users from the busy flow of people who pass through these spaces everyday. The interactive billboards appear to be popular with affectionate couples, who have been using them as a chance to share a moment together that is sure to make a cute picture. Others have used the billboard as an opportunity to send a unique message of love to their partners, expressing their attraction to that special someone in their lives via Snapchat or Facebook. The promotional stunt will surely be spreading the word of Welch’s new song ‘Attraction’, which was released yesterday as the lead single from her upcoming album ‘Oh How The Night Tempt Me’, due for release on June 17th. Welch recently revealed that she was forced to work on new music after she had to abandon plans to release her last album ‘Youth Is Forever’ due to legal complications with Universal Music Group, who dropped Welch from their corporation earlier this year. Welch is now a part of the new independent collective Wildhouse Entertainment alongside artists such as Beyoncé and Frank Ocean. ‘Oh How The Night Tempts Me’ is currently available for pre-order. ‘Attraction’ is available now on iTunes and can be streamed on Spotify, Google Play, Tidal and CALTube.
  8. Sooo I've decided to try to brush up on my graphic skills for the sake of my cal work. What I'm going to be doing is look at graphics you all do for different things and try to replicate the style. If @Bleachella & @Harry Styles are interested I may start a CAL-Coverlandja type thing since ive found that trying to mimic styles from other artwork helps me become stronger when it comes to doing graphics.
  9. @Joanne went to your room but was locked asffaaf
  10. omg yas one less competition for belinda's SA crown I'm so sorry you're going, I think we ALL can say that we're going to miss you sis! I hope you come soon tho and that everything works for you!
  11. As of April 2017, Justin Bieber is the only artist to have four videos exceeding one billion views.


  12. Considered watching until I found out these were work prints with missing effects and some choppy editing. I'll wait until the official release.
  13. Aw sis do you still want ha to tour w lana? sdnfsdmf i wouldn't count on it anytime soon hmmmm maybe
  14. here

    so effortless. no one.



    1. Urbanov

      What's crazy about that jj2 

    2. Urbanov

      It was cute though. Where is X6? jj2 

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