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  2. Jjang


    Well, she's always been the type of artist that releases music that sounds really good in the moment and then loses its' spark with time, I'm hoping the experience changes this time around.. .give me a classic record, Marina. Gold is still that song though.
  3. Chris Morlock

    09. Amy Winehouse - Back to Black
  4. Chris Morlock

    Love Is a Losing Game - Amy Winehouse
  5. Chris Morlock

    meh Amy Winehouse
  6. Chris Morlock

    murder RuPaul
  7. Chris Morlock


  8. Vice


    Imma pull a retardi and steal this sorry not sorry @Yoncé.
  9. are these Noah Cyrus's tears
  10. Jjang


    Shallow sounds like an instant cinematic classic, the second one just sounds like it's trying to be something we've already heard plenty of times before.
  11. OT: lemme read it before I judge EDIT: its always starts with a guy wanting nudes
  12. Chris Morlock

    I definitely hear it as Melanie Martinez singing over CRJ instrumentals
  13. 1.In the zone 2.femme fatale 3.circus 4.Britney 5.Oops I Did it again 6.Britney Jean 7.Bomt 8.Blackout 9.Glory
  14. Didn't say it wasn't but the original idea of the video was great but she scrapped it... for what? And I will never forgive her for scrapping the original mv for Make Me. Glory would've done 10x better if she released it.
  15. So, if we take the Australian Media guy's word that new Carly was coming in October...I have noticed that October 19 is open on Interscope's release calendar. Oct 5 - ASIB Soundtrack Oct 12 - Ella Mai Oct 19 - (open) Oct 26 - The Struts Could Oct 19th be the release day of Miss U Kiss U?
  16. how can you be an admin and not have the most "days won" mad5 

    you should be #1 on every leaderboard mad5 

  17. Bionic Monster


    The Shallow is one of her best songs ever, Is That Alright is...a choice
  18. I mean tea but Gimme More was iconic so BritKnee should've used the original video
  19. Blackout's vids were a mess. And Make Me...'s video exists a.k.a. Brit's worst mv ever, so no.
  20. Chris Morlock


    Bastards - 40 Let 'Em Talk - 50 Woman - 55 Hymn - 5 Praying - 100 Learn to Let Go - 70 Finding You - 80 Rainbow - 125 Hunt You Down - 20 Boogie Feet - 50 Boots - 85  Spaceship - 75
  21. I really hate the Spotify ads but I wanna give my faves some streams kesha8 

  22. tea tho she literally could never
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