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  2. There isn't much to defend
  3. *slowly raises hand* I can admit it
  4. Another modern gay anthem with a video hot enough to make the straight boys get on their knees
  5. On the topic of ticket sales that came up earlier, it appears she is successful in some places and she's struggling in others. Currently awaiting to see if she's gonna bring out the popular two for deals that so many artists have brought out lately.
  6. Rumor

    I've heard that Sony wanted this as the second official single so they might be saving everything after Praying dies since they didn't expect it to do this good.
  7. Discussion

    I think there was a storm or something or did I read it wrong 💀
  8. Let's Dance has the amazing title track, China Girl, Without You, and THIS GIFT TO THE WORLD:
  9. Discussion

    Oh man I was sure hymn was delayed cause of Praying's success but what is this?? I hope she says something about the show. I wanna know if everything is okay.
  10. Lowkey her best vocals of 2017 tbh! Love the dresses, too, thank god she got rid of the leotards
  11. As in with the piano at the beginning was cute, the lyrics though
  12. I caught some clips on twitter she looked and sounded good!
  13. don't think id describe this one as light-hearted seeing it's that depressing song on the record imo
  14. The setlist is apparently this: 1. Love Hangover 2. Heartbreaker 3. Shake It Off 4. Touch My Body 5. I Know What You Want 6. My All 7. Always Be My Baby 8. Don't Forget About Us 9. One Sweet Day 10. It's Like That 11. Vision Of Love 12. We Belong Together 13. Hero And as far as I know NO ENDLESS FUCKING LOVE Like what is the point of doing this with Lionel hunty if you're not doing Flawless Love??????????? BITCH!!!!! Highkey disappointed with the entire thing btw, although vocals are serving. She sounds amazing but Vegas definitely outtalented when it comes to the stage, setlist, etc. And she's still stiff and bored for some reason? Thoughts, ladies?
  15. She could have completed a Bionic tour with all that billionaire tours
  16. Had a beautiful dream, Katy performed Wide Awake on a 19th birthday which was held in an arena (lol). The coolest thing about the performance was, that it was Sailor Moon themed and after finishing she came over to me and I was like "OMG Katyyyy was it really Sailor Moon influenced?? And your VOCALS!" and she was like "yees it waaas <3". I was so happy yay
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    bitch fuck!
  18. Discussion

    ff i watched this, the amount of people that don't know Stevie at all is so surprising
  19. @Dita your new avi slays
  20. Discussion

    I don't think you top desserts with a "Freak" do you???
  21. Discussion

    Animals on twitter said the Kesha show tonight is cancelled but idk why. Does anyone know why is it cancelled??? I hope it's not bad things happening because hymn is cancelled and now a show!
  22. Game

    unfortunately you can't :// voting for Big Brother is reserved for BB contestants exclusively! sorry!
  23. throwback to when lana had one interlude to make and she made it about being assfucked on the kitchen counter while crying
  24. Professor queen slay Thank you so much you are the best <3
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