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  3. I have no problem with Male artists being on top Ed Drake or Post there is place for everybody but that’s depends on times we live in and what the GP what to hear/listen to... I might not like it but they have their top spots and records respectively even if they are payoladed or pushed by label into our throats .... but that’s business the only thing is which of them will be remembered and will stay relevant
  4. Iconic. The fact that she recorded vocals for this too>>>
  5. Are you bored today ? 😂😂😂😂
  6. I have no idea who this Nomoney girl is and I really don't care to find out. The only thing I care about is the talent that is THIS.
  7. freeek


    Thanks a lot! 😉
  8. Madonna

    She already came and went.
  9. What really makes me mad is the fact that the ones complaining are always the ones to cry out loud if male artists are dominating the charts. We have Ari and Billie literally bringing female power back to the charts but these heauxs are stuck in 2010-2013. Pop music has changed. It has evolved (like it has always does). It was pretty obvious in which direction it would change when Lana and Lorde appeared on the scene. It's perfectly okay to not like it. There's KPOP for the people who want to stay stuck in the pop-past, you know? But to call artists that have literally single-handedly shifted the direction of pop and all that with mostly self-written and self-produced albums talentless is delusional. Most of yall are on the best way to become whiny-ass old people on YouTube who comment on videos of younger artists and complain about how everything nowadays sucks and how everything used to be way better when you were still twinks with a hairline that didn't start on the second half of your scalp.
  10. Okan


  11. Robi

    Is there any new single coming? i wonder if there is some reissue coming up this year before Xmas
  12. Robi

    I need their box set or something with all singles albums anything please
  13. this escalated quickly.
  14. And the Awards card is for Gaga stans ... I don’t really care about them , happen that he does good music and has talent and incredible voice plus the awards so I Stan for him ...
  15. Liam

    Toronto Situationship Didn't Mean to Fall in Love You Peace Be Careful Nothing to Me Love Like That Whoa I Want You Around Find Someone Like You Njoy Charleville 9200, Pt. II
  16. I never said she isn’t my thing ....it’s opposite I do love her even bought her album on iTunes and I never said she Is talentless I was sarcastic towards OP I was defending her
  17. The only reason I did that was to prove to you that whatever you say is bullshit! Sure Billie might not be your thing but to call her boring and talentless just because she isn't your cup of tea is more than a reach and especially for a Ben Plat stan. "HE WoN AwaRds!" about it since the majority of those are rigged. Thank u, next luv x
  18. Robi

    Wow that would be great about fucking time how is is she doing on radio?
  19. about his achievements or awards, who ever said Billie was trying hard to become a "superstar" when the only thing she did was follow the aesthetic she has been planning on doing since the very start of her career.
  20. Do you want medal for that? Talent speaks for itself...boo boo
  21. Oh well and to clarify I do like Billie It’s not about music in this case... more about his voice.. he wins in this matter over Adele sorry but you see now you trying to bring my fave only because you have no more arguments to play with ... how convenient
  22. Ben Plat might not be successful on music field but he has already Emmy Tony and Grammy at age 23 and what’s matters he is humble and his music has a quality without hard trying to become a superstar and irrelevant
  23. Dan


    The Rain Dance and the Basketball scene were my favorites
  24. Ben Platt stan talking about who's boring/exciting and who's not.
  25. i didn't ask nor do i care. you said what you said.
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