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    By the way my account got hacked somebody is threatening to release new music I worked really hard on. Nothing comes out until I’m ready.
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    I feel so naked texting people on my phone without these lovely emotes. Maybe I should tell people to DM me on FOTP instead.
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    when I see I got a notification and feel important just to see it was a mass tag
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    If this status update reaches 30 upvotes I'll reveal my real thoughts about this forum in a topic
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    If this status reaches 100,000 upvotes I’ll release my new single
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    Must be an FOTP member
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    Or should I just call you Onika, you're embarrassing me as someone who has been your fan for over 9 years. This whole "Queen" era is not portraying you as one. It started off good with Chun-Li and that Barbie song, cute. Then it went downhill from there... I don't know if you're gonna continue blaming your label for YOUR actions but enough is fucking enough. I LOVE that you speak your mind and voice your opinion/reasoning, don't get me wrong. I love seeing BLACK women stick up for themselves in a very racist crazy world.. but sometimes shut the fuck UP. You start word vomiting all over Twitter and I gotta sit up there and try to defend your goofy ass. I'm not doing that no more, I'm still gonna love and appreciate your music and be a so-called "stan" but drop the fucking antics, you just dropped a really good album be happy about that. WHO TF CARES IF YOU DEBUTED AT #2, AT LEAST YOU DIDN'T DEBUT AT #200. That's all I have to say you to Ms. Maraj. Grow the fuck up.
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    this is too much. And I’m a Bernie progressive. The SJW movement to label everything and overanalyze every word is asburd. Why can’t we just all be happy and not take words so literally?
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    Ooh I love these. This is mine:
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    My friends all saw it in @Hylia's eyes @Aidan. told me once, @Taylor told me twice @Dr. Slay looked beyond all the signs I guess @TattooedHeart's love makes you blind Who was a @Jae in shining armour? I coulda sworn @SWINΞ loved me harder Might as well down this @Dookie Quill bottle @Winnie.ain't the type to play martyr How bout you get the phuck out???
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    Starting Uni tomorrow & couldn't be more nervous
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    me in my room at three am doing an acting monologue for my imaginary oscar winning performance in a movie
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    imagine being invited only cuz of ur sister and get this offended because someone didn't pay attention to you on HIS performance? someone ban fr*nkie
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    No Taylor, no Bey, no Gaga, no Katy, no Rih... no ratings!
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    Pop girl stans looking at this situation like
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    Nicki leaving a message on Kylie’s voice mail after she found out Queen debuted at #2