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  2. Freaky Prince


    Why is there cocaine on the cover? Anyway, shes a year late with this
  3. Karmacode AJ


    Oh yasss. Queen Ava did it again. I can't wait for this album fr every song been a bop so far. Glad she officially released this!
  4. I remember watching this - but it’s too technical for me
  5. Yassssss sis killed it again. I can't wait for the rest of the album.
  6. Today
  7. Fulltime internship killing the little time I had for a social life/online presence but yes still alive since I gotta make it to 2020 for HR!
  8. Omg you're alive! Was just going to ask how you're doing yesterday since you kinda disappeared
  9. Ugh recently went through a shitty breakup (sorta) and every lyric of this song rings true to me truly and genuinely one of her best songs. But brb while i bawl
  10. Galaxy

    Celeb News

    Love that legend
  11. Exhale


    Also kinda random but I found this video at 3am and I can’t get over it Probably the best song my ears have ever heard
  12. Karmacode AJ


    Poppy - I Disagree Lady Gaga - LG6 Avril Lavigne - AL7 Kesha - The High Road Evanescence - EV5 Avenged Sevenfold - A7X8. Hopefully it'll happen. In This Moment - Mother Ava Max - Debut Album.. hopefully drops with all the bops she released thus far. .
  13. Ruthless Love


    Sounds good, but that cover is questionable.
  14. She didn’t release anything this year... I think she is #61 for her Fenty Business Ivanka Trump at #42 - Forbes list cancelled
  15. Jon.

    Mariah on Power 105.1
  16. Should've been a hit. It's generic af but I can listen to this song more than AIWFCIY at times Hope she goes #1 next week!
  17. Cozy Little Christmas — Daily Streams on Spotify (December): 1st week — 875K plays 8th day — 318,000 plays 9th day — 383,000 plays 10th day — 378,000 plays 11th day — 415,000 plays
  18. Jon.

    Mariah on 106.7 Lite FM
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