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    This forum is dead and I really do not understand why the mods & admins haven't taken action yet!
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    As if the Barbz actually care about social issues and problematic comments. I’m not defending him, but it’s so transparently obvious that this "expose" is all about getting revenge on him for not acknowledging their dusty fave. And news flash, neither has the rest of the world outside of their delusional bubble since 2016 or so.
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    I mean, can we blame him for not wanting to come out as a barb?
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    Do you ever just find a song and find yourself unable to stop listening to it despite the want to stop because you know you’re going to overplay it. But it’s also the only thing you wanna listen to.
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    The thing I hate most about Ed Sheeran is that he sold his creativity and became generic. Literally all he writes about is womans bodies and how he lusts over certain body parts. His debut song 'A- Team' was a meaningful track about drug addiction. Now all we get is lackluster lyrics and Shallow.mp3 songs... and he dominates the charts with the shite he puts out Not to mention he is an arrogant, cocky guy. Its not like he has a stellar voice either. Generic, that is Ed's middle name now
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    I keep trying to define the best segment of Madame X tracks and finding it impossible because I really am grateful for every song. I wasn’t expecting to feel this taken care of as a fan this year but I really do. It’s good to follow the Queen.
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    She revealed that she married the murdering rapist too. She's a fake, bigoted, stupid piece of shit.
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    I see the Megatron promotion is in full swing!
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    I went to this small town gas station, so when I enter the place to pay I find that there's about 30 flies hanging out in the window, and the guy who runs the place asks me if I'm hungry and I just say no. Regardless, he walks over with a plate of sweetbread and asks me if I want some. Again, no thanks. He asks again - I say "no thank you" once again. He says "You don't have to say no just to be polite" and so I take the fucking slice of sweetbread, say thank you, pretend to take a bite, get in the car and drive for about a mile and throw it out the window
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    Excuse me Judas is a career highlight
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    Shut the fuck up with your whataboutism. Nicki Minaj and Cardi B can both be terrible people and in fact, they both are!
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    Also Bon Iver >>>>>>> Nicki any time of the day and that’s the tea
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    my room is literally 5 million degrees send help