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    2 years of Reputation! Also, can't believe 2 years ago, I started working in my dream publication and this was my first page omg!
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    The FOTP banners are finished and I cannot wait for you guys to see all the revamped/new ones! Every FOTP will get 5 new banners, some artists will get 3 new banners and some kpop groups will get 1 banner!
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    My nephew was just born and he's adorable as hell
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    maybe i served with my costume!
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    I mean what to expect of someone who claims Gaga is the only real star right now when she’s rotting in Vegas trying not to break her hip
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    When you get rid of Toxic People in your Life :
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    im eating onionrings and Dr Pepper in the desert tonight
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    Can I get an amen?
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    the way the Barbz were having a celebration all day today because of Lil Kim selling less than 1k just for this to happen... the ultimate loss
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    Thank you everyone! Literally the past month had the most effort I have put in this forum so far so thank u for appreciating that!
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    Y'all are mad at Lizzo for not giving any credit for ONE line that these men didn't come up with either?
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    Me on oct 31 vs. me on nov 1
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    The alt right calls us snowflakes but gets offended at red Starbucks cups and purple cereal boxes...
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    Imagine how fucking tired we are The year will be 3030, civilization has collapsed and everything will be swallowed by the rising sea levels and we will STILL have tired ass stan wars about Oreo Girl and Britknee pretending like they’re still relevant enough to be fought about Can we please move on?
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    If you like, I can merge all these "Freaky Prince angry about Gaga's nonsense tweets" threads from now on so when you finally snap and denounce her and eventually come crawling back , we can have a more cohesive record of how you got there.