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    Listen to them in reverse release order. Its how the story goes. Holy Wood -> Mechanical Animals -> Antichrist Superstar My favs: Love song Fight song Disposable Teens In the Shadow of the valley of death Cruci-Fiction in Space Lamb of God Buring flag Valentine's day Count to Six and Die Everything on MA Irresponsible Hate Anthem The beautiful people Tourniquet Little horn Antichrist Superstar 1996 Minute of decay Reflecting god Man that you fear
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    2019 has been an incredible year for Mariah Carey. Following the downturn of her career last year with the V Magazine fiasco, Mariah managed to change things for the better when she opened up about her mental health in her May issue of Harper's Bazaar, where she was on the cover issue that month. Soon after, Mariah Carey was officially back with a brand new single titled Void. The song was a standalone single that was initially on Faraway Love / Fatal Touch, but it got scrapped in the end following a multitude of reasons. In the end, the song was a certified hit, with the song peaking at the top spot for a couple of weeks and was already certified Platinum in the United States alone. It was clear with the song that Mariah is back in the game. However, moving forward a couple of weeks, Mariah is back once more with a brand new single - Nights With You. The single is pushed as the official lead single to propel the change of this new era and album cycle. The single made its debut at #1 during its debut week, selling over 767,003 copies worldwide. Despite the slight slump in sales from Void's performance during its debut week, Void received way more highly coveted promotional spots compared to Nights With You. It's also important to note that Void received a music video treatment during its debut week as well, which would serve to boost the song even more compared to Nights With You. It's clear that Mariah and her team are focusing on what actually matters more - the album release week. Therefore, industry alarmists should really take a chill pill on that matter. In the end, the album smashed during its debut week, selling over 1 million copies in pure sales and over 600,000 copies in streaming equivalent sales. This made Mariah sold over 1.6 million copies in its first week, shifting the course that Mariah would end up as another lost queen. With consistent promotion this week, it seems that Mariah is ensuring that the album sells consistently throughout the coming weeks. --- Earlier today, Mariah's cover of Entertainment Weekly magazine made its debut. Before this, Mariah only announced the cover of the magazine and stated that it was expected to get released this week. The Entertainment Weekly magazine issue is the final push done by Mariah and her team for the Grammy's For Your Consideration period push. The campaign surrounding it has been deemed a success by Mariah's team thus far, with all her submissions being predicted by Gold Derby to make the Grammy nominations. However, Mariah isn't taking any chances. Which is why Mariah's used this platform as a final FYC push. Below are the highlights of the interview: Entertainment Weekly: First off, I would like to congratulate you on the Mirage album. What an incredible release that will stand the test of time for sure. Mariah Carey: Thank you so much, it means the world that you feel that way. Entertainment Weekly: Let's go back in time and talk about your initial release of Nights With You. Did you have any expectations going in when you initially released the song? Mariah Carey: Honestly, not really. I knew that I had a fanbase that would support my release no matter what. But also, I didn't want to stress out about the song's commercial performance because that would only make my love for the song get diminished. I entered the entire campaign blindfolded in some ways, trusting most of the promotional side of things with Faded Records and the people at UMG and I'm glad I still did that. I do plan on doing the same thing for my future singles that I release because I think if you have a low expectation when it comes to chart performances, no matter how good it does, I'll be content. Entertainment Weekly: What made you decide on releasing this song to lead the Mirage album? Mariah Carey: I just felt like I've been having songs that lead the album more darkly. Except for Treasure, I think a lot of my lead singles had a darker note to it and I wanted to change that. While the album dealt with heavy themes, I wanted to start the era with a positive blast. It just felt right for me to release Nights With You as the comeback lead because it represented the payoff that was building consistently throughout the entire album - it had led to that very moment. Entertainment Weekly: The song topped the charts and became one of the many #1 hits you've gathered over the years. While the song initially "underperformed", the song went on and has sold over 6 million copies worldwide with ease and spent 4 non-consecutive weeks at #1. What was it like to defy the consensus that you were an eroding rock? Mariah Carey: (Laughs) Well, I honestly don't pay them any mind anymore. I feel like it's something of an exaggeration the media does when an artist does lower than their expectations. That's their prerogative to feel that way. As I said, I'm more focused on inspiring people across the world and I feel like I've achieved that thus far. These small little news droplets would be forgotten. But the legacy of the song would stay on as long as possible. Entertainment Weekly: You've submitted the song to the Grammy's Record of the Year and Best Dance/Electronic Song category. What made you decide to submit Nights With You to those mentioned categories? Mariah Carey: It was such a surreal experience working with Dev Hynes again for the song and I felt like it was fitting for me to submit it to those two categories, especially Record of the Year. The song meant a lot to me and it represents the euphoria that I finally got in the album. It still makes me emotional whenever I listen to the song sometimes. The song holds a lot of personal notes to me and I feel strongly that it might have a shot at the Record of the Year award at least. Entertainment Weekly: Now moving on with your current single - Mirage. Like its predecessor, the song debuted at the top of the charts and paved the way for more Mirage album slayage. I know you've said that commercial success isn't your main goal anymore but I just want to know how do you cope with such news? Mariah Carey: It's insane to find out this news from my team sometimes because it just feels surreal. I know I've done this for a long time now but things like these still surprise me. The song was a personal song to me and even though it can get a little vague if you listen to the song separately, the song played a huge role in the formation of the album. The song resonated with a larger audience and it makes me glad in some way because people are taking note of what I have to say on this album. Entertainment Weekly: Speaking of the song, the visuals for the music video is stunning! Definitely one of your best music videos in a long while. How was it like directing the music video on your own? Mariah Carey: Directing the music video on my own is definitely tiring! But I'm forced to think outside of the box while also providing the signature Mariah touch to it. I've been fortunate to work with directors that respect my decisions and went ahead with my decisions. But I've also had clashes with directors before in the past as well. It isn't a big deal but I thought since I wrote all of Mirage by myself, why not just give this sole directing thing a try again? It's been a while honestly. While it can get tiring, it sure is worth it especially when you finally see the end result, uploading it on CALTube and then watching the reactions unfold. Entertainment Weekly: You submitted the accompanying music video of the song to the Best Music Video category. What made you decide to submit the Mirage music video and not the Nights With You music video? Mariah Carey: I personally think the Mirage music video has a bigger shot than the Nights With You music video. It's much more polished and focused, which I love. While I love the Nights With You music video, I feel like the video was mainly for me to get used to directing again. With Mirage, there was a proper structure and I learned from the mistakes I did on the Nights With You music video. Hence, why I made the decision to send the Mirage music video to the Best Music Video category instead of the Nights With You music video. Entertainment Weekly: You've also submitted the song to the Grammy's Best Pop Solo Performance and Best Single Cover category. What made you decide to submit Mirage to those mentioned categories? Mariah Carey: Honestly, I just made a snap decision for the Mirage single, especially for the Best Pop Solo Performance category. It feels like a classic pop song that's catchy but still has that slight depth to it. As for the Best Single Cover, I don't think I have to say more about it. The cover art speaks for itself. I really love the cover art of Mirage. Entertainment Weekly: Now let's talk about the album. What a stunning and concise album. First of all, I wanna say that this is easily your best record yet. How was the process behind it all? I know you've mentioned in detail on your album documentary with Netflix, but I want to ask... what prompted the change? Mariah Carey: The last album didn't reflect the pain and struggles that I was going through. I knew that in some ways, it would have felt fake for me to release the Faraway Love/Fatal Touch album without addressing the struggles and controversy that impacted my mental health. That was why I took a step back and went back to the drawing board. I removed most of the songs and started anew. It was scary but it was liberating because I got to do it again. In the end, I think it was the right choice because I managed to remain focused throughout the entire album process as shown from my Lost in a Mirage Netflix Album Documentary. Entertainment Weekly: The album has remained consistent on the album charts, selling over 5 million copies worldwide in a span of a few months. I think the album has resonated with a lot of people over the course of these last few months, don't you think? Mariah Carey: It's still touching to see that the album is doing well. Releasing the Mirage album was a risk that I was willing to take, as personal as it might have been. I knew that I would receive flack for some of the things that were brought up in the album when it was released, but I stood my ground and knew that there was a bigger picture. I'm going to boldly discuss my struggles with my faith without fear. I think this is the beauty of being human. There are people from different facets of life experiencing different things. We are providing something to push ourselves for the better. While I'm aware that some people don't share the same views as I do, I still respect their opinions in some respect, if they are being civil about it of course! (Laughs) Entertainment Weekly: Moving on, let's talk about Healing, which is an album track off Mirage. It's a surprising submission that you did for the song in the Song of the Year and Best R&B Recording category. What prompted that decision to have it submitted even though it's not an official single? Mariah Carey: I actually did a lot of thinking for Song of the Year category before deciding on Healing. Initially, I wanted to place Nights With You as the submission but I felt like Healing had more meaning to it. The lyrics came from a raw emotional place. The song represents a change in my faith and me wanting to find that faith once more. Everything about the song still gives me chills to this day and I'm still shocked that I wrote the song by myself, managed to record it, and release it. The song was never meant to become an official single, mostly because it makes me emotional whenever I try to perform it live. I actually tried doing it the other day and it still has a huge emotional impact to me. It came from an honest place and I'm proud of the song. That was why I made the bold decision of sending the song to the Song of the Yeat category, even though the song isn't an official single. I'll be competing with a lot of official singles but I feel confident that I can get nominated. As for the Best R&B Recording submission, while most of the songs on the album were more electronic and dance in nature, I felt like Healing was the song that brought me back to my R&B roots more, which was why I made the decision to send the song to Best R&B Recording as well. Entertainment Weekly: With the Grammys For Your Consideration being all the rage this past week, do you feel like you have any chances with winning any awards at this round's Grammy Awards as opposed to last year? Mariah Carey: Honestly, it's up to luck and fate for now. I enjoyed doing this For Your Consideration stint, it's a lot of fun! But one of the reasons why I wanted to do it is partly because I wanted to make up the lack of effort I did during the FYC process for the Grammy Awards last year. I was struggling with my mental health and I was inconsistent with a lot of different things, even though I reduced the amount of promotion for Treasure (w/ Lana Del Rey). I think since I'm much more focused now, I'm having a whole lot of fun just giving it a go. I'm not sure how things will end up for me but I have a good feeling about it. Mariah Carey's singles (Treasure w/ Lana Del Rey, Nights With You, Mirage) and album are available for purchase physically, digitally on iTunes and streaming on Encore. Meanwhile, tickets for the Mirage World Tour is also available for purchase on her official CALTube account now. --- Entertainment Weekly Paid FYC Promotion - @Ronlop @Bleachella
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