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    In celebration of a new Carly album, let's bring this iconic status back!
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    Managers at my store joining fotp after months of them watching me log on with their wifi
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    So today a hoe turns 18
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    Song is an equivalent of unseasoned chicken so not surprised tbh
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    That's what happens when you're an asshole and try to ruin someone's entertainment without a reason.
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    I can't believe I'm about to say this, but Madonna released my favorite song of the year so far.
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    in terms of production value and innovation? It's been 8 years since and I genuinely think it's still the biggest and most innovative Pop show design of recently memory. I mean, the level of complexity is just I don't know one better. Only Roger Waters' has topped it.
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    If you ever feel sad, remember the Earth is old 4.5b years, yet you're living at the same time as the Roman Holiday meme
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    She saw Lil Nas X’s old tweet about bottoming for Drake and said no homo is gonna block MY single!
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    Bitch took pole dance lessons for a year+ only to make this concept happen. How do you feel about it and why your fave is so miserable
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    Let’s release the good sis from the chains of all those miserable attempts at dragging in BG for the last couple of months/years. Together we can help him Are we starting a GoFundMe page? Who’s with me?
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    First they love you then they switch
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    And i DARE you swifties to deny that this is not the stereotypical definition of radio, pop generic mess.... The worst thing is, this may very well become a chart hit which literally hurts my brain considering the ARTISTRY of some of the fotp faves getting ignored. Not a satisfying win for any of you fans take it like i know you will but deep down you know the tea is hot
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    this exactly the people comparing it to shake it off need to get a GRIP. shake it off was stupid pop, yes, but it was self aware stupid and was pretty meta to her in the moment. it also retained some of that signature campy taylor flare ME! on the other hand sounds like it was penned soley for middle school summer camp playlists and top 40 radio. there's not a trace of taylor or P!ATD's charm or songwriting. lyric-wise, it's on par with so am I by ava max. could've been sung by her too. gotta say i am really really disappointed with this comeback but as always, her albums usually signify better things than the lead. a pity because LWYMMD was such a bop.
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    They're commenting on it because their track with Marshmello is becoming a hit right now and they don't want to associate themselves with any kind of abusers. Lauren has often spoken out about this kind of thing in the past. It didn't need to be said, but I definitely think they're justified in saying it.
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    Whoever likes this song is either lying to themselves or simply has no taste She's honestly serving PRISM Katy childish teas at age 30, except PRISM is good
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    Which TAG player deserves to lose? fab - 14 Chris Morlock - 1 Sylk - 1 RihannaRTT - 1 Everyone - 1 Dan - 1 Luca - 1 Royale - 1
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    If you're proud for being mentioned by a toxic, petty, kunty rat as her then congrats. She just searched for mean comments from the Madonna Forum, she found only two, and used them to make us look like we all (the fanbase) hated the song. She just used you.
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    Once again, the 'unpolished' sound you're referring to was intentionally designed to sound like that, Madonna publicly stated that "She wanted Erotica to have a raw edge to it, as if it were recorded in an alley in Harlem, and not a light glossy production to permeate her sound." Just because you're clueless of that soundscape and its' textures doesn't dismiss the value of that production. It's like playing ignorant when you hear the auto tune in the Music album, that decision was led by her artistic license, not as a result of laziness or short comings. In my opinion it's her 2nd most well produced album after Ray of Light. And spare that little monster "omg it borrowed from a musical trend!! it's bad!!" logic, that's just embarrassing, just because the soundscape sounded contemporary back then doesn't make it any less progressive, thought forward and evoking on a production level. It was aesthetically on trend. Just like Ray of Light was with late 90's European Electronica music. What makes Erotica so special, and what you don't seem to get (seeing how you're one of those people who jerk off to accessible Pop music, but are too proud to accept that so they lure other people into thinking they're listening to something *unique*) is that the songs take their time to evolve and make their statements, you can't predict the pattern/structures if you just listen to the first 30 seconds, or even minute of them. That's extremely rare in Pop music and Pop fags who only like to chew on Pop nuggets sound bites hate those songs, that's why Rocket by Beyoncé is so under-appreciated ( @Urbanov I hope you agree, lol). I mean, here you are trying to argue that the repetitive grandma song that just goes "don't it taste like holy water ??" forty fucking times (and that's not counting the embarrassing bitch get off my pole lines) and then samples Vogue for the sole and dumb reason that "they sound alike!! haha!" (she literally said that lol) and calls it a day - is somehow daring, experimental, and creative, but a concept album that is expertly curated (esp. in terms of sound, don't you dare telling me the merge of jazz-house, acid, trip hop - dance music was done before on a mainstream level) explores how sexual acts are related to dark thoughts, trauma and guilt is trash. And just for the record, as for Waiting: Melody (1) - "Don't go breaking my heart, like you said you would... / life has taught me that love". Melody (2) - "Finally I see a different man, only love can hurt like this can... / tell me who is going to take my place". Melody (3) - "I know it from the start that you would desert me... / please don't hurt me" . Melody (4) - "Waiting for you, just waiting... / don't break my heart". And then you have that gorgeous piano breakdowns post - bridge + in the outro, and those spoken lyrics: "Well, I know from experience That if you have to ask for something more than once or twice It wasn't yours in the first place And that's hard to accept when you love someone And you're led to believe in their moment of need That they want what you want but they don't It was so easy in the beginning When you didn't feel like running from your feelings like you are now What happened? What do I remind you of? Your past, your dreams Or some part of yourself that you just can't love? I wish I could believe you Or at least have the courage to leave you" But some grandma going DOn'T iT tAsTE liKE HoLY WaTeR!! x40 thinking it's a smart innuendo is revolutionary, okay.