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  2. Entea

    Was this in the middle of the Sahara i-
  3. Venom here

    I was so fucking cringy in 2015 what the hell brit3

    1. Entea

      Nothing's changed ny1

  4. Freaky Prince

    Music Video

    No one wants to see 70 yo grannies shaking their asses with Madonna laying on the ground, gurl pls
  5. Music Video Clip? Run Away With Me teas
  6. ajp


    Did I just walk into the school cafeteria during lunch?
  7. Was he though? I thought he assumed they wouldn't get caught, he described them as white MAGAers.
  8. It’s been a week, kids...and I thought I would give my opinion on the album. Head Above Water is that song. It’s very spiritual and from a deep place that sets the tone for the album. Bravo! Birdie is odd. I didn’t like it at first but it fits the album and is very Avril. I Fell in Love With The Devil. I know it’s just an expression but this song kills the album for me, and about a minute too long, too. Skip it. Tell Me It’s Over. I don’t think this fits the album. I have nothing against the song but it’s a bit too “Chris Issac” and something she should have saved when she’s doing an Adult Contemporary album in her 40’s. It’s a good direction for her but not yet. Perfect song as the credits roll for a movie... Dumb Blonde. I like it. Like some other tracks, it just doesn’t fit this album. It would have fit on a previous album or a one-off I glee. Sometimes it reminds me of Cher Lloyd circa 2014. Who knows, maybe it was written and recorded 5 years ago before she became ill. The Nicki verse could have been deleted. It Was Me. Beautiful. This is her I’m With You of this album. Totally fits and there is just something soothing about her vocals and the arrangement here. Why wasn’t this single 1, 2, or 3? On Repeat. Souvenir. Why am I drawn to this? It’s the stupidest song but I’ve been singing it all week. Crush. This reminds me of Tell Me It’s Over but executed so much better. Again, her vocals and the arrangement are so delicate. Another signature song. Goddess. Well, this isn’t it. Just trying to rhyme Pajamas with Bananas was bad enough. “He treats me like a McGoddess (Burger)”. Bigger Wow. Fun but not much of a bigger wow for me. Na Nana, Na Nana, Filler. Love Me Insane. This one just doesn’t sound current. Did she record this 10 years ago? Hide it at track 11 and they won’t notice. Warrior. I think this was the original direction of the album and I can see why it is here. It must be emotional for her to finish this album but the song just seems disconnected from that emotion. Overall, I was happy with a new album but it’s a bit messy in its production. I was expecting the album to have more of a spiritual tone after her illness but some of the tracks just fall flat. With the cover art, I thought it would be a more stripped down sound, more acoustic but there is no sense of that. I wish she had of attempted a more raw album instead of this safe one. After 6 albums, I expected more. I love all of them but this one is my least favourite.
  9. Freaky Prince


    WTDTA is the "darkest" song (besides Tuleloits), while GUTG is the "lightest" song on the album, so...
  10. Americunt


    Soz, but you're genuinely never going to convince me that Giving Up the Ghost and Where the Dark Things Are don't sound practically the same.
  11. Freaky Prince


    It literally does not
  12. Americunt


    It literally sounds identical to most of the second half and the hook was annoying imo.
  13. Hylia here

    Really hate when customers ask me about my religious beliefs. Especially when said customer was initially nice, cause then I feel like a jerk when I try to deflect.

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    2. Darth Sidious

      Oh - ha, I used to wear my store keys around a rainbow pride lanyard, I got called a cocksucker by someone, and I got to kick him out of the store moo1


    3. ajp

      Girl, you need to be saved rih12

    4. Chris Morlock

      all you gotta say is love your hair hope you win death rih7 


      (obviously not being serious)

  14. Freaky Prince


    WTDTA being second last in actual homophobia
  15. Americunt


    Nnn, my ranking is almost the opposite of this. 1. Mimicry 2. Everybody Bleeds the Same 3. Tuleloits 4. Legends 5. Savages 6. One 7. Better 8. Where the Dark Things Are 9. Giving Up the Ghost I thought the album was not great on the whole and really suffered from her choice to do so many staccato parts in the vocals. It made the project as a whole lack any real dynamism and just felt like the same thing over and over. By the second half, I was really over the sound she chose for this album. Tuleloits has far and away the best instrumental on this whole project and really should've been the sonic direction she chose to go in instead of this boring EDM-lite. I guess I'm not surprised, since the latter two singles from the pre-album era were both similar enough to the album sonically that they wouldn't feel out of place. Still disappointing, though.
  16. Chris Morlock

    the only negative review was Dumb Blonde.
  17. cos you stan Nicki OT: why didnt she just release it anyway
  18. Freaky Prince


    Where The Dark Things Are Giving Up The Ghost Better Savages Everybody Bleeds The Same One Mimicry Tuleloits Legends Kinda feeling indifferent towards this album. Overall it's a very cohesive body of work, indeed a dark one and has a flow. However, I can't help but think that the sound is very outdated by now, the whole 'build up and then a drop' thing died in like 2016 or something I mean, I like it and I will listen to it, but I feel like it will remain at the bottom of her discography (Utopia > LID > SW). Gotta say that WTDTA is definitely one of her best. It's like Diamond Hard, but much darker and it goes OFF Maybe Top 5 of her discography The only bad song is Legends and Mimicry is okay. The rest are all great That is my ranking btw, and I don't think it will change much considering it's a pretty short album. I didn't get a thing in Tuleloits, but LOVE the horror sounds it has. Would've definitely been higher if it was in English. The interludes are all basically the same thing tho They sound very angelic, but there was no need of 3
  19. Chris Morlock


    i did not steal what was mine first
  20. Venom

    That's just reality I guess Normani and Cardi are having more mainstream appeal in 2019
  21. yikes does he think trump supporters are all kindergarteners
  22. Simón.

    Well Nicki thought she is one. Anyway everyone could sell out a 10k arena. It’s not a big deal at all to do so
  23. Régine Filange

    Looks like a class reunion.
  24. I Brings That Levity

    Looks like maybe 20 people turned up?
  25. Moon Queen

    Like i said, never a touring force before, why did you think it would suddenly change now.
  26. Moon Queen


    That does not qualify them as yours you husband-stealer, get your kids
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