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    took an uber today and my uber driver was SKY FERREIRA'S MOM she showed me pics of sky as a baby and then talked about how she got into music, and then talked about how katy perry ripped off sky's idea of a "teenage dream concept album" after sky got signed and then about how she was to go independent since capitol pushed halsey over her most wild uber ride of my fucking life
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    @LadyGaga has been permanently banned for being a dupe of @Madonna Thought I'd start us off with an easy one
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    Sister: beyonce hasnt released something in a long time Mom: No, didnt she release an album a few years ago? What was it called Lemon Juice? Me:
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    I got bored and made an End Game cover!
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    I just won a Taylor prize pack and two free tickets to her show in Toronto! I can't explain how happy I am right now. I've never won something like this before.
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    Gaga at the Born This Way album shoot.
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    So it's official : I'm done with college now
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    Some of you are seriously insufferable. Losing weight isn't easy for everyone, everyone's bodies are different. Sometimes people have thyroid issues or PCOS, which make losing weight EXTREMELY difficult and gaining it incredibly easy. A person could be considerably healthy and active and be overweight because it's hard for them to lose weight. Losing weight DOES improve alot of health issues, no one's denying that. And yes, poor diet and lack of exersize contributes to weight gain, no one is denying that. However, that isn't the only factor for some people. Overall, other people's weight is not your business. Other people's diet is not your business. Other people's activity is not your business. You're not their doctor. And if you're so concerned because it's "about their health", then why don't you have the same concern for thin people who eat just as poorly but don't gain weight easily?
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    Britney has been banned for letting another member use her account
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    But I thought same sex parents were immoral? Incapable of taking care of children?
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    INSTRUMENTAL (sung) INSTRUMENTAL (without vocals) playgirl
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    Nightmare flashback to when a post of mine was in an Onision video
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    Fuck your tolerance and fuck your views. You do nothing but stir shit up and bring hate into a community that has already suffered enough from those outside of it. Do not quote me again, do not mention me again, do not think of me again.
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    What is that kiss in the OP. It looks like he’s eating him
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    The band deemed as the off brand 1D that took a hiatus beat the power couple of Bey-Z FRAUDS ALWAYS LOSE I wonder how their egos will recover, since no one actually believes they don’t care about their numbers This duo has been taking so many L’s lately I have to laugh
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    Lana Del Rey has been permanently banned for making suicide jokes
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    Children get bullied for a plethora of reasons though. Should we not have children with learning disabilities, diabetes, birth defects etc... just because they could be bullied?
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    So I just finished college today How are y'all doing?
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