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    The person rejecting it also being the only one wearing a mask. The intelligence jumped out!
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    Kylie Minogue is one of the most underrated pop girls out there and she deserves so much more than she’s been getting for the last decade or so! people who discredit her legacy....
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    Who the fuck did this
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    Please do keep it up. The sooner my black ass gets to ban another racist piece of shit, the happier this site and I become.
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    I love seeing 6ix9ine tank, it fills me with so much joy, it‘s my daily medicine, my weekly energy, my monthly inspiration and my yearly motivation. Him tanking is the only reason I‘m still alive, I was born to make fun of his horrific streaming numbers, his immaculate freefalls
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    Some of you may have noticed the homepage changing a lot for the past twenty minutes or so That was neither wanted nor expected, so my bad I believe everything is back the way it was, but let me know if you notice anything is off. You'll notice there is now a BLACKPINK section in Spotlight, so perhaps think of that as a consolation prize for that debacle And if you don't like BLACKPINK, well, there's still a BLACKPINK section
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    She didn't Y'all just can't stand this woman winning
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    I dedicated a section of my bookshelf solely to hardcovers
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    This year had been a mess… Between my mom accepting my asshole of father back… (I’m still not talking to someone who has cheated on my mom when he was overseas and had the audacity to try and run a household that he never, ever paid for the mortgage and of course when it was being built. My mom and her family paid for everything.) To this whole pandemic…. To my boss giving me more tasks at work than I can handle and still being underpaid and being asked to go to work four times a week without any hazard pay. I’m just way too freaking tired. This Forum has been my haven in the last couple of months but I’m seriously thinking of going in a hiatus as my boss is just way too overbearing and wants me to finish a years worth of back logged work because of the person I replaced decided that it will be fun to leave task that he should’ve been done last year. Heck, I can’t even think of the last time I was able to sleep without thinking of Property Management…. Hopefully, I will be able to sneak in a couple of times during lunch break but what is lunch break when you can't even but food at the University cafeteria because you have to check inventories the whole day for ten hours.
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    yall can change back to your regular sets now idc revealing pairs tomorrow
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    lmfao the actual music has no concept - its just dated generic pop songs, her cheap ass just needed a theme to create images/visuals for
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    I still can't get over how beautiful this instrumental is It sounds like straight out of a movie scene where you just know a massacre is going to happen
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    she's the epitome of white mediocrity
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    It's such a basic album. There's nothing unique or interesting about her or her music. Y'all act like she's the second coming. She's not. If anything her career will follow a Carly Rae Jepsen trajectory, if she's lucky. This girl has released sooo many singles since Sweet But Psycho and not a single one has taken off. Gaga has more talent in her thumb than Ava The most interesting thing about her is that tragic hairstyle she refuses to get rid of.
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    Why does it have to be deeper? Why can't it just be something with cool visuals and a fun little clue hunt? not every music video has to be this deep, metaphor laden allegory for something profound. We as Madonna stans should know that better than anyone. You gotta have variety. Sometimes an artist wants to say something, sometimes they wanna have a little fun....there's nothing wrong with either.
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    I mean it's not really difficult to understand if you're paying attention. The video takes place almost completely within her head as she's having a near death experience. People have been in situations like this (myself included) have noted in the midst of a situation like that your mind flies at a million miles a minute and what you think about often is random and strange. The entire video is telegraphing what's actually happening from the opening shot of her in the sand with the broken bike, the Zorro like character on horseback which is a reference to the cinema she's outside of, the desert setting which is the poster by the cinema, the guy banging his head on the pillow which is the driver in the accident hitting his head on the steering wheel, the guy with the umbrella and the nun are the paramedics and when she starts to float away, he pulls her back down to the ground (keeping her alive in the real world), the person being covered with the sparkly sheet is a body being covered, the chair she's sitting on in the "execution" scene is a body board used to transport accident victims. The final minute literally sums up the entire video's premise, points you to every single clue the video left. I really don't know how much clearer it could be....unless of course you just didn't wanna see the meaning and rushed over here to drag it. And I mean this is you we're talking about so it's probably that.
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    Could you imagine The final scene of the movie, Gaga goes into Diamond form and is all translucent and sparkly, then she gets shot with a diamond bullet and shatters Her final words: "You can't kill me, I'm Italian"
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    if only Xtina worked as hard on her career as her stans worked on keeping a dead feud going
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    RTJ4 Set My Heart On Fire Immediately Punisher Folklore Græ Future Nostalgia Alfredo SAWAYAMA What’s Your Pleasure Ungodly Hour Heaven To A Tortured Mind Suddenly Cenizas Saint Cloud Big Conspiracy Color Theory Circles YHLQMDLG Lianne La Havas I’m Your Empress Of the list goes on, and you have the audacity to say Smell slays all 2020 albums
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    These twitter gays really be charging $20 for the OF even Netflix doesn't cost that much $20 for mediocre dick pics from unflattering angles
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    Sis, I love your googa clocking essays, but this time it seems forced You're expecting her to be pull a Picasso-esque type of art, the last time she did that with Applause, it backfired on her because she's not at that calibre. This video was simple, artistic, Alice-in-Wonderland-esque and effective in getting the message across.
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    Never Really Over IS one of the best pop songs released in recent pop history and no one can tell me differently
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    Wow I don't know why I hated "Smile" in the first place, wtf it's a great album?
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    Literally. She clearly had briefly forgot and then the minute Tina mentioned it she remembered.
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    Girl you have Chris Brown in your stan list, you have absolutely 0 room to comment on who does and does not have talent, sit down.
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    Since when 4 is Bey’s worst? It’s I Am Sasha Farts...
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    I don't know who gave you the authority to call Madame X M's worst album when MDNA and Like a Virgin are right there. And how is Dangerously in Love not Bey's worst?
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    Finally finished my entry for the Lady Gaga x Adobe, Rain On Me contest! Going to post it on her tomorrow after it goes live on instagram! I'm super happy with it. It's on the simple side (so I likely won't win lmao) but I love it so much so I'm happy!
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    Pills N Potions is hitting me HARD tonight
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    CHARTS WEEK 15 It's the week of rebounds! Lana Del Rey's smash hit The Whispering Angel continues to impress right out of the gate, holding stready at #1 with 1.459m copies sold SPS. The track garners over 77m streams this week, bringing its two week total to 188,653,500. The song remains #1 in all markets, with 1.3m of its sales being pure. A surprise rebound is from Maluma, Zayn, and Brendon Urie's Bond smash God Complex, which jumps eight positions to #2 on this week's charts. Aided by the onslaught of promotion, as well as the release of No Time To Die, the song's parent film, the track catapults with over 950k copies SPS. Maluma's 2018 smash Criminal also sees a resurgance on the charts, at #10 with 131k copies sold SPS. Lorde's Super Bowl smash I Want You drops one position to #3, selling over 922k copies SPS, bringing its 5 week total to 9.827m. The song racks up another 58m streams, bringing its total to a whopping 396,148,500 streams. Quiet Moment by Sabrina Carpenter and Ariana Grande reenters the top 5 at #4 with 843k SPS, with Rush by Frank Ocean rounding out the top 5, selling 789k SPS. Over on the albums chart, it's good news for Sabrina Carpenter - her debut release On My Mind reaches a new peak of #1, after weeks of stalling at the runner-up spot. The release now boasts 3.463m copies sold, a huge figure for her debut album, and a promising sign of what's to come for the youthful, some would say, infantile starlet. Two notable reentries on the chart include Maluma's Maniac at #5 with 86k copies sold SPS, and Florence Welch's Amor at #8 with 38k copies sold, following the release of the critically acclaimed Amor short film. @Harry_CAL @hector @ryjapo @Bleachella @Surrealism @Maria @Alexx @tigerlily13 @8Bit Heart @Harry Styles @Royalty @Joanne @Kuba @Love So Soft @Mr. Mendes @Michael.
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    LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOO this is actually concerning to say the least
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    literally STFU and stop being pretentious. This is a pop music forum and YOUR taste certainly isn't the standard.
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    Are you sure about that?
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    WEEK 15 IS NOW OVER Thank you all so much for an incredible season! I think I speak for everyone when I say this has been one of our most exciting and jam packed seasons ever, and I cannot wait to host for you all again come November 13th (our official return date for Season 14!) Charts will be coming tomorrow, along with FINAL updates for literally EVERYTHING!
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    It's different. This version is more like a warrior woman singing instead of an insecure girl, which fits the movie as well as her own personal growth.
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    It's criminal looking this good just walkin around
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    but bLuE lIvEs MaTTeR Literally disgusting. There is no comment.
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    I'm sorry but no one will EVER beat Beyonces performance. PERFECTION from start to finish, not to mention performing an entire album