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  2. I’d say it’s actually pretty mid tier for me, easily my favorite release by her since COADF 1. Ray of Light (always) 2. Bedtime Stories (underrated btw) 3. Erotica/Music 4. Music/Erotica 5. COADF 6. Like A Prayer (I feel bad ranking this so low since I think it’s one of her best conceptually/artistically but it’s not my favorite sonically ) 7. Madame X 8. True Blue 9. American Life (AL is definitely the album I’d most compare Madame X to, an album with probably 2/3 great songs and the rest aren’t very good - but the good songs are enough to rank it this high) 10. Madonna 11. Like A Virgin 12. Hard Candy 13. Rebel Heart (it has quite a few good songs that I genuinely enjoy, but it’s overall too bloated to be a good album and the concept just ain’t there) 14. MDNA (...literally irredeemable)
  3. Saiga


    1. I'd Rather Be Your Lover - Phoebe 2. I'd Rather Be Your Lover - Madonna 3. I'd Rather Be Your Lover - Madame X 4. I’d Rather Be Your Lover - Urbi 5. I’d Rather Be Your Lover - Nenifir 6. I'd Rather Be Your Lover - Saiga 7.
  4. Mr. Mendes

    It's bad and most rational people agree that it's bad...
  5. Mr. Mendes

  6. Mr. Mendes

    fuck it we're slow
  7. COADF Ray of Light Music Erotica LAP American Life True Blue Like a Virgin Bedtime Stories Rebel Heart MDNA Madame X Madonna Hard Candy
  8. Urbanov

    The worst song on Loud
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    Omg I made this like 8 years ago
  11. 1. Ray of Light 2. Like a Prayer 3. Erotica 4. Confessions on a Dance Floor 5. Music 6. Madame X 7. True Blue 8. Like a Virgin 9. Bedtime Stories 10. Madonna 11. American Life 12. Rebel Heart 13. MDNA 14. Hard Candy
  12. Do Mylene stans still exist on here cheryl1

    1. Hylia

      I stan Stolen Car if that counts sia3 

    2. Worldwide Angel

      A serve clap3


      But get into ha, you won’t regret it antm1

  13. Practically perfect in every way 1. Ray of Light 2.—5. (These change constantly for me, but they’re always the other four in my top-5.) American Life, Music, Bedtime Stories, Confessions Just a lil less flawless 6. Like A Prayer 7. Madame X 8. Hard Candy 9. True Blue Have their amazing moments, but... 10. Rebel Heart 11. Madonna 12. Erotica 13. MDNA 14. Like A Virgin
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  15. LittleDudeNT5

    It's gonna be a no for pretty much everyone on Mariah's part The only contemporary pop star she collabed with was Whitney back in the day. She collaborates with hip-hop/rap girls but I don't think that counts for this thread. If anyone I would say she'd collaborate with Beyoncé. She loves and admires Bey. She might write a song for Britney or something
  16. Worldwide Angel

    finally found the mylene base
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