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  2. Régine Filange

    Future Nostalgia will be the blueprint for a pop album in the 2020s, Fadpop wishes
  3. BlueBalls


    Agree with you both, to be honest. I like half the album but the album covers are actually better than the content itself. I just wanted that precious album cover on my CD collection, and well, the album is basically worth it just for "Shameless", "Used to this" and "First Man". Anyway, since they didn't allowed me to, more money on my account.
  4. Moonlight


    1. Crave 2. Girl Gone Wild 3. Living For Love 4. Bitch I’m Madonna 5. Give Me All Your Luvin
  5. Today
  6. Sharpay Evans


    Give Me All Your Luvin Girl Gone Wild Living For Love Ghosttown Medellin
  7. Halcyon


    I'm sorry for going offline. I literally had the whole day planned yet I was dragged out at the last minute. Imagine how tired I am. But it's nice to see that talent eventually won in the end, even with that petty ass 0. Thanks for hosting @Divine, and stan NTLTC for clear skin!
  8. Hylia

    If it’s over then let it go and come tomorrow it will seem so yesterday
  9. Alvarø


    1. Ghosttown 2. Medellin 3. Living For Love 4. Crave 5. Turn Up The Radio / Bitch I'm Madonna
  10. why did they make it a 2xLP just to have one song on one side mad5 

    (She and Fine Line are basically the same length)


    1. ajp

      They do that for better quality of sound. The goal is to keep each side under 22 minutes- any longer and things get distorted from the compression. rav3


    2. Chris Morlock

      i know about the length limit on an LP but they couldve put 3 songs on each side



      watermelon sugar

      adore you


      lights up




      to be lonely


      sunflower vol 6


      canyon moon

      treat people with kindness

      fine line

    3. ajp

      Sometimes it comes to flow like all the ballads together for example. There is obviously a reason for separating songs like they did - if there is a reissue with bonus tracks, they would go on Side D.

  11. Go off a little
  12. CharnyBoy


    1. Living for Love 2. Ghosttown 3. Crave 4. Girl Gone Wild 5. Turn Up the Radio
  13. Normani


    Yay, what do I win?
  14. Chris Morlock

    Medusa Valiant Hearts Dance Around the Fire Dream of Angels Wither Me Dusk Poison Reflections Pariah Feather Undone Candles Take My Life Stone Ghosts Still Haunt Us in the Sun
  15. fab


    I just contacted my family lawyer and he agreed with me that there's sufficient legal evidence to have @Urbanov warned according to rule #17 17. General forum disruption and/or agitating a large group of members are considered major offenses.
  16. Divine


    oh and another big thank you to @Ariana for the graphics! we love you!
  17. Jake


    thank you for hosting! wps coming in for people who gave Touch It anything under a 10!
  18. Daenerys


    stream NASA on spotify
  19. Divine


    no tears remains her best song btw urbanov can seethe OH I JUST WANT YOU TO COME WITH ME, WE ON ANOTHER MENTALITYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!
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