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  2. Freaky Prince

    Celeb News

    "I will dog walk you"
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  4. Freaky Prince


    Omg no Yall give up?
  5. Royalty here

    I’m sorry but I’m crying


  6. Venus XCX


    It's definitely the song on the album where you think you've heard something similar before and that's what makes it so loveable!
  7. BlancMac

    But Agugaga can't and will not be Hurt because he's so damn {bi-on-ic} and whenever you Say Something it'll be going through deaf ears because he's busy singing Desnudate. Everything he posts makes us feel So Emotional that we become a Fighter and clock him with drags even if he's busy recreating Moves Like Jagger in ha bedroom and is equally trying to Feel This Moment. Also, Even some Xtina stans such us myself are fed up with threads like these and wants him to Spin Around In Circles on My Middle, Middle Finger so he can finally Shut Up. If he disappears, we can finally do a pussy popping rendition of WooHoo because we can no longer see his Reflection. (Gosh I fuckling love bionic and it shows.)
  9. I Brings That Levity

    What a Girl Wants is a simple hit song, if she doesn't get that song then she's going to get Dirrty - A Fighter. She says she Keeps Getting Better, but in reality she's Not Herself Tonight. She tries to Accelerate her career, She even tries Twice, but she just won't Fall In Line with the girls of longevity, something she lacks. She gets fat and the world responds with "You're Just A Fool and we don't want to see Your Body". So she screams Oh Mother and her Candyman tells her to Come On Over and Slow It Down Baby. After all is said and done she's confirmed a FLOP. Agu is Hurt.
  10. this sounds like a movie plot but she's actually living in it This story is so twisted, can't she just move?
  11. BackToBasics


    There's a small chance that she'll attend but I doubt that she'll perform unless she wins She's wasted so many opportunities so far...wasted opportunities don't shock me anymore
  12. BlancMac


    I've had enough of that song. And i honestly used to love it but it's so over performed.
  13. I Brings That Levity

    The other 2 artists may be huge wherever you live, but here they're unknown and irrelevant. The song was a smash here simply because Cardi is on it and it bawps.
  14. Urbanov

    Iconic thread @Joel come back
  15. Chicago police is trash Cupcakke please move from that city for your own safety!!!
  16. Urbanov


    sigh! good riddance! she has like two cute bops (Tomboy and Brujas) but that's all about her honestly
  17. Hunty Bear


    that was my first time listening to her and it was not good anyway! skipped halfway through
  18. Urbanov


    we stan Asian excellence and you stan a soup-thrower Princess Nokia — Kitana 8 minutes ago
  19. Hunty Bear


    mediocrity* the only song I ever remotely cared for was IDWWMT but it hasn't even held up in the 2 (?) years since its release also I'll Come Too is growing on me hard this is truly the #sadboi album of the month/year/decade!
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