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  2. May or may not have just posted a new cover gaycat1 


    Hint: It's golden creep1 


  3. I agree but sis I doubt there are “any records broken” here
  4. LMAO all these people thought this cover that came up on shazam was the real thing and posted the direct image link freaking out on sayhey and then I'm like guys.... thats my imgur upload that's the EXACT link i-
  5. brendon urie is phenomenal. sam smith is very good too but his voice just isn't for me zayn and charlie puth probably next and as a shawn stan i have to say he isn't the best singer he literally sounds like he's gonna blow his voice out any second with all that strain and im concerned tbh
  6. Omg I thought of this today and how your cover is legit the cover Her team probably saw it and was like act FAST
  7. I was right omg wig (different cropping tho)
  8. Yeah it was pretty crazy, I thought she had higher standards when it came to the people she collabed with.
  9. I hope so and I hope it's sold separately so my locals in the record store can get it in for me
  10. I wonder whether or not the 7 Inch has a B Side It doesnt say anywhere
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    Her expression is a little... odd. But I love it, tbh.
  12. oscar winner cardi B yessssss
  13. Oh wow!! I'm so excited for this tbh!!
  14. here

    Making pretzels at 12am 🧚🏾‍♀️

  15. Niall's voice is nice. I also think Harry's vocals are very good, even though I haven't really listened to his album. I don't really pay attention to anything else. Hozier (remember him?) has a pretty great voice, imo. Off topic, but when I looked him up (to see where he been) this was actually on his wiki page:
  16. Never Be The Same - 45 All These Years - 20 She Loves Control - 60 Havana - 30 Consequences - 30 Real Friends - 30 (-) Something's Gotta Give - 55 (+) In The Dark - 25 Into It - 5 I Have Questions - 30
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    I sent it to my friends i had very different reactions
  18. Today
  19. Single

    This is honestly such a good song, I play this all the time now I've got my friends listening to it now too and they love
  20. Just bought Dancing I wish iKoons Canada had an individual single tho
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