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  2. Divine

    Their voices don't really match the song I feel like?

    Now all you #Freebritney supporters is now blaming her dad and saying her dad is only after her money?! How dare you! Before these news broke out, you guys were like, "let her take a break because her dad is really sick and she need to support and look after her ailing dad!" and now that the truth is exposed and is saying that she is in the mental health facility because she refuses to take her meds and her condition is getting worse, you guys make her dad as the bad guy?! You should be ashamed of yourselves! You Britards keep thinking that her Dad is taking advantage of her! God! he is sick aswell! but he still take his responsibility as a dad to an ailing daughter! Many people dont get support because they are poor or no one is willing to listen to them, Britney is lucky to have a supportive Dad. Mental illness is not a joke, she needs guidance whether its for 10 years or for a lifetime! I dont believe her sick dad still think of how much money he can get from her daughter, her dad is concerned about her daughter obviously and you Britards needs to understand that whether you all like it or not! She is sick! like mental sickness! not just a flu that gets better after a few days! let her seek help! Stop being selfish! My God!
  4. Rachel Green


    i remember doing one for bedtime stories but i've forgotten if i had finished it or not all i remember is that i put bedtime story as the opening song it was during my artist days nnn
  5. If this is true I really wonder if that picture from the Kahn video set is her. She grew up on a Christmas tree farm - what if the set is Christmasy because she’s visiting places she grew up in in the video? (Keep in mind she visited her old home and posted lots of pics last summer AFTER she first started working on TS7 - maybe as inspo) I doubt it’ll be the lead single topic but maybe single two or something. A song about growing up/reminiscing on childhood memories and dreams would be cool. Basically Never Grow Up, but a pop banger instead of a country ballad lol
  6. Taylor liked another post suggesting so
  7. Chris Morlock

    Celeb News

    If it's not for the album
  8. Chris Morlock


    Maybe for Young and Reckless?
  9. Alvarø


    Confirmed fan made:
  10. I Brings That Levity


    I mean i have no issue with kids dressing up fancy and wearing make-up etc. However it does become an issue when they're wearing revealing clothing, preforming at certain venues while doing certain dance moves etc. I also think mentally it's damaging for the kids. Quite frankly anyone who goes to these shows is perverted, and anyone who goes to one of these unaware should just leave. It's disgusting.
  11. Entea here

    You got the chocolate
    That yum, yum, come gimme some
    Cotton candy, sweet as gold
    It's soft like a sugar plum
    Roll up that Tootsie, that Hershey, that bubblegum
    I got a sweet tooth for love, baby gimme some

  12. i hate her pronunciation in the chorus
  13. Umbreon

    There are millions of grown adults on meds. You think all of them have a daddy controlling their money? She’s a 37-year old woman with 2 pre-teens. Don’t you think a court-mandate that makes all your money YOU earn go to your dad would make YOU go crazy if that happened to you? The conservatorship went into place early 2008 because of her behavior caused by the media consuming her life and spitting her out. For 11 years, she’s been doing just fine. But imagine for 11 years, all your money went to your daddy because of one mistake 11 years ago. Even Britney’s mom wants the conservatorship ended. Her dad used that moment of weakness in 2007 to gain control to millions of dollars from one of the biggest artists in the world. He’s a corrupt man. Any sane individual knows that conservatorship needs to go. It controls her life and IT is affecting her mental health. She needs to be free of it to live a normal life.
  14. Mariah's 18 #1's


    I don't think this is a terrible thing. If they want to be drag people that badly then they can wait till they're 16, then they have had plenty of time to think about it and make sure it's definitely what they want to do, and are mature enough, by that point, to make that decision!
  15. US Radio (04.21) 40. “Con Calma (Remix)” — @Daddy_Yankee & @KatyPerry ft. Snow [+4] *New Peak* Spins: 903 (+217) Audience: 7.114 (+1,485)
  16. Rachel Green

    Celeb News

    i'm ready mom impregnate me with lg6
  17. Today
  18. Satori


    There must be a file error it says Erotica has 14 tracks but according to my calculations only 8 are good enough to have made the album?
  19. Nothing new, but good to see someone from her team acknowledging new music Enigma is starting in a month and I don't think she'll rehearse much for it Unless it's for that press conference
  20. Already got my frustration about this last night on twitter hihi but let me repeat anyways! I really can’t stand this bitch. The actual disrespect. Hope her vocal cords crack. We're listening to Dangerous Woman, and especially Touch It, out of spite ladies!
  21. Satori

    The initial frames of this gif where she’s really going at it SEND ME
  22. Ruthless Love


    yas. We are here. I don't think it's an intentional change, honestly. In truth, the Skipping Stone era was more brunette than anything else, and she went blonde by the end. The red she had during A Stranger Time was amazing on her, and I wish she'd kept it. But, she did not. Sure, she may not have a huge budget, but the video for "Weight" is great (and in 4K). That's costly. As for releasing old music (only official release of the song was in demo form on The Basement Recordings), she's always wanted to do something with the Weight album, as she's always said it's who she truly is as an artist.
  23. I mean, she liked a tweet saying that. That doesn't necessarily mean she fully agrees, she may just like seeing appreciation for that EP.
  24. Madonna Lover


    Would be nice, but looks fan made.
  25. VoiceOfTheQueen

    i'm not talking as a katy fan or a madonna hater (i'm neither, check my post history lol).I'm talking from my POV as someone who grew up with reggaetton. Medellin feels incomplete, lacking. Reggaetton can sound beautiful, specially the colombian cumbia influenced reggaetton yet...well... for me, Medellin feels like whoever made it "discovered" the basic reggaetton beat, put it there and called it a day. I really wanted to like the song, but generic or not, most other reggaetton songs are better made, including Despacito

    Free her out of conservatorship while in reality she badly needed it? Why would you free someone with a mental disorder who doesn't even want to take her meds? isnt it a red flag when a person with mental health is not following a medication? Why would you let someone like her free from her dad's conservatorship when she obviously needs guidance? There are people who are depressed and do something to hurt themselves because no one is willing to help them or willing to listen to them! Britney is lucky because she have her Dad to still look after her even though he himself is not in good health condition! You Britards only think of yourselves! let her seek help! She is sick!
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