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    What a dumb ass thread. Literally sick and tired of ya'll undermining Mariah and her success with AIWFCIY. We praise artists like Madonna and Beyonce for the things that they have things that nobody else has. No other Christmas song can match the success and longevity of AIWFCIY. She did that. Self-written, self-sung, self-produced. So many people have tried recreating her christmas-love-song formula and all have failed, just recently good sis Gwen said she hoped her xmas song was as successful as Mariah's and let's be honest all it will remain is a hope. It's a seasonal song seems to be ya'lls only argument, and it's getting tiring. this wasn't even a Madonna vs Mariah thread so congratulations you played yourself
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    Now for the elephant in the room, there have been many rumors regarding the future of FOTP BB and I'm sad to say that the TV network we air on was not happy with the ratings this season so it doesn't look too good for the show right now. I am fully expecting the show to not return. It's been a fun year and a half hosting this game, I met a lot of amazing people and not so amazing people and I have had some great times hosting this mess of a game for you all to enjoy. It saddens me that there's a 99% chance it'll end but all good things must come to an end. I hope you all had fun this season and if you didn't I'm sorry. But I would just like to say thank you to everyone who has EVER played FOTP BB. It's because of yall that I got to have seven seasons of this mess! Not many games on FOTP get picked up for a second season so I'm very blessed I got to a seventh season. There will be a few fun BB things to come like a hall of fame and the season 7 archive so look out for those sometime in the coming months! But for now, this is goodbye. Peace out, Justice Chen aka Hannah xoxo
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    Let's all welcome the new emote: - scream'2
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    my mom asked if i knew who dua lipa was. mom whats your username here
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    a 3 year old legend?
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    What are you talking about? They're buying it because it's her voice on a song that she wrote and Mariah gives it the special quality that has made it last all these years.
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    When a relative comes through your line and buys lube
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    omg just spotted Selena out with Justin AGAIN
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    but it is mariahs song and mariahs vocals and the epitome of a mariah song try again though lmao after all shes laughing all the way to the bank
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    I mean the concept is weird but this isn't anywhere near as problematic as everything Melanie has released. And like the difference between Miley and Melanie is one built their entire "career" on this.
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    Morning everyone! I know the majority of players here don't celebrate Thanksgiving, but I just wanted to say that one of the little things I'm thankful for is knowing everybody here. It's still crazy how whenever I'm feeling over it in-class, at work not working, bored at my house, or on-the-go I can just click on some things + suddenly y'all are there to keep me company. It's so nice having some people to talk to - y'all are great! Hope y'all have a lovely day regardless of where you're from <3
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    one of my coworkers asked which sport was my fav and i lied and said basket ball is that a sport ??
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    These were made by the talented @ryjapo btw. Hello and welcome to what most would describe as either a hell hole or the most fun game on a forum. Yes, you guessed it, we're talking about Create A Label, a game where you basically manage artists under a label and write articles in order to release singles, albums, create controversies, make headlines and many more fun things! If you're a newbie and this is your first time reading this, you'll find the following paragraphs more than useful for your upcoming journey! Ever since the game started back on season one, the standards kept on growing and growing and growing... until the game reached it's max potential! Players went from albums with no lyrics and song titles to self-producing entire albums. We had our own video streaming service, we had our own streaming platform, we basically were in our Teenage Dream era. Of course, just like Katy's number ones, these came with a price. The year of 2017 in CAL was met with many breaks caused by (Go)daddies, ankles and lack of drive from our currently retired host and hopefully future consistent player, Ron. Which is why I decided to take over. Although I can't serve the same kind of quality right now, I am willing to dedicate myself to this and let the game live until everyone's over it (or until Ron changes his mind about hosting). Anyways, moving on from cringe stuff, let's see what this game is all about! As mentioned, the standards are pretty high and, although we're going to a stripped version for a while, each article you post in order to promote, will be counted as long as it is over 400 words. You also cannot post more than 15 articles / week. Down below you have a tutorial about how to format your articles, which can come either in a text form or a visual form. Together with the format, your articles should also include: - name of the region where you're promoting (e.g. U.S., U.K., Europe, Australia, South America - SA, Asia) - title of the article (e.g. Christina Aguilera talks new album on Alan Carr; Christina Aguilera on BBC Radio 1, etc.) - at least one image (it can be whatever, a candid or your artist, a picture of them performing etcetera) - the article itself - in case of a visual article, the text version needs to be included underneath the picture (can be posted in a spoiler or via shrib). LIST OF ACTIVE ARTISTS: @Bleachella / Lorde (UMG) @Jon. / Mariah Carey (UMG), Evan Peters (Independent), Taylor Swift (WMG) @8Bit Heart / Beyonce (Independent), Xylon (Independent) @Harry_CAL / Lana Del Rey (SONY), The Weeknd (WMG) @tigerlily13 / Emma Roberts (UMG), Camilla Cabello (WMG), Zayn (Independent) @Hector / Belinda (Independent), Britney Spears (SONY), Ariana Grande (WMG), Brendon Urie (WMG), Maluma (WMG) @Robert. / Maxence (WMG) @Edu / Lindsay Lohan (UMG), Tinashe (WMG) @Lucky17 / Christina Millian (UMG), Celine Dion (Independent) @Harry Styles / Harry Styles (SONY), Cruel Youth (WMG) @Love So Soft / Kelly Clarkson (SONY), Darren Criss (WMG) @ryjapo / Florence Welch (Independent), CaKe (Independent), Sam Smith (Independent) @Anitta / Lily Allen (WMG), Marina & The Diamonds (WMG) @Surrealism / Zendaya (WMG) @Beauty Queen / Halsey (WMG) @Cosmic / Charli XCX (WMG) @RebelHeart15 / Madonna (WMG), Shawn Mendes (WMG) @Joanne / Lady Gaga (WMG) @LustForLife / Karlie Kloss (WMG) @Ronlop / Jessie J (WMG) @Royalty / Kylie Jenner (WMG)
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    I'm tired of people ignoring me. Really hoping 2018 brings me people who genuinely care about me
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    Fuck your american-centric ass. Being popular USA doesn't mean global either.
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    Ok I was talking about music with a guy who I share a couple of classes with at uni and suddenly he was like "omg do you know this new Lady Gaga album it's so fucking amazing.. Perfect Illusion is Lady Gaga's best song ever imo it's so good " he literally spilled the tea and I was ready to stan with him .. he's straight btw but then I suddenly realized that this could be a trap to expose me as gay So I was like "Yeah I've heard it, it's not bad i guess " for the first time in forever I witness.mp3 a member of the gp praising Gaga's music and I act like I don't care I failed gaga so hard omg
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    Global spotify: New Testament: #3 after 5 months Look What You Made Me Poo: #76 after 4 months DUO LINGO IS A WW QUEEN
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    So I might be having a boyfriend very soon
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    Today, six years ago, my beautiful aunt passed away. The cancer was too much for her. She was the only one, except for my grandma and parents, I had a strong connection with. I still miss her everyday, but she’s my guardian angel in heaven <3
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    Lyrics: Alright so I'm a little late... This was produced fully by me using FL Studio and sang by a talented friend of mine, Ania. She might be singing in more songs on the record. It's my first full production and i'm actually quite proud of it. I'd like to thank @Harry_CAL personally for really motivating me to try and produce something. I doubt I would've had the guts to even try something if it wasn't for your work for "Midnight" so thanks for inspiring us to get better at what we love. Hope you guys enjoy And hopefully this will get some Grammy nomms!!!
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    Ringing in the festive season with a new set!
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    I really hate when people pull up tweets from YEARS ago and try to bring a celebrity down with them. Like stfu a lot of y’all look at posts from 2010 and cringe and say thats notnyou anymore. Get a life. 🙄
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    Everyone is getting their #festive sets on but I'm gonna wait until December so I can think of an idea for one
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    That 30k stripped her of a record Also 30k is like first week numbers for a lot of artists Imagine if they forgot to count 30k sales of Younger Now, poor Miley would debut with 3k pure sales
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    OH WOW, OH MY GOD sojdIOASJdoisajDIOajsdoijsaoidj I WAS REALLY ON THE EDGE OF MY SEAT FOR A SEC THERE jiodsj Thank you so much to the jury members for their decision, this has been a RIDE. I couldn't be more humble and thankful for this, I really don't deserve it, but I'll take it! I walked into this season coming in to see what the big fuss was about this hit game, and I had a blast throughout. I know I was brave coming into this season, leaving status comments and posts about coming for blood when @Hannah was teasing this season, in fact here's some exclusive posts from the events lounge prior to the season starting But the truth is I didn't believe in myself at all, I had started to think solo networking games just weren't for me, that I didn't have what it takes, that I would be out in no time in a messy fashion, but as the numbers trimmed I started to believe in myself. As I wrote in my pre-finale speech (yes the rumors were true, that was I) this season has truly been a journey! Now I know I'm that new bitch who came in and doesn't know his history but won anyway, how ugly! well I love being impactful and talented what can I say... However as a winner does, I will be catching up on my history in the following days, going through all past season threads of BB so I can be informed and feel like I've earned my title. On that note, I want to thank those who I absolutely could not win without, this win is dedicated to them: @Milk, @Javi @Urbi for being so trusting and the best alliance anyone could ask for! it didn't work out for you guys but and I was sure I was gonna bite it too, but nevertheless here I am and I couldn't have made it without your help, and despite the recent accusations, now that I won I want to re-confirm I did not betray you nor thought about doing so for a second, I only send out other PMs after you were all dead and I thought I would be next, I'm sure the jury house can be a confusing place so all is forgiven! @Halcyon even though you spread lies about me lately and you're a bit elusive, I want to thank you for your help during the really hard times in the game where your part played a big role in my survival, shame you believe I'm a rat. @Hermione for bringing the MESS this season, and for agreeing to our shocking top 2 alliance, people say a lot of things about you but you came through when it mattered the most, I should have PMed you sooner, congrats on 2nd place sis! @Eleven. Thank you for being the best competition I could ask for! You deserved to win as much as I did and so I hope you're really proud of what you did this season! apologize for your fans and their hate however, I expect an apology on Instagram and tell your fans you don't support racist behavior. Thank you to @Cosmic @Virgin Mary @Maraj @Diamond, I'm sure I wasn't some of yours first choice, but thank you anyway for a fantastic season and for giving me this honor! @Daenerys for never being hateful and spreading the most kii's this season, I can understand why you won multiple times! @Alex. for being an example of a rational Luca stan! we need more of those. A special thank you to... @Hyun. thank you for everything this season, without a real friend I don't know if I could have kept it going with no one real to trust, even when I kind of pulled a rolaskatox doing everything I could to make you stay in the game despite your record, I wouldn't have done it differently, you were my mentor and biggest help throughout this season, I couldn't do it without you and if this crown wasn't so expensive I would break a piece for you! <3 And finally... Thank you @Hannah for a fantastic season! I really loved the winner the most btw yes that was a good choice, a season highlight! But seriously, thank you for being so supportive of my efforts and thank you for your own hard efforts this season, I hope I can make you proud as a winner. Till next time.
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    She paid her dues with some ground breaking albums that paved the way for your faves so shut up and let her do what she wants to her face-its hers and as a woman she owes you fuck all explanation
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    Welcome to the 2017 FOTP Faves Album Megarate! Returning for my second consecutive year, I'm your host, Monster! Over the past year, the music industry has been filled with a multitude of new releases! Ranging from strong debut albums, such as Dua Lipa, to solid sophomore albums, such as Melodrama, to highly anticipated comeback albums, such as Double Dutchess, this year in music has certainly been eventful! With a year packed full of new music, we have experienced the release of four albums by the FOTP Faves! Perhaps the four most discussed albums on FOTP this year, these albums have been widely critiqued by FOTPers as either excruciatingly awful, extremely amazing, or anywhere in between! As the year comes to a close, it is now time to decide which album the FOTP Community believes is superior! 1. Fully listen to at least one album included in the Megarate. I will only accept ballots that have albums completely rated. It is not required to rate all the albums, however, I will not accept half-rated albums. Additionally, I will not accept ballots that are clearly trolling or rigging the outcome. 2. Assign a numerical rating, out of 10, to each song on the albums in the Megarate. For each album, you are allowed to score one song as an 11, meaning your favorite track, and one song as a 0, meaning your least favorite track. It is also encouraged that you include commentary on songs! 3. Send your completed list of scores to myself via personal messenger by December 17, 2017 and tune into the Results Show later that week! I hope you all enjoy this event as we celebrate the FOTP Faves and their releases this year! I would like to extend a special thank you to @Lachlan, @RihannaRTT, and @Michael. for making this event possible and as great as it is! Feel free to leave any questions, comments, or concerns below! No matter what the outcome is, just remember to have fun!
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    An attempt to save face while simultaneously sinking herself "She never said no" rapist bye
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    well, it's been a year ladies. first off, thank you to everyone who has been a aprt of this game. it's been a place for me to put out my feelings for over a year now. i've learned so much about music, production, graphics, and how to time schedule. thanks for that. this game has been an amazing experience for over a year now. thank you for that. onto some particular thankyous bc these bitches DESERVE them: disco - id like to begin with you because you are my first ever memory on this game. you basically helped me understand how to promote, release an album, and release a single. you're the only reason i started with a website. thanks for helping me ta that time, and hope you know im here to help you anytime. whether it be converting a song for encore, or anything, let me know. ill try to help. georgie - you have always been such an inspiration to me, and i hope you know that. the dedication and perseverance you have for this game is so motivating. although we've never worked together, you have always been so supportive of everything i do and i thank you for that. i remember playing you the rainstorm instrumental, and you were so impressed. it helped me have this confidence to be really sure on releasing it. your work with both christina and celine is always above excellent, and inspires me to step it up with each release. wishing you the best luck with celine this era! hector - although you might have had a more rough year than usual, you have always kept your head up. i like that so much. thanks for believing in me at the beginning and letting me have the big advantage of having belinda feature on it. your dedication to help promote it is what made it such a success. although it kind of crash landed, you helped me get my biggest hit yet. so happy to see you slaying with ariana, maluma, and now brendon. hope the success continues. you deserve it. harry - you're such a legend you really unappreciate yourself. you need to wake up sis. the work you do is something this game hasn't seen, so thank you for bring thta to this cal in the time i played. secondly, youve always been so supportive of my work with ms xcx, having the support from you is really such a bi compliment. can't wait for lana to sweep those grammys! dylan - it's been great to get to know you and handle cal quite well. im so impressed at you taking sol, a "flopping" album, and paired it with a huge ep that you worked hard on, to make it all look better. thanks for the support on my work, it means a lot coming from you. jon/robert - my true music video idols. thanks for all the creativity you bring to cal, whether it be with or without clothes, you two bring something new to the table with each release. you two deserve all the success you have been getting, and i'm happy for y'all. thanks for te support on my work. it means so much! april - keep doing what you're doing legend! i am so happy i was able to give zendaya some exposure wit charli, and now hector is doing gods work with bottle games. heart will be an amazing record, i know it. thanks for all you bring to this game, i strive to create such great singles as you deliver. alex (alesus) - i've missed you, where you at?? id just like to thank you for the support for my work. when i was first deciding to play i found rihanna's twitter account and was almost left in awe at how much you had going on. you have always been above expectations, and i am so impressed. thanks for all the support on things ive done, a perfect example is the billboard issue. you let me steal your font, and even let that magazine format like bella's. thanks for that. edu/josh - so excited for your new releases that are coming up! thanks for always showing this admiration for what i'm doing. you two work hard on what you put out, and thats so inspiring. thanks for all your hard work. brandon - my BITCH. ive known you the longest and even though i dont agree with all most of your choices, i still love you and your work here. thanks for being so supportive and a place for me to share the work i put out early. and vice-versa ofc. come back and give ms halsey a drink, sis' career has been DRY. god knows max isn't promoting it! also, if you want to make halsey a serial killer at madonnas next birthday, feel free! can't wait to see what you have coming next! ron - your work as host and now with jessie has been above the bar. thanks for that. hope you getting around to promoting jessie bc we know jessie won't promote herself! other than that, as a host you have always been so open and happy with my ideas. your compliments have always been so nice, anad im so happy you enjoy my work. thank you. hope you have as much success with jessie as you did with hosting cal aka you quit managing her. mary - hi youre on the bottom because youre the host now and they always go on the bottom. second reason is because you are one. other than that, working with you has been amazing and im so thankful to share than experience with you. you've been doing amazing even if you do bully me daily. thanks for always serving excellence with xtina, and now hosting. thanks for the everlasting support on what i do, it's just amazing. you have truly risen to the occasion and thats so nice to see. alright, im done rambling. if i said the same thing over and over im sorry. i tried to include everyone who has impacted my work this year, thanks so much for everything yo do. if i didnt include you dont feel attacked, theres a whole lot of you now and its a lot to keep up with. i have so much coming next year and i am so happy to have radiant close the year. wishing us all good luck at the grammys even though lana will win them all. xcxcx, noanne
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    just heard perfect illusion after a long time
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    Why no one has told me that Dancing With Our Hands Tied is such a BOP? I’m shaking in my boots now
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    Beyoncé announced the release of her upcoming comeback single and album, "Kiss of Death" and "Primal", this Wednesday on Good Morning America. Slated for a huge comeback in December (or as she dubs it, #Beycember), the star is more ready than ever to make her splash back again on the music scene. But before she does so, we decided to revisit her Create-a-Label discography and invite her to do that with us, giving commentary on creating her past work and relooking at the past before forging into the future. Insatiable (2014) "Insatiable" marked Beyoncé's first foray into the top of the CAL charts. Its commercial success is nothing to disclaim: Having gone 7x platinum and spawning her first two CAL #1 singles - BBC and Vigilante - the sultry R&B piece sees Beyoncé documenting her sexual desires and exploring her sensuality over the course of twelve songs. Of course, there are offerings like "Rat-Raced" and "I Wonder" which deviate from the central theme of sex and delve into topics of workaholism, world poverty and famine, but at its core, "Insatiable" sees Beyoncé navigating her sensuality as a woman in the most R&B she has ever sounded. Enlisting the help of collaborators like Pharrell and Timbaland resulted in a timeless, classic sounding piece. Artist's Note: "When I created Insatiable, I wanted to create a sensual atmospheric piece, an album you could make love to. There are upbeat moments, there are midtempos, there are slower ballads to really bring out a simulated love performance piece with climaxes and lows. My favorite song on this has got to be either 'I Wonder' or 'Voyeur', both songs I still revisit sometimes to figure out where to head next musically. Insatiable played a huge part in creating Primal because I do see Primal as an extension to this album itself, in a more 'outdoor' setting if that makes sense. Insatiable is meant to be enjoyed in an intimate, loving setting while Primal is more risque, daring, bold and 'public'." Album highlights: "Rat-Raced" is a great song considered to be one of Beyoncé's most timeless on CAL, written about workaholism and the relentless 9-to-5 grind. We see how this song inspired Beyoncé's later discography as the capitalist undertones are reflected in the later huge Diamond hit "The American Dream". Another highlight is "Voyeur", where Beyoncé expresses her deepest sexual desires whilst playing the character of a voyeuristic bystander in full view of a sexual act. Technicolor (2015) Technicolor can be considered her poppiest and brightest album to date, and certainly shone its way to the top of the charts. Beyoncé was inspired by seeing music and synesthesia, which she herself does not experience, but she was very much fascinated with the concept of music showing as color. The album's entire tracklist references different colors - songs like "Violet", "Black Baroque" and "Price of Gold" display Beyoncé's ability to fully access her creative palette and string together a very cohesive piece of work. One can consider this the pinnacle of Beyoncé's creative energy and artistic vibrancy, as she managed to put together a very well thought out album that is simplistic in sound and yet complex in concept and lyricism. Artist's Note: "Technicolor is a very, very fun record and spawned some of my biggest hits. It's a very important part of my discography because I feel like the sensual confidence in Insatiable led up to it and emboldened me to create Black Ambition. In many ways it's a transitional place, a vehicle to help me move forward artistically and commercially. My goal, creating Technicolor, was to create a party record that had diverse ideas and to utilize color to help viewers experience my emotions." Album highlights: Though not released as a single, the collaboration with Brandon Flowers "Indian Summers" is an album standout, where Beyoncé and Brandon Flowers join forces to sing about a transcendental romance against a picturesque setting which they paint vividly using lyrics. Another highlight is "Violet", one of the classic songs in Bey's CAL discography, where she documents a moment of self-discovery with the central theme of identity grounding the song. Black Ambition (2016) Conceptually her boldest album to date, Black Ambition saw Beyoncé navigate the themes of racism, capitalism, national identity, immigration and empowerment all in one album, which resulted in the advent of one of the greatest and top-selling albums of CAL history. The album is fiercely political and very unapologetically so, with the pulsating beats of "The American Dream" roaring into the album and the nagging lyricism of "Not Yet The End" showing that Beyoncé is not at all afraid to be overly cheesy and over-the-top with her self-expression and romantic professions. Weaving in other concepts like prostitution on songs like "Hard Cash" and attempting to chronicle transcendental romance in "Celestial", Black Ambition is a rewarding listen from start to finish over the course of 9 songs. Artist's Note: "Black Ambition was a culmination of everything I'd done in my career. Female empowerment, cries for help, racial identity - everything culminated in this record in a very seamless way and I look back on it dearly. I set out to create a political statement rather than a musical album, so the sounds are nowhere near as cohesive as Technicolor is, but Black Ambition is a statement piece more than an album. It is a cultural remark, an annotation to popular culture and politics, and it's very uninhibited in its lyrical and vocal delivery." Album highlights: "The American Dream", the Diamond single is undoubtedly the best song on this record. Immediately jumping into a loud synth with a thundering bass, the song is fierce from the get-go and an earworm through and through. "Hard Cash" is yet another exciting listen, showing Beyoncé's versatility as an artist, managing to include a side note on sexual slavery on her political adventure. The Third Ward (2016) "The Third Ward" is Beyoncé's least successful album to date but is in no way her worst. Grounding the album in a familiar place - her hometown, where she was raised - she seeks comfort, escapism, and restoration of her faith in love, and outlook in life. Recorded in the midst of the Black Ambition era, which was a success, Beyonce also considered The Third Ward a place to find humility, and seek rootedness. The album tells a story of Beyonce’s love life and connection with family, since her divorce with Jay-Z back in 2014. Remembering the grave hurt the heartbreak had caused her, she painfully evokes the different states of mind she had been put through during the time. Artist's Note: "For this album I looked deep into places within my heart I could run off to, and The Third Ward was that place. No matter how much we grow, what we become, there will always be a safe space we can run off to. And that’s what this album is about - finding your safe space. For me, it was where I was born and raised. It’s easy to get distracted by the money, the fame, the extrinsic gratifications. But you can have all that there is that’s material in the world, and still feel like the most miserable person alive. Connection was integral in making this album." Album highlights: "Tongue of Flame" is a clever, symbolic jab at Cyrus’ tongue-wagging schtick, featuring the incredible vocal work of Celine Dion. Both Celine and Beyonce rap on the high-energy number that intensifies the record and escalates it beyond a point of resentment. "Find Me in the Wild" is also a career staple for Beyoncé and is fittingly her most recent #1 hit. If you enjoyed this recap on Beyoncé's biggest hits and discography, be sure to preorder her new single and album available this December.
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    I am a person of extremes; either 20 minutes late or 20 minutes early to every fucking lecture - there's no in-between