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    Heard the most savage drag of all time at work today Me: “Have a great day!” Elderly man: “My neighbor is the one in the obituary instead of me, so I will have a great day”
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    Today marks a year I overcame my suicidal thoughts. To anyone struggling, I commiserate and you are loved. Please don't for even a minute think you can't do anything because you can. Please don't ever stop believing in magic because thats what saved me. Dream loud and don't ever apologize for it. I wish you happiness. #Human
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    Agugaga in BGs when Ariana drops one spot on the charts.
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    woke up to my dog going ballistic, barking for like 20 mins. then i go downstairs and theres an opened Dua Lipa vinyl at the bottom of my stairs that does not belong to me nor am i aware of anyone else in my house stanning her. dua lipa straight up broke into my home and my dog was trying to warn me #Promo
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    Reverse searched an atrl avi and google pulled this shit
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    As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster.
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    No. There is no such thing as "this generations...". There is one Pink, one Britney, one Christina, one Madonna, etc. The reason they were so successful and are still recognizable is because they were UNIQUE.
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    Hi. Privilege is a real thing and as a poc it gets incredibly frustrating and at times infuriating that I have to work 10x more to enjoy the same things as someone who has to barely even lift a finger. But i have not forgotten my own privilege. I have a roof over my head, food in my belly and I can go to bed every night in a perfectly well air conditioned room stuff many people around the world do not have yes its corny but in 2019 we're focusing on POSITIVITY
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    Imagine being so successful that you’re above againg. Lmao
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    What? I can understand him being triggered by her stans because they were telling him to kill himself and such, but a harmless joke tweet causing this? This really does seem emotionally abusive on his end. In no way did she make fun of mental health.
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    When you use so much Kleenex that right below your nose gets raw
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    I had forgotten how amazing the production is on ARTPOP. On high quality speakers its really quite incredible.
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    You’re the biggest Xtina hater on this board - very little activity in her section (close to zero) - always coming out for other artists and trying to bring Xtina for a comparison - trying to present Xtina as a second coming of Jesus when literally everyone (even her fans) accepted she’s a flop nowadays you clearly know what you’re doing by making threads like this
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    Ready to bump this thread when her next album smashes
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    Long overdue but I finally have my own record player
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    Started off the year with NYE redemption, golden-globe nominee, successful asian and european tour, songwriters hall of fame, acclaimed album, glitter redemption, top 10 hit on hot 100, first artist to replace herself on r&b charts from #1 (still breaking records whew), now most streamed song in one day she's even #1 on the melon charts in SOUTH KOREA a chart very difficult to break ugh the longevity JUMPED out that's what happens when you gracefully age TALENT
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    What stupidity. Sexuality doesn’t translate to screen. A straight actor can play a gay person just as a gay person can play a straight person. The role in the movie is not dependent on the actor also being that sexuality. You want equality? Let ANY sexuality play ANY other sexuality. They’re not telling their life story. They’re recreating a fictional story. What does translate to screen is race. You can’t substitute a black role for a white role if the movie calls for a black role narratively. But if a movie calls for a gay role, narratively it’s fine to use any actor. Give gay actors straight roles or gay roles. Give straight actors straight roles or gay roles. THAT’s equality.
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    Poor Olivia Newton-John I hope she makes it to her daughter’s wedding
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    I was kinda bored and made these quick little covers since I've been listening to this album a lot lately. They're not particularly great but i still wanna share them with you guys. Sweetener alternate album cover: Song covers:
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    I guess Britney just feels bigger because her hits came as singles from her own albums while Christina's were mostly features that weren't on hers.