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    So... my brother just bought me a cat for Christmas and I’ve got him today 😻 if anyone has advice plz share.
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    ARTIST: Lady Gaga TITLE: "New Year's Eve (Demo)" WRITERS: Lady Gaga PRODUCERS: Lady Gaga, Jack Antonoff LENGTH: 3:37 FORMAT: free on SoundCloud LYRICS: INSTRUMENTAL
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    Merry Xmas to everyone and if you don’t have xmas have a merry day!
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    Good afternoon, the racist, homophobic, misogynistic orange is getting impeached today! God has smiled!
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    INSTRUMENTAL SONG disclaimer: i didn't intend it to sound like the original song like THAT but i really tried to change the melody and i didn't want the song to not have a melody so i'm sorry nn
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    ONE ON ONE | EPISODE 2 FULL INTERVIEW Oprah: Hi (hugs) It's great to see you! Oprah: You look wonderful. Lindsay: Hi, it is great seeing you too! Lindsay: Thank you. Oprah: May I come in? Oprah: We already started shooting, is that okay? Lindsay: Of course! Lindsay: Can I fetch you a glass of water? Oprah: Wow, this place looks amazing. The view... Oh my gosh, Lindsay... *goes to the window* Oprah: Yeah I'd love to, thanks! Lindsay: One moment! Lindsay: It is indeed. I love the view from up here. Oprah: When did you move here? Lindsay: Early 2016. Right before we started to travel the world promoting Warmest Wind. Oprah: Oh wow. That was before you adopted your kids? (laughs) Lindsay: Yes, but I always knew I wanted to have a big family, so this penthouse is big enough to accomodate all of us. Oprah: Oh I see. How old are they again? Oprah: Where do you want to sit by the way? Lindsay: The oldest just turned 13 and the youngest is 5. Oprah: Oh wow, they grew quite abit didn't they (laughs) Lindsay: In the living room, if you don’t mind. Oprah: Sure! Oprah: This place is just beautiful! Oprah: *sits on couch* Lindsay: Yes, they have! I know every mom says this, but they grow up so fast! Oprah: I don't mean to be a bother but you offered a glass of water earlier, that'd be nice. Lindsay: Oh, I am sorry. Here it is! *hands a glass of water* Oprah: Thanks Lindsay Oprah: Wait how do you prefer people calling you? Lilo or Lindsay? I saw a lot of you fans call you Lilo (laughs) I thought it was quite adorable. Lindsay: Lilo is fine. You can call me Lilo, if you’d like. Oprah: Sure, Lilo it is. Oprah: So Lilo, I thought about how we could start this interview. This year you've gone through so much and obviously we'll touch it later. But I actually want to start from the beginning... Actually, let me go straight to possibly the biggest moment in your career- 2016's Superbowl Halftime Show. You had one hell of a show, you skydived onto the stage, you performed, you danced and you made a LGBTQ+ statement in the end. You created quite a lot of noise and you were really at the top of your game. You didn't really discuss about how you felt during this time in your life as one of the world's biggest superstars. So I was wondering...How was it like? Do you miss that period in you career? Lindsay: I remember growing up watching the Super Bowl with my family. It’s an event families come together and watch. I knew I had to make the best of the moment. I wanted it to be something iconic, and something people would never forget. I could not do the Super Bowl without sending a message to people. It’s always important for me to use my platform for good. And I feel like I did just that. I also feel like that moment belongs to that phase of my career, and I wouldn’t change that for the world. Oprah: Would you go back to that time in your life and career if you had the chance to? Lindsay: No, I like where I stand now as an artist. I love the person I’ve become, because I fought hard to become her. Oprah: You've mentioned that it's important for you to use your platform for good. Is that a recurrent approach with your art until this day? Lindsay: I like to think so, yes. My great hope is that everyone uses their platforms to spread kindness and positivity with one another. Even within your community. It doesn’t matter how big or small your platform is. Sending love is always important. Oprah: I belieive you. But girl, you're also about throwing shade just as much (laughs) Please tell me what this was about? *shows the following tweet from July 2019 framed* Oprah: "Just found this in my camera roll. Nothing screams black empowerment more than a McDonald’s milkshake." Oprah: I caught you off guard didn't I? (laughs) *taps thigh* Lindsay: Not my proudest moment! (laughs) But yes, I got caught up in the heat of the moment and said some harmful things towards Beyoncé. I don’t even remember what it was. What I do know is that she teamed up with McDonald’s to promote her record at the time, which is something unheard of to this day. You can’t say she isn’t a smart business woman. Oprah: But you do seem to get in quite a few tackles with other celebrities and artists. I mean... if we go way back then Rihanna was a very coveraged feud. Then in June last year, Mariah Carey dissed you for your lack of promotion, in which you commented: "she shouldn't have a say on someone else's manaement when her album just got shelved and her fans will have to work with a standalone single for God knows how long". Or when you addressed your opinions about Freedom Festival, which was arranged and founded by Lana Del Rey, and criticized it for being a fraud. Your quote: "None of the changes that she's promising is going to have a long-lasting impact in Brazil. I don't think it's right to promote a music festival for something that is not". That also led to quite a lot of anger towards you, especially from Lana's fans online. Christina Aguilera joined and said that "sometimes it's wiser to just shut up". The whole fiasco over the edited Maluma picture for the promotion of your LILOSKIN products and Frank Ocean showing pretty clear signs that he doesn't quite like you. I mean I have most written down but I'm sure I missed some. You are quite polarizing in the industry and may I say even? A black sheep? Oprah: Why do you think that happens? Do you feel as if you're purposely a provocateur sometimes? Lindsay: I am not going to make myself small by being called a black sheep, a maverick, a lone wolf. Those with slow seeing say that a nonconformist is a blight on society. It has been proven over time, that being different means standing at the edge, that one is practically guaranteed to make an original contribution, a useful and stunning contribution to the world. Lindsay: I want to make people think every step of the way. So if that equals to me being a provocateur, so hell yeah I am a provocateur. Oprah: Oh I'm not disagreeing with you on that part. But why do you think you're not particularly loved among your peers in the music industry? Why don't you manage to find your place among them after all these years? Is it something about you or rather them? Lindsay: I am close to many in this industry. At the top of my head I can name at least 5 different people who I keep in touch regularly. Of course there are some that you don’t get along with. That’s just how it works. Sometimes is not even my fault, you see... Lana per example, I’ve reached out to her amidst rumors that she has started putting together a lineup for the second edition of Freedom. Her team told me that they would’t let me perform even after we solved our problems behind close doors. The things I said about Freedom were because I didn’t fully grasp what the festival really stand for. But now I do. The way she managed to create her own music festival and have it happen in another continent is incredible. Oprah: Hold on. Lana Del Rey didn't let you perform? Oprah: When did you approach her? Was it recent? Lindsay: I was considered for the first edition that took place in Rio. But yes, let’s just say that her team is not very keen of the idea of letting me perform now. Lindsay: Not that long ago. I heard rumors that she was already planning the second edition of Freedom, so I decided to reach out to her. Oprah: You mentioned that you two solved your problems behind closed doors. Why wouldn't she let you perform then? Oprah: This is Lana Del Rey we're talking about? THE Lana Del Rey? Lindsay: I wish I could provide you with an answer to that question. We’re on good terms now, so I don’t know what is stopping her. Lindsay: Yes. Oprah: Alright, well that was a scoop. Oprah: I'd like to move on from all the negative now (laughs) Let's talk a little about your grand comeback into the music after three years of absence last year. On May, you released your new album "Truce" which shot to the #1 spot worldwide and sold up till now around 3 million copies. Clearly a great comeback! How was the process of creatng this album like? Did you feel pressure to live up to your success in 2016? Lindsay: Every album is a different experience. In terms of what Dreamelt means to my catalog, selling almost 10 million copies, that’s amazing. I hope that every album will grow. I don’t think I felt pressure to live up to it. I felt like I want to live up to the expectation of having an incredible story in the end where every piece of music has some meaning to my overall story and as an artist. Truce is an album that I wrote while making amends with myself. I came to an agreement and decided to move forward from everything bad that had happen. And I love how it turned out. Oprah: Were you surprised by how well it was recieved among critics also? A 78 score on Metacritic. One reviewer even called it your most focused record yet. "The Truce album is definitely Lindsay's most focused record yet, with her having a specific idea and executing it." Lindsay: Oh yeah, I was. I wasn’t expecting none of it. It blew me away. The fact people that an album that came from such a low place in my life is adored by many really comes to show that I need to stop hiding behind a facade and show who I am, truly. Oprah: That's amazing. And I read that you're planning a re-release for it. Tell me a little about it. Lindsay: I was thinking of a way to have a different work routine to fit my way of working rather than the release schedules the industry has. I don’t want to be away from the studio as much as I have been... I haven’t been in the studio properly since 2016, really. And I was thinking of how to shorten that time down and my manager, came up with the idea of what if I just re-released Truce, then I can tour with even more new songs. You can just keep releasing stuff without the long breaks. Inferno is Truce on steroids, so prepare yourself for some inside scoop. Lindsay: I think they’ll love it! Oprah: Now while this was a great year for you career-wise. It was also one of the toughest years in your life with the loss of your daughter, Giovanna, in August. *holds hands* Do you think of her everyday? Oprah: There's a quote I read the other day. "Grief is baffling. It doesn't go away. It just changes. It changes us."- Do you feel that way? Lindsay: *holds hands* It doesn’t matter how many children I have, I’ll never be able to replace the baby I lost. There is always something missing, my family isn’t complete, it’s never going to be complete because she is not here. It’s how you feel... a complete and utter emptiness and that is how I felt after my baby died. That hole has been left here now, there is a permanent gap and a whole part of my life that is missing. I think about her every single second of the day. Gio was taken too soon from us. Oprah: May she rest in peace... You were hospilatized right after the death, is that correct? Lindsay: Yes, I fainted upon listening about her death. I had a vasovagal attack. People may suffer from a simple fainting spell due to anxiety, fear, pain or intense emotional stress. I couldn’t believe she was gone, so that was how my body reacted to it. Oprah: I see. You know I sometimes wonder- where are you hiding all this power within you in your small body? I read your speech on NCADV about domesic violence and wow, I thought to myself: "This woman just had it all but is not letting it shut her down". You know other women who have experienced what you had might have just completely give up. Oprah: And you being in the public eye makes it even a lot more complicated. Lindsay: Thank you so much, Oprah. Coming forward with your story of domestic violence is never easy. Every time I speak that empowers me, and helps me explain what happened in my mind to myself. I know that I’m doing good for other women and hoping to enact on social change so we can change this social paradigm, it’s very empowering. I am in a really good place and the work that I do to give back... that’s really important, giving back. I think we need to help empower women who are recovering from domestic violence. Women have so much to contribute and sometimes they just need a hand to get into that position. All women have got it! It’s just a matter of not being encumbered by violence and fear. Oprah: Can you talk more about your own personal experience? Did you ever report your ex who did that to you? Lindsay: As it turns out, I’m a very typical domestic abuse victim... domestic violence happens to everyone. All races, all religions, all income and education levels. I didn’t know he was abusing me. Even though he held those loaded guns to my head, pushed me downstairs, and pulled the key out of the car ignition as I drove down the highway. The moment I realized I was in an abusive relationship was when I had to go to the hospital. I couldn’t see from one eye, so I asked one of my girlfriends to take me. On average, a woman will put up with 37 cases of abuse, of being hit or being violated in some way, before they leave, and we’re only just realising that‘s what happens. Oprah: And just to be clear! This was all while you were famous correct? Lindsay: Yes. When things like this are happening to you, fame isn’t a shield. Oprah: Insane. How did you manage to hide everything from the public eye? Lindsay: Most of it happened when no one was watching. And I was too scared to speak up, until now. Oprah: Wow... Oprah: Can I give you a hug? Lindsay: Sure! Lindsay: *hugs Oprah back* Oprah: *hugs* Being vulnerable is hard sometimes. But you're not afraid! Lindsay: I have learned over time that being vulnerable helps other people to cope with their own struggles. That is what I want to do. Oprah: We are running out of time so I know we didn't touch many topics such as your succesful line LILOSKIN and more. But I do want to ask you one last thing- What can we expect from Lilo in 2020? Oprah: And where do you see yourself in 10 years by now? Lindsay: I know, where did time go? It feels like we have been talking for 5 minutes. It is so nice sitting down and being open with someone who knows. That is one tricky question, let me tell you that! You can expect new music, obviously, a world tour, my first in almost 3 years and more. I want to continue expanding LILOSKIN this year, as well as add more names to our list of ambassadors. There are many exciting things happening very soon, so keep on the lookout for all of it! Lindsay: I see myself living with my children, married to someone I trust and love and continuing to inspire people with my music. Oprah: Thank you very much Lilo for this interview. You're something special. Lindsay: You too, Oprah. Thanks for doing this. I will be forever thankful for this chat with you. Oprah: But I will say, Lilo, I hope this year would be without any drama. You deserve the rest. It's your time to take a pillow (laughs) Oprah: *hugs* Lindsay: I hope so too! (laughs) 2019 was quite the year for me. *hugs* @Edu
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    12 years for Mariah count as one cuz she's only relevant in December
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    I don’t like this But whatever
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    #LucaSUGGESTS: "Ghost", "Double Rainbow" and "Unconditionally"
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    am i the only one in love with this song?
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    Don't show up, don't come out Don't start caring about me now
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    @Ronlop hq version so the lanatics/reflectors dont complain like they did with the last magazine cover i posted f
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    "I'm not going back on tour unless that song goes #1" I'm glad he's gonna have a short era then
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    Not that it’s super important but I’m back to the old username
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    Never thought I’d miss Agugaga when it comes to Fighters making an original thread...
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    Weren't you just dragging her a few days ago? That's some Donald Trump level shit right there.
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    To this day, I still can't believe that Never Really Over was not the biggest hit of 2019 Everyone really paid dust to that absolute BOP We deserve awful songs for 2020 because we let NRO FLOP
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    @G like MC creates another pointless BGs thread.
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    Keep the personal attacks out of BG. Locking this since y’all forgot how to act.
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    Anyone to post after me in this thread or promote his music will be receiving a perma-ban, and that’s that on that
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    IN RETROGRADE FOR KCRW I: What’s the biggest challenge you've faced thus far as a duo? T: Finding a balance that satisfies the both of us. We have completely different backgrounds yet have so much in common at the same time. Solange is extremely intelligent and already an accomplished individual, hence through music she has a lot to say and so do I. In our upcoming EP, I believe that we have found a balance between our preferred sounds and throughout our journey as an artist we aspire to perfect the song we have created as well as venturing on different projects. S: As a duo, we “argue” a lot but we strengthen our relationship through finding a medium between our differences. For example, we rarely acknowledge that breeding Black women and removing their children built the wealth of this country. We never acknowledge how the ideology that grew around this practice impacts Black women and families today. As a duo, we haven’t interwoven that topic into our music as of yet but it’s something important for me to acknowledge because of the adversity I have seen my sister [Beyoncé] go through. She has taught me a lot as well as twigs and I wholeheartedly believe that she thinks so too. T: I do. [laughs] I: Since you guys are interested in completely different genres, what made you two decide that “TRAICIONERA” (featuring Rosalía) is the best song to introduce the duo to the public? S: I wouldn’t necessarily say that “TRAICIONERA” is the best song we have created per se, however it signifies the point in time in which we started experimenting with different sounds and it was also the first song that we have officially recorded when we decided to become a duo. In the EP, “TRAICIONERA” functions as a bridging point between the two sides of the record for sure. It’s a gritty and ferocious tune. Would I say that it’s the defining sound of [IN RETROGRADE]? Absolutely not. The song is special for us because it’s nostalgic in the sense that I still recall venting to [FKA twigs] about the topics mentioned in the track and because I remember recording the song in the studio so vividly. T: For sure. “TRAICIONERA”, in my opinion, makes the EP more cohesive as without it the project in its entirety may sound too eclectic. Plus Rosalía adds a lot of flavor and attitude to the song. Our initial projects are correlated to the various female empowerment movements that are ongoing today—such as Lindsay Lohan’s domestic abuse story or Britney Spears’s retaliation against the public for sexual liberation. The song finishes with the line “I have a right to be violent” because it sheds light on various injustices such as the juxtaposition between how the media portrays Maluma in comparison to how they compare Britney Spears. If I were in Britney’s shoes, I would be furious with each and every person that has published an article that is untrue to my character. Another reason why we wanted to release “TRAICIONERA”‘ as the lead single is simply because of how current it is and it also has implications for the future as well with discussions such as environmental degradation and exploitative tendencies by people in power. I: Speaking of “people in power”, the song also includes a lyric that may have caught people off-guard: “All bullshit aside, keep an eye out if you’re in Olympus.” What exactly does that mean? T: Well, the title “Olympus” is given to artists that have accomplished extraordinary feats in their career. We decided to include that lyric not to berate the most successful artists in the music industry, but it is our way of conveying a message to our audience that you should not change your identity for the sake of commercial success. The sentiment is applicable to any sector, however as musicians I feel as if we are chastised to undergo through changes that are not true to who we are and luckily we are debuting in a time where artists are...growing a pair of balls for the lack of a better term. More artists are shedding light on the injustices and unethical practices by music executives and that’s basically what we are trying to say. The ultimate message is along the lines of being true to who you are, even if that means compromising something that every artist strives for. S: I actually listen to most artists that are incessantly played on the radio right now. It’s not a direct jab at anyone, rather it’s a simple commentary on compromising your identity for superficial things.
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    Yes, I'm like 5 years late, but I just got into the album. What are your top 3 faves from the album?
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    He’s reaaally desperate for that #1 He keeps uploading new Yummy videos on YouTube (lyric video, officially video, fan lipsync, Beliebers react, 2 animated videos).. I understand wanting the number 1 but with this, the 1000 videos and him literally begging on Instagram, it just looks sad
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    New decade omg the pop girls are COMING
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    This is what i'm dealing with...
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    Not Freaky Prince being Bubbles
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    I mean clearly wishing an entire genre would disappear is messy especially one that’s rooted in black politics. You don’t have to like it but the way you said it was just problematic. Don’t take it that deep sis.
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    Lana's Corp Manager, Gwen Vermillion, Arrives To The Red Carpet Q: Hello Gwen, surprised to see you here. Gwen: Why are you surprised? Q: Are you proud of Lana taking the Woman Of The Year award? Gwen: So proud! She has acheived so much and she really deserves it. I'd even say she deserves it this year more than in 2017. This year is monumental to her career in many ways. Q: So tell us, how is managing Lana like? Is it hard to manage such a huge artist? Gwen: I don't think many people know it but Lana actually gave me the job at Universal. I mean... it's all because of her and I owe her for this opportunity probably as much as she owes me, if not more. Q: Really? Where were you before that? Gwen: Sony. Q: Oh. Okay Gwen: So yeah, for me this has been a great year career wise and Lana has a very big part in that. I love her so much personally and I am so happy for her. That's not to say we never argue (laughs) But that's business, you know? I think if eveything goes smooth then something is wrong. I'm so grateful to be sitting next to her recieving this incredible title from Billboard. UMG and the entire team are very thankful for Billboard for choosing her again. Q: You all can be really proud. Thank you and have a great night! Gwen: Thanks! You too.
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    HILARY DUFF ARRIVES TO THE WOMEN IN MUSIC EVENT Hello Hilary! You look amazing, who dressed you up like that? It's so beautiful! Hi! Thank you so much, this is a custom made Bob Mackie suit hat I loved, loved, loved when they sent it to me. It's so flowy and I feel like a princess on it! I wanted something reminiscing of Cher, I love her so much. It looks amazing on you and the colours are fantastic.. Yeah! Bob is an incredible designer. So you're here to honour Lana! Have you met her before, are you nervous? Oh my God I haven't! I'm so nervous because she's such a huge inspiration for me and uhm.. I'm hopefully meeting her, it would be a dream and yeah! I am singing one of her songs tonight for her which is so nerve-wrecking. What song are you doing? I Believe in Love, because that song spoke to me when I first heard it and I thought it was fitting for me. I did a new arrangement with Brendon, since he's the one making my music, so we were in the studio jamming and then the song came out. I hope that Lana likes it though. I really love the new arrangement we did but who knows.. We can't wait for that! Talking about your music, your new single Hurt Me is beautiful! Did you write that with Brendon too? Kind of, but I had the song already basically done prior to show it to him. But it was all me [laughs] he's an incredible artist and having him as a producer and writer on my album is amazing. He brings out a vision that I love for this. Hurt Me is one of my favourite songs off the album, which is why I wanted to release it as a single. "Spellbound" is the name of your album right? Yes it is! I'm very happy with it and I can't wait for everyone to hear it. Thank you so much Hilary for the interview and I can't wait to hear your album and see you perform tonight! Thank you guys!
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    Turkish/Greek/Lebanese food really is THAT bitch
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    Do you ever remember a weird dream you had later in the day? I just realized I had a dream about Ted Danson last night, and the only thing I remember about it was me remarking that he was a lot taller than me
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    Ugh, her mind. Nobel Peace Prize winner Ellie Goulding is coming