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  2. Queen of eating lipsticks
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    serving Tropico UV style!
  4. this was............... a choice
  5. Happy birthday to me

    Happy birthday to me

    i look like a monkey

    aaaaaand i smell like one too


  6. what is a miracle is that he even has a voice now. like, how has his vocal chord not broke yet?
  7. Album

    Still #1 in USA iTunes Legend is coming another #1 in billboard 200
  8. i think the whole album couldve been turned into a musical
  9. Love and Lust for Life Heart shaped Vinyl on 15/09/2017
  10. APITD
  11. You can barely hear anything
  12. Seems to be limited edition so I'd say buy this!
  13. Discussion

    Don't think this is thread-worthy, so just leaving it here
  14. Same. I love this kind of vintage Lolita aesthetic.
  15. this would be cute for a lingerie ad. That's basically all I can say
  16. Melanie Martinez finally has impact!
  17. I tried to keep my streak but I lost it
  18. Diamond Heart - writer and producer John Wayne - writer
  19. Which songs did he work on? I’m just curious Edit: Was it only PI?
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