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  2. Vesper

    Yas I bop still today to Cry About It Later Seems like Smile has mixed reactions though, for many of the same reasons you said. I still firmly believe if it had a better managed rollout it would have at least gotten NRO into the top 10 and maybe another single or two, even if the album still flopped
  3. Goldie

    The album does bop, don't get me wrong, I just felt I couldn't get into it the same way I did for previous albums and maybe was expecting more? And yes Katy is the cliche queen so it's not like this is something new for her, I think I was expecting something much more progressive for her but in the end if she sticks to standard fare, it's still pretty good
  4. Vesper

    Also, if going by what you’re saying “Witness was just a flop and no one was checking for her during / after that era”... then do you REALLY believe the way the album roll out is how it should have been done for a supposed COMEBACK album? Whether or not you like the music is one thing, and whether or not the album was properly promoted and released is another. Don’t conflate the two.
  5. Goldie

    In a way it doesn't even matter how bad this album tanked because the reception is still generally good (among the 10 people who listened to the album) because corona this year throttled any possible potentially impactful promo. So she can fade into the background with ha baby and come back maybe in 1.5-2 years time and maybe deliver something spectacular
  6. Vesper

    Do you know what facetious means? and you are still ignoring the four singles that received barely any promo before lead single announcement late in the game. Stop trying to justify the way the album was rolled out as a non-factor in Smile doing worse than it could have done. It’s just factually not true. And it’s not really that hard to understand.
  7. Vesper

    I never expect deep lyrics from Katy so I guess all the cliches were par for the course for me I’m not a Katy stan so I didn’t expect much. What I DID hear though, was a bunch of fabulous bops, one after the other.
  8. Gilly

    so? she was still a huge popstar and everyone was rooting for her comeback after the breakdown. Again, you can’t compare. Katy had nothing. Witness was just a flop and no one was checking for her during/after that era.
  9. Goldie

    I dunno, I really do like Smile but I just feel it is very one-note. When the album art came out I got SUPER hyped for the 'sad clown' theme, I really thought Katy was gonna dig deep thematically and be really multidimensional about depression and redemption and happiness. But the album is structured more like... Natasha Bedingfield cheesy feel good empowerment songs. The production is generally top notch but lyrically it's the same thing over and over again: alcohol, crying, I'm resilient/thankful/grateful, positivity, live laugh love.... there's nothing meaty, she skips over the entire sad clown theme of what it is like to look happy on the outside and be sad on the inside, finding out what intrinsically makes her happy, etc. and goes straight to being the happy smiley face clown without dealing with the uglier, darker, more serious aspects of the theme... and there are so many cliches You can take a frown turn it all the way around, seriously??? And so many verses are repeated twice, I just find the songwriting somewhat lazy. I have to say one of my favs is Only Love though
  10. Vesper

    That was facetious but even then she was not the most popular star, Circus was after her breakdown and Blackout underperformed hugely. Just like Witness
  11. Gilly

    britney was literally the most popular popstar on earth when she dropped circus.. you literally cant compare
  12. This masterpiece of a video hits so different after watching the "911" video ari7 


  13. Gilly

    right like songs like tucked and cry about it later are cute pop songs, sure... but reviving your dead career type good? no
  14. Vesper

    Circus. but to be serious, the album would have done a lot better if it had been properly rolled out with NRO lead single, Daises second single, album drop, then future singles after. With live performances and interviews and full promo of the first two or three singles building to the release. Can you imagine if any other fave dropped 5 consecutive solo singles with no promo before announcing a new album with a not-lead-single-material as a lead single? There’s a REASON that’s not how things are done normally You’re blind if you think otherwise
  15. Vesper

    There are four major themes in the album though? Letting go of the past, crying through it all, finding redemption, and finally finding happiness. Thematically I HATE the clown thing but it’s not honest to say it’s all thematically and sonically the same.
  16. Gilly

    who cares about the 4 singles before the album? they werent even part of the album to BEGIN with lets not pretend katy didnt HERSELF say that and just slapped them on the album for streaming points and worse albums have done better? maybe by POPULAR hot artists, but name me a time when a hasbeen popstar was able to smash with a mediocre album? You can only get away with mediocre music if youre on top of your game. Katy aint
  17. Goldie

    omg i know it's really sad, and yes the smile tracks are "good" but they are all literally the same lyrical content, literally no ups/downs/variations/etc. in emotion or theme or song structure or anything, and they are all under 3 min. long like how are you even supposed to get into that shit, and the clown theme is just and I feel the same about Katy ever since the gays disowned her I feel like nobody gives her a second look anymore, i do still love her tho
  18. Vesper

    Worse albums have done better Promotion for Daisies is true. But promotion for the FOUR singles before that? Don’t be stupid.
  19. Gilly

    smile has some good tracks, but no amount of good management in the world wouldve made it work because its NOT spectacular and the GP does NOT care about Katy everything that gabe said in his initial post is true. Katy was all over the fucking place with daisies, and did more promo than any other pop girl in recent memory and she still TANKED
  20. Vesper

    That’s not what’s being discussed Poor management of the era is what’s being discussed. @Gabe. is saying they didn’t mismanage anything and there was tons of promotion for all these songs when that’s a flat out lie. Either way, You can’t say that the album would have flopped even if it were properly managed. You don’t know that. Especially with NRO actually doing well before it was killed by Small talk. The songs on the album are all great IMO and had multiple potential singles that would have been much better choices than solo-singles Small Talk / HIH / Never Worn White, which killed the era before it even began. I’m not saying the album would’ve been a hit, but it certainly would’ve done better than it has.
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