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  3. Two recent Katy Perry singles just received new RIAA certifications. Perry’s “Rise” officially crossed the platinum threshold in the United States, while “Bon Appetit” now holds a gold certification. The platinum honor confirms 1 million in US units, while the gold certification signifies at least 500,000. Each unit is equal to 1 paid download or 150 streams. Both certifications were issued on October 13. http://headlineplanet.com/home/2017/10/17/katy-perrys-rise-certified-platinum-us-bon-appetit-reaches-gold/
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    There you go "In the dark I can't fight it 'til it disappears"
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    @Dan i got it In the dark I can't fight it 'til it disappears
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  7. g'night
  8. Let's not pretend that people gave a shit about the pedophile before he went to hell. The only reason why he's "respected" and "remembered" nowadays is because he died. People who support that pile of shit are trash too. Pedophiles deserve to burn in hell.
  9. Good night!
  10. maybe this is truth, who knows! it was not a good album anyway..
  11. Yesterday
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    no duh
  13. Ok I really have to go to bed now Good night loves!
  14. madonna was respected during american life? they didn't try to ban her videos and shit ? ppl aren't ever ashamed to admit they like madonna? ppl respected her marriage? they didn't make fun of her accent? her english lady phase? her incessant support of her hubby's career more than hers? madonna was never truly respected.. even at times when she should be hailed and respected for the legend she is (when she got inducted for HOF for example) they still dogged her i believe he is innocent, but til a good evidence comes to light to shut me up i will believe so, i know how the media can paint someone in a bad light. no one rivaled him, literally all male artists copied him, even now, let's look at the charts, we have 2 ppl at the top copying him (bruno and the weeknd).. his impact is insane 8 years after his death u gotta respect it at least..
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    You can think about it while you walk them
  16. Anyway, nowadays MJ is more respected for the following reasons: - he was male - not openly gay or supportive of the LGBT community - originally black but went white after bleaching because he didn’t want vitiligo spots (which makes him respectable among both black and white audiences) - he was a better singer and dancer - he died after years of people abandoning him and giving him nothing but contempt and resemtment. They feel bad and now they think they have to make up for neglecting him.
  17. Don't work out my way
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    im stressing brb gotta take my doggos to do their business
  19. That's awful That's breakfast
  20. when i was in 7-8 grade we had our own lunch period. i was lucky mine was always around 5 pd. (our of 8 pds)but some people had theirs 4th pd. at like 9am
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  23. That's a reasonable time That's when I *try* to have it here, but it doesn't always work out that way.. My first meal is sometimes not until 4
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