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  2. Bright Moon


    All Night Formation Freedom Hold Up 6 Inch Dont Hurt Yourself Daddy Lessons Sorry Pray You Catch Me Sandcastles Forward Love Drought
  3. Ghostface


    Well, hello. So glad to enter this game here and with an album that I was falling in love with gradually. It is probably among her best material. I will take mesmerizing Too Far.
  4. Bright Moon


    16 years? Its such a classic it feels like 20
  5. Bright Moon


    Ive seen it twice so far. The album however is on replay constantly.
  6. AngryAzalean


    Packaging is cute but is it actually good is my question, I'm sure @kminogues will be interested
  7. Bright Moon

    Music Video

    Never heard her music before this yet this is a very good song
  8. Saiga


    Gonna take secret
  9. Ghostface

    Born To Die
  10. Freaky Prince


    No, scrap this, and YOU start a Music BB
  11. OP updated with tour dates and I will also post the setlist(s) as it becomes available
  12. Jjang

    That's fair - but you think Rebel Heart is better? I'm shocked you'd think that album is good, let alone better than this one.
  13. Bright Moon

  14. Ghostface


    Oh, finally, after being... for an eternity. I will take wrongly evicted classic Take a Bow so early back then. Thanks.
  15. Bright Moon

    Isnt the video comparing them at the same age? Whats all this mess ur saying?
  16. Harry_CAL

    Lana on Let's Dance Germany
  17. Bright Moon

    You chose Kylie's mess over Whitney's cover? A shame. Mariah's is ethereal tbh, i was like stunned when i i fist saw it. Its followed by DIL cause she poured out sex with that.
  18. Kylie Cosmetics finally got interesting
  19. Bright Moon

    Both are kinda boring tbh but tinashe has potential to be quite good if her budget would be expanded
  20. Phoebe Halliwell


    Give me Sexuary please
  21. Freaky Prince


    Love the design
  22. Aidan.


    I will take her please
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