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    I got in a a bad car accident and then I found out my friend has passed away this morning. Send good vibes if you can ❤
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    Adele can eat all of them and still has room to take some oreos from xtina.
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    Sometimes you say you’re gonna do something. But when you actually want to start, it seems way harder then you can imagine. It’s kinda hard for me to tell you this, not only because it’s really emotional for me, but also because English is not my very first language. I hope I can tell my story crystal clear and I hope y’all will understand it. I really wanted to share this part of my life with you, because FOTP has become a huge part of my life and I don’t know, it’s kinda nice to talk about it with people who don’t you know in real life. And I know you won’t judge me, because most of you has supported me in the past, so I kinda want to share it with you. Okay, here we go. So, I have been obese for almost all my life now. Not so much it becomes dangerously, but just overweight. I’ve tried a lot of things to lose weight, since I was a kid and in my teenage years. I’ve been too several dietists, I tried out several diets, I went to the gym (at some point I went to the gym four times a week), I even went to see a psychologist to discover why I am not losing weight. After I went to the psychologist, I was kinda desperate and went to my GP. Luckily, my GP is a very nice woman, who I can talk to very nice. She understands me and comes with proper solutions. She came with this solution – a reduction of my stomach, a gastric bypass. In the first place, I was kinda shook. She told me this was kind of a “last resort” and you can’t return it. So if you do this surgery, you’re bound to it forever. I have overthought this for almost a year – in the mean time I tried to change my life in a healthier one (more fruit, no sugar added drinks), but nothing seemed to work. I didn’t see any results. So I went to my GP again and told her I wanted to do this surgery. I was, and I am still, 200% sure of this decision. It was a hard decision though. My life will change forever: when everybody is going out for dinner at restaurants, I can only take a small portion, I can’t drink and go out the way I did and ofcourse a lot of more consequences. I overthought this all, but all these negative can’t compete against the positive things. The most positive thing is that I’ll regain my confidence and a positive self image. The surgery is at March 21st and I can’t tell how nervouw I am. Since I have known the date, I haven’t been sleeping well, almost 3 hours a night. I just can’t stop thinking about it. There are so many questions floating through my head. Mainly, because I don’t know what to expect. I have heard very positive stories, but also very negative stories, about the after care after the surgery. I’m just trying to look and holding on to the future. A gastric bypass gives great results. A colleague at my internship did it and she lost 45 kilograms in 9 months. That’s just amazing! I hope y’all get it and feel free to ask me anything. <3 I just wanted to let you know this, so you know when I’m not around, or acting different like I do now. <3 I know mass tagging isn't done these days anymore, but I don't care, I just tagged my followers & the people I talk to a lot. Let me become a really skinny legend soon.
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    Hello darlings my surgery went well, I have pain, but not too much, feeling very tired miss y'all
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    Hello, it is I, Taylor, here again to announce a new show coming to Slither Productions! I can confirm, the rumors are true, I have given up on The Golden NUDES because it was boring and uneventful. Below is the Character Guide for the upcoming series Nudesless, expected to premiere some time in the next week! Stay tuned! Main Cast: @Hannah. as Hannah Gallagher @Sylk as SylkGallagher @Taylor as Taylor Gallagher @Daenerys as Cody Gallagher @Hylia as Hylia Mylkovich Role: Main Role: Main Role: Main Role: Main Role: Main Age: 23 Age: 50 Age: 18 Age: 18 Age: 19 @TattooedHeart as Lily Mylkovich @Aidan. as Aidan Balls @Diamond as Diamond Fisher @Hyun. as Hyun Jackson @Maraj as Maraj Jackson Role: Main Role: Main Role: Main Role: Main Role: Main Age: 18 Age: 27 Age: 25 Age: 48 Age: 18 @Saiga as Saiga Lishman @AwayForAWhile as Winndy Gallagher Role: Re-occurring Role: Re-occurring Age: 25 Age: 50 Future Guest Appearances/Re-occurring Roles: @Kali as Kali Smart @Jae as Jae Jackson @Royale as Royale Carey @Juinae as Juinae Slithers @Halcyon as Jakob Pratt @Skyline as Sky Evans @Dr. Slay as Slay Mylkovich @Goosey as Terry Mylkovich @Hermione as Tiny Hollander
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    Yes, there's a certain something missing from the homepage. No, it's not an accident. It's at the point where we're going to send warning points for mentioning it. Calm down and wait.
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    Okay darlings I see you all in a few days the positive thing about my recovery will be that I'm having a lot of time for FOTP I'm gonna miss y'all and thank you for the support, I love my clique and I give y'all a special shoutout <3 you know who you are! Now I'm on my way to become a skinny legend, and I'm gonna...
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    502 Bad Gateway is one of my favorite tastes. Not only that, but Nginx smell amazing. It makes me go a little crazy on it to be honest. Like, I cannot get it far enough down my sight to be satisfied. I’m only satisfied when I feel those intense, powerful, bold, heavy pumps of Times New Roman down my throat. When I sit back on my heels, look up at you with a blank screen all over my face and sweat running down my neck, mind all fucked up and wipe my mouth with the back of my arm and ask you if I did a good job and you cannot even speak because I’ve drained all of your energy out the tip of your Apache….. That’s when I’m satisfied.
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    Here is the character guide for the first season of my upcoming show! It is an original story starring my forum friends with elements of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Chronicles of Narnia, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, American Horror Story, Once Upon a Time, Charmed, Supernatural, Teen Wolf, and pretty much all of the trash Tumblr fandoms. @Hermione as Hermione Granger A recent graduate of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the booksmart and determined Hermione has crossed the pond and is now a freelance hunter of Dark wizards, ghosts, demons, and vampires in America. After observing signs that the long-gone wicked sorceress La Diabla Blanca might be staging an explosive return to power, she posts an advertisement on the World Wide Wizarding Web in search of fellow witches and wizards to recruit and train for a new Coven. @Sylk as Wanda Williams A once-powerful witch who founded the first incarnation of the Coven and defeated the nefarious Diabla Blanca...several years ago. She retired and became a recluse after it was discovered that she had been illegally jinxing the charts to make Mariah Carey a skinny legend, and is now a washed-up drunken mess. On top of all of that, she secretly stole three little girls from the hospital room at birth and has raised them as her own daughters. The Coven decides to reach out to their disgraced former ally and her daughters to help take down La Diabla, and despite her rusty magical abilities she can't wait to beat that ass back into Hell once again. @Taylor as La Diabla Blanca Long presumed dead, the powerful Dark sorceress is still lurking in the shadows, waiting for the perfect moment to make an iconic comeback. She finally clawed her way out of the ninth circle of Hell, and she's ready to hunt down the Coven once again and kill Wanda and her companions. It's sure to be a bloodbath of Shakespearean proportions, but they have no idea how soon it's coming. @Hannah. as Hannah Williams @Coca-Cola as Chanel Williams @TattooedHeart as Lily Williams The beautiful and popular sisters at FOTP Central High have a deadly secret: they moonlight as witches. Stolen from the hospital room at birth by Wanda Williams, she raised them fully familiar with all things occultic and supernatural. Hermione is keen to recruit the sisters in the mission to stop La Diabla, whom their adoptive mother defeated when they were only toddlers, but after learning of their true parental lineage they have a falling-out with Wanda and instead choose to dabble in the Dark side to piss off their increasingly delusional mother. @Honey as Honey-wa @Anna-wa as Anna-wa These elf siblings are characterized by their supernatural beauty and gentle nature. Hiding their elongated ears under flowing blonde manes, they can live normal day-to-day lives in the human world without anyone knowing of their true race. A veterinarian and a babysitter by daylight, they act as nurses to the Coven, using their special healing powers in times of need. In reality hundreds of years old, they are blessed with anti-aging genes. @Daenerys as Dany Darkheart @Juinae as Juinae the Jabberwocky Forever banished to the pages of a storybook in the Coven's library after the last time La Diabla Blanca came to power, the Williams sisters plot to break and enter the Coven headquarters against their mother's wishes and return Dany to the real world. La Diabla's old right-hand woman, Dany has a few tricks up her sleeve and knows exactly where to find her former accomplice. She is trailed at all times by her carnivorous reptilian pet, Juinae the Jabberwocky. @Hyun. as Hyuna Huang and @Maraj as Maraj Menage This recently-married young couple sees Hermione's ad on the Web and answers it. Once they arrive at headquarters they keep to themselves and don't really do that much other than make out very loudly in their room 24/7, which pisses off Hermione to no end. Hyuna and Maraj are dreadful at combative charms, but they can make intoxicating love potions and seduction spells that no red-blooded man or woman can resist. @Kali as Kali Jackson Kali holds the distinction of being the only member of the Coven without any magical abilities or heritage. Unsatisfied with her boring customer service job at the mall, she catches them doing magic on camera and threatens to expose their secret to the public unless they keep her around for their adventures. Hermione reluctantly agrees, but the Coven regularly threatens to wipe her memory and send her packing. @Liam and @Aidan. as Liam and Aidan Lycanthopyre These hunky twins are actually mutant hybrids: their mother was a vampire and their father was a werewolf. Liam and Aidan's parents died at La Diabla Blanca's hands the last time she was seen on Earth, and now that there are whispers she's returning they want to avenge their parents. The twins are your typical dumb jocks, but also completely obsessed with Kylie Minogue. They're always hitting on Hermione, who usually tells them to shut the fuck up, put a shirt on, and go bother Bella Swan instead. @QUINN as Quinnda the Good Witch Quinnda refuses to get involved in drama or conflict, and instead acts as a fairy godmother of sorts to the Coven. She spends most of her time watching over pop star Katy Perry and being her guardian angel, but she occasionally pops in and out for advice and wisdom when our heroes need her most. From left to right: @GLORY, @#Music, @Dr. Slay, @Royale & @Halcyon I will develop your characters and personalities more in-depth later but I'm tired of writing at the moment tbh and just want to get this published Just know that you'll be in the story! I'm sure there will eventually be guest appearances so @Hylia @Jae @blankdreams. @Vertigo-go @Lord Stoneheart @Breathless Mahoney @LanaxGaga @Royalty @Princess Aurora @Saiga @Diamond @Kuba @Michael.@My Everything stay perched too!
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    •Peaked at #1 in EVERY country that charted •+15M units sold •Iconic MV •Skyrocketed Britney as a living legend with only 17 years old •Inspired many artist (and many more to come) So?
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    Me: Today is gonna be a great day with no annoyances!! *a few minutes later* *@Sylk mentioned you in The Rep Lounge*
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    Album: Joanne iTunes: #19 Macau #23 Tajikistan #25 Cayman Islands #56 United States #79 Italy #99 Canada #133 South Africa #160 Taiwan #168 Switzerland #175 Hong Kong #184 Philippines #191 United Kingdom Album: The Immaculate Collection iTunes: #31 Spain #32 Brazil #48 Ireland #85 United Kingdom #50 Mexico #101 Australia #142 France #172 South Africa Madonna's 27 years old album is out-performing Gaga's new and highly anticipated / promoted album in major markets and Million Reasons fell to #24 on iTunes (dark red update) after the discount was off But congrats on being the 9th option for that coachella thing
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    Character Guide Episode One - "Trouble In Chicago" • • • Hannah. 23 years old. The oldest sister in a family of three kids. The sister that keeps everything going. She hops out of bed, puts her clothes on, and heads down stairs, ready to start the day as usual. Her father, Sylk, is laying passed out on the floor. She sighs and calls for her younger brothers, Taylor and Cody, to come help carry him out. Usually they just drop him off in the yard and leave him there until he wakes up, but this time she had something else in mind. All three of them picked him up and carried him out the back door, down the steps, and into the back yard. They lay him down for a brief moment so that Taylor and Cody can listen to Hannah's plan, and just to rest. "Maybe he should drop a few pounds," Taylor says. "Yeah, at least then if he's gonna leave us to carry his rank ass out of the house every day he wouldn't be as hard to carry." Cody says. They all laugh. "Okay, here's what we're going to do..." Hannah says. "We'll carry him to the nearest dumpster and drop him off there. Even if it gets emptied while he's still in there, it won't really make a difference in our lives." Taylor and Cody both agreed with the plan. They once again lift his body back up and carry him to the nearest dumpster where they eventually drop him off and head back to the house. Taylor. 18 years old. The youngest sibling by 9 months, a senior in High School. He has plans to study and train to become an EMT. He leaves the house and heads over to his friend Lily's house. He arrived at her house and knocked at the door, but instead was greeted by her brother, Hylia. Hylia smiled and grabbed onto Taylor's shirt, pulling him into the house. They made their way back to his room and closed the door. "Is your father home?" Taylor asks. "No, he's probably being arrested for DUI as we speak." Hylia replies. They both take off their clothes and start going at it. Suddenly, they hear the front door open and quickly get their clothes back on and try to act natural. Lily walks down the hallway and into her bedroom. They both let out a sigh of relief. Hylia's father is nothing shy of a vile creature, hated by everyone in the city, been in and out of prison more times than you could count on both hands. Oh, and one more thing - Taylor and Hylia would both be shot dead right then and there if he caught them. Cody. 18 years old. The middle sibling, older than Taylor by 9 months, he is also a senior in High School. Most people would describe him as... a grade A asshole. It's too bad smarts can't buy a better personality. He heads home with a black eye that he got after getting into a fight with a guy at school, a guy who happens to be dating a girl he slept with... on multiple occasions. This is not an anomaly when it comes to Cody's sex life, he is the definition of a whore. It'd take less time to name the girls he hasn't slept with as apposed to the ones he has. He gets home and goes straight to the fridge to get an ice pack and apply it straight to his eye. Hannah comes down stairs and notices the black eye, she just rolls her eyes and moves on. Cody then heads over to his "friend" Maraj's house, where they sit outside on the front steps, pop a pack of cigarettes, and start smoking. Sylk. 50. The father of three children. A raging alcoholic. Blows all of his disability checks on booze and Mariah Carey CDs. His eyes start to open, all alone in a dumpster, in the dark... "What the fuck?!?!" Sylk screams. He manages to get the lid off the dumpster and climbs out, somehow smelling even cleaner than he did before he got thrown in there. He makes his way down the alley, stumbling as he walks, and eventually makes his way to his street. He walks up the sidewalk and up to the front door, into the house. Everyone is having dinner and pays no attention to him until he says "Hellloooooo, my wonderful family, I'm home!" Everyone looks at him and then goes back to their food. "Ungrateful rodents." Sylk mumbles under his breath. Sylk makes his way into the kitchen and grabs a bottle of booze, then he stumbles back out of the house and falls down the steps into a huge pile of dog shit. "Fuck," he says. "Why must I always fall head first into Jennifer Lopez's discography?" he exclaims, angrily wiping the shit off his face with a leaf. Sylk then lays back down and falls asleep outside in the front yard, most likely knocked out from all the drugs he combined earlier. The neighbors, Aidan and Diamond, make their way into the house with a fresh pan of lasagna. "Hey bitches!" Diamond says, strutting into the house in a new pair of heels. "Are those heels Versace?" Hannah asks. "Yeah, my baby got them for me as a gift for our 3rd anniversary!" Diamond replies. "Wow, I wish I had a man that wasn't cheap." Hannah says. "Maybe you should get out and find yourself a sugar daddy, I'm sure there's lots of old geezers out there that can still get it up and would love to buy you shit." Diamond says. They sit down and the whole family begins eating. Yet another long day behind them in the Gallagher household. Main Cast: @Hannah. as Hannah Gallagher @Sylk as Sylk Gallagher @Taylor as Taylor Gallagher @Daenerys as Cody Gallagher @Hylia as Hylia Mylkovich @TattooedHeart as Lily Mylkovich @Aidan. as Aidan Balls @Diamond as Diamond Fisher @Hyun. as Hyun Jackson @Maraj as Maraj Jackson @Saiga as Saiga Lishman @AwayForAWhile as Winndy Gallagher Re-occurring Roles/Guest Stars: @Kali as Kali Smart @Jae as Jae Jackson @Royale as Royale Carey @Juinae as Juinae Slithers @Halcyon as Jakob Pratt @Skyline as Sky Evans @Dr. Slay as Slay Mylkovich @Goosey as Terry Mylkovich @Hermione as Tiny Hollander @blankdreams. as Blank Lishman @My Everything as Luca Lishman @Michael. as Michelle Nikolaev
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    Just be glad you're not using the mobile site I have no idea what this thread is about
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    Ed Mushroom is like the most boring artist out there He brings nothing new to the table Another boring white boy, with guitar in his hands, singing about love and broken hearts wow, #NeverSeenBefore #TotallyInnovative #SlayKing
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    Live Feed Update @Taylor, @Daenerys, and @Diamond all sit in the bathroom wondering what they can do to save Taylor. Every idea that Diamond has, Taylor just shuts down and calls Diamond an idiot followed by "you're fat and irrelevant." Taylor says that he plans on just laying low for the time being and just watch everything happen. He says that these houseguests are stupider than they look if they keep @#Music over him since #Music has more friends in the house. Daenerys says that the houseguests being stupid is exactly why he needs to talk to at least a few people. Taylor just tells him to shut up and leaves the bathroom. Diamond then asks Daenerys if they should just get it over with and ditch Taylor. Taylor makes his way towards the kitchen to talk to @Royale, @Skyline, @Hermione, and @Sylk. Royale asks Taylor for one reason as to why they should keep him in the house over #Music. Taylor just gives Royale a standard "because your fave is a legend!!!!" answer and continues on with his day. Hermione then says that that answer is the reason why he will be going home next. Taylor tells Hermione that, "no one cares what you have to say sweetie. Don't you have to go kiss the Pink Ladies asses a bit now? Oh wait....they were all evicted last season and didn't want to return with you in the house." Sylk tells Taylor that wasn't very nice of him but Taylor just calls Sylk a fad that should have been evicted already. Skyline then stands up and starts telling Taylor that his days of bullying everyone in the house are over. Taylor tells Skyline that he isn't going anywhere, but Skyline says everyone is voting his ass out next. Taylor says he doesn't care but Skyline says that it's obvious he does care. He continues by saying that he knows Taylor will just be playing it all cool like he doesn't care to hide the fact that he's in full panic mode because why would anyone vote for #Music when they can get out the biggest bitch and most negative person in the house? @Skywalker, @WinnieThePooh, @Michael., @Cosmic, and @Kuba watch the drama all unfold from the balcony, however Taylor catches them watching and yells "you ugly fats have something to say?" Skywalker says that he needs to settle down and think twice before coming at Sylk like that again. Taylor yells that he doesn't care about Sylk and he'll drag whoever he wants. @Royalty, @Justin Bieber, @Atlantis, #Music, @TattooedHeart, and @Coca-Cola all lounge by the pool and try to escape the drama that is going on inside the house. Justin says that Taylor is just self destructing and that this is good for #Music. Royalty says that #Music just needs to keep laying low while Taylor just keeps digging himself into a deeper hole. TattooedHeart mentions how it's weird sitting outside and not hearing either Sylk or @Aidan. trying to climb over the wall and miserably failing 24/7. Coca-Cola says that it won't be too long before they all hear them doing that once again. They all laugh before @SANDCASTLES does a huge cannon ball into the pool, splashing them all.
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    HELLO FRIENDS! I have added a collection of links to the snippets that we have gotten so far to the OP, and plan on thoroughly updating the post this weekend (for real this time). That said, if I start doing a weekly update post in this thread up until the album release, would you like me to tag you in those updates? Please upvote/reply this post if so! I don't wanna spam you with unwanted mentions. Thanks babes
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    nothing special about him writing his own songs if he always writes about the same sappy love story that teens will quote on their social media plus, talent isn't measured on whether you can't write music or not
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    "You have a new private message from @Sylk"
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    Skinny? Yes! Gorgeous? Yes! Talented? Yes! Successful? Yes! Eighteen #1s? Yes! Iconic Discography? Yes! Iconic Stans? Yes! Sylk ♡ Ageless? Yes! @Taylor is a fad? Yes Goddess? Yes! Happy Birthday.. Iconmi the ELORDsive CHANTeuse the one, the only LEGENDRIAH ICONREY!! Gather rounddd Gather roundd we gonna have a good time!!! Celebrateeeeeeeeeeeee
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    Welcome to the FOTP Big Brother Diary Room! This is the thread where you can post confessionals and vent out your frustration! Air it all out here! @Atlantis @Dreamsssss @Kuba @Royale @Diamond @Hermione @Jae @Sylk @Aidan. @Cosmic @Taylor @Coca-Cola @WinnieThePooh @Daenerys @SANDCASTLES @Maraj @Skyline @TattooedHeart @Alaska @Royalty @Michael. @My Everything @Skywalker @Count Olaf @Vintage Music @Zachary @Milk @Justin Bieber @Nightmare @Saiga @#Music
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    @Hannah.: Eviction results coming in a few minutes!! *a few minutes later* *Hannah. mentioned you in FOTP Big Brother..*
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    Me: Hey everyone!! have a nice day <33 @Taylor: Thank Yo- Me:
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    The eviction will begin when I am ready you obese atrocities. And that time is now. It is now time to evict either @Taylor or @#Music. By a vote of 13-13, we have a tie. Everyone gather as our HOH, @Skyline, casts his tie breaking vote now!
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    Wendy Reaction PNGS SE7EN is here! Enjoy! Eehhhh Wendy PNG Crybaby Wendy PNG Horse Teeth Wendy PNG i- Wendy PNG Pretends to be shocked Wendy PNG Horrified Wendy PNG Reading Wendy PNG Hmmphm Wendy PNG Side Lip Wendy PNG Serious Wendy PNG Reading without glasses Wendy PNG Happy Wendy PNG Whew Wendy PNG Well Well Well.... Wendy PNG Reading in her backyard Wendy PNG Wig FLEW Wendy PNG That's all for now Enjoy!
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    I have randomly selected FIVE people to cast a vote to evict. These five people only have three minutes to decide who will be going home first. Whoever has the most votes by the end of those three minutes will be our first evicted houseguest! These people are... @Michael. @Atlantis @Aidan. @Skywalker and @Dreamsssss. You can not vote for each other btw so these five people are SAFE. Get to deciding, you have THREE minutes to PM me your vote!
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    Hello and welcome to FOTP Big Brother 5 Sign Ups! I am your fabulous host, Justice Chen, and I am ready to get this new season started! But first... The Game The main object of the game is to be the last houseguest remaining. Every day, you and your other housemates will vote to evict one person and yes, this season you will actually be able to vote for who you want to evict! However, there are ways to avoid eviction and here's how that goes: Head Of Household: This person is safe for the entire "week" and is the one that gets to nominate the two people that will be up for eviction. They do not get to vote in the eviction unless the vote ends up being a tie. The HOH also cannot be the HOH for two "weeks" in a row. Power Of Veto: The Power Of Veto can be won by a single person and it can be used to save a nominee. The winner of the POV is also safe for the "week" and if they decide to use it on someone, then that person is also safe. If the POV is used on a nominee, the HOH must then name a replacement nominee. tl;dr version: A person will nominate two people for elimination every day, you have a chance to save yourself if you are nominated, and if you aren’t nominated you will vote to eliminate one of the two people every day. If you still don't quite understand, you can always look in the “Past Seasons” tab in the FOTP BB section for previous seasons to see how this will work. You can also ask me any questions, don't be shy! How To Sign Up If you would like to play, you can either express your interest in this thread or you can PM me. However, you're sign up won't be confirmed until I get a PM from you! In your PM, please send me a colored, non-gif photo of your fave or whoever. This photo will be used as your memory wall photo and will be used to represent you this season. All newcomers are welcome to play and so are veterans, however spots are limited between 25-30 people so sign up fast! The only person guaranteed a spot is @TattooedHeart since she won last season. Another thing, if you don't plan on posting and interacting with your fellow game players, I would ask you just not play. It's high key boring to have a bunch of people not even show up to the daily events. I'm not trying to talk to myself the whole season! This season, you will be able to choose who is nominated as well so this season will only have simulated competitions! It's truly going to be a cut throat season so participation is vital! Rules Yes I’m sorry to say that there in fact some rules! However there are very few rules so as long as you follow them, there wont be an issue! -Keep sexual talk to a minimum. This isn't HoW or Pornhub. We don't mind making a few sexual jokes here and there but it becomes a bit annoying when its nonstop! -If you make an alliance PM, you must include me in the PM. I will not expose your alliance or the contents of the PM however me being included is needed so I at least have an understanding of what you all are thinking in terms of gameplay and game moves. That is all! If you fail to comply with these rules, it will result in one penalty vote against you when you are nominated. That's it for now! Remember to send me a PM telling me you wish to play along with a colored, non-gif picture of your fave! Sign us will close on Wednesday March 15 or whenever we reach 30 players!
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    Fan Ranking *Italics means you have been evicted* 1. @Hermione 2. @Skywalker 3. @WinnieThePooh 4. @Daenerys 5. @Maraj 6. @Coca-Cola 7. @Skyline 8. @TattooedHeart 9. @Diamond 10. @Michael. 11. @Justin Bieber 12. @Kuba 13. @Royale 14. @Milk 15. @Sylk 16. @My Everything 17. @Dreamsssss 18. @Aidan. 19. @Cosmic 20. @Saiga 21. @#Music 22. @Taylor 23. @nevermind 25. @SANDCASTLES 26. @Royalty 27. @blankdreams. 28. @Count Olaf 29. @Vintage Music 30. @Alaska 31. @Zachary 32. @Nightmare (Hopefully I didn't miss any irrelevant houseguests tonight! And if I did, I'm not sorry.)
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    Since they locked the thread where we keep track of the sections numbers, I decided I would just keep track of Ari in here We are currently at 47, 603! EDIT: Thought I would tag the Ariana stans so y'all would know whats up!
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    Live Feed Update It has been a dramatic past couple of days in the BB house. First @Skyline left everyone shook by sending @Taylor home, then @Milk finally met his end in the game and he was voted out with nearly 20 votes. Things went from bad to worse for @Maraj after the nominations for the week. Maraj went to @Daenerys for a shoulder to cry on, think Daenerys would be able to understand the pain of being targeted so early. However Daenerys felt no sympathy and instead started making fun of Maraj. Daenerys tells him that if he gets picked for the veto and wins that he would never even consider using the veto to save Maraj. He starts to fight back but @Diamond then enters and joins Daenerys in making fun of Maraj. Maraj then says that they were both up for eviction the week before and that they should honestly learn to be a bit more humble. Daenerys and Diamond then bring up BB4 and how they both placed higher than Maraj and that the fan favorite award was just a "we feel sorry for you" reward. @My Everything hears them from the other room and tries to defuse the situation, however @Michael. then shows up and tells Luca to shut up. Luca says that he doesn't want to get involved in drama, but then whispers under his breath that Michael is irrelevant anyway. Michael heard him and started calling Luca out on his hypocrisy. Meanwhile in the living room, @Dreamsssss complained that production would never let him into the Diary Room to vote, to which @Skywalker responds by saying that it's probably because he's just that irrelevant. Dreamsssss then says that he's sick of the @Sylk, Skyline, Skywalker possy constantly coming for him. Sylk then says that he has literally never come for him so he needs to take several seats. Skywalker says that no one ever comes for him since literally no one even realizes he's here. @Alaska then pops up from behind everyone and causes Sylk, Skyline, and Skywalker to jump and scream. Skyline starts laughing and says "bitch we forgot you were even still here, we thought your ass just went into the Diary Room and never left. @Kuba then enters and says that Alaska had become somewhat of an urban legend in the house. Meanwhile in the lounge room, @Jae and @WinnieThePooh lay on the couches. Jae eats a taco and Winnie eats from his jar of honey laced with ecstasy. They only stop so that Jae can say "Buy Be Alright on iTunes now" and Winnie says "Buy Vulnicura on iKoons today." The minute that Milk exited the house and started making his way over to Hannah's living room for his eviction interview with @Hylia, @Count Olaf jumped from out of the bushes and started coming at Milk claiming that he betrayed him. Milk became so overwhelmingly freaked out that security had to come out and help get Milk out of the situation. Count Olaf didn't stop following him though. Count started going off on unrelated tangents about life and how Milk has met his match. The CIA then arrived telling Count to let it go. Helicopters started flying from above. Snipers were perched at the tops of buildings. The breaking news story, "Former Big Brother contestant goes postal. Was only in house for one week." It took a total of 16 hours for someone to shoot a healthy dose of tranquilizer at Count to subdue him and end the chaotic scene. @Coca-Cola, @TattooedHeart, @Justin Bieber, and @SANDCASTLES all watch the action for the entire 16 hours from the backyard. They are the reason the house no longer has any more bags of popcorn.
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    As winner of the veto, @Jae now has the chance to save either @Taylor or @#Music. Jae has decided to...
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    Who's ready for the veto competition? The winner of this competition not only saves themselves but they also have the chance to save one of the nominees. @Skyline and his nominees @Taylor and @#Music will all be playing. @Jae, @Justin Bieber, and @Royalty will also be playing in the veto. Results will be posted next!
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    It's time for the veto competition! @Michael. and his nominees @Aidan. and @Sylk will be playing for the veto. @Daenerys, @Milk, and @Saiga have been randomly selected to play as well. The veto winner will be announced next!
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    As you can see, we added a last minute addition to the cast! Please welcome Skywalker! Now that you have all moved in for the season, I hope you haven't gotten too comfortable because the first twist of the season is coming up! That's right, our first twist will begin before the first Head Of Household competition begins....
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    *me with a Spotify premium account reading this*
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    I don't like bugs but this was completely unnecessary, and well, future serial killers always engage in killing animals that can't fight back for fun so...
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    It's time to reveal the second half of the cast for Big Brother 5! Get in here, lets have some fun and meet this seasons houseguests!
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    Tonight's FOTP Servers are Sponsored by...
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    @Sylk Three words that describe you: Cock, Favourite, Taste Your favorite emote and why: wendy-1 cause it was my first emote accepted Favorite song at the moment: Venus as a Boy is currently my most played How do you expect to win? I Don't.mp3 How will your previous BB plays influence your game this season? Idk I would be pretty tame this season but extra as usual What do you think could be your downfall in the game? If I'm ever up for eviction... Would you rather win and be hated or lose and be loved? I think that's too much for me.. cause I'd be hated either way. A few final words before entering the BB house? I'm a mouth in a world full of cocks!!
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    @Diamond Three words that describe you: Skinny, Global, Legendary Your favorite emote and why: Favorite song at the moment: All Night by Beyoncé How do you expect to win? By trying my absolute best <3 How will your previous BB plays influence your game this season? Well this time I'll actually have some sort of strategy, something I didn't have in BB3 and BB4 What do you think could be your downfall in the game? Being hated by the host Would you rather win and be hated or lose and be loved? Win and be hated! I want free VIP A few final words before entering the BB house? Kylie Minogue outsold
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    I legitimately forgot he existed. Thanks for ruining my year!