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    My bf surprised me with 5 NFR! formats and it's honestly the most beautiful thing ever!
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    My mom brought this basket in earlier, took one of the cats about four seconds to decide it was hers after it was set on the floor
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    I think we all have noticed that @Agugaga's threads are becoming blander by the minute and it's becoming sad to watch the sis tarnishing her legacy Fortunately, I have designed a brand new tool that will assist @Agugaga in spamming Battlegrounds with quality threads for many years to come: Agugagabot (click the link and it will randomly create a thread )
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    Not every pop girl needs to have vocals like Whitney or dancing skills like Britney She's one of the most interesting new pop girls in recent memory, makes great music and brings a fresh sound to the charts we stan tbh
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    Hello it’s my birthday tyvm
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    Effective immediately, there is a forum wide ban on Melanie Martinez sets!
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    Found out last night that my sister is pregnant so I’m gonna be an aunt! 😭😭
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    I’m really glad you told me. Not sure how I would have slept tonight if you hadn’t told me. This is the announcement that I have been waiting for today. God where would I be without you informing me of this. girl you dont need to tell me. just resize it and go
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    The experience of watching MVs on YouTube is really nothing compared to the unpredictability of watching them on a music channel that plays from all genres and decades, not having any control of what comes next and being practically forced to discover new music I'm experiencing that now and I get why Mtv was so popular back in the day.
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    The "Popular Now" threads right now:
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    1 year of this Grammy award winning classic!!!
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    Petition to change the color of the announcement banner from red to... literally any other color so I can stop thinking I got warned every time I load a new page
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    There was a wise man that once said “legends don’t campaign, they simply win”
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    remember when Bionic plunged from #1 to #29 on the UK albums chart
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    I like lana del Reys new album
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    This was and is still one of Gaga's BEST looks ever and I will NOT be told otherwise
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    @Andrew! @Ghostface @Kuba @Quill @Saiga BRIDESMAIDS: @Phoebe @Hylia @Dr. Slay @hector @Ruthless Love @Hyun. @Juinae @Afterglow @Light Years @Aidan. @Royalty @Ariana @Luca @Liam @Sylk @Bright Moon
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    Estelle’s American Boy > these tbh.
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    How is this petty? By re-recording her old material it will devalue the old masters and she’ll regain the upper hand against multiple sleazy men who screwed her over... I don’t see the issue If anything it’s a power move, not petty. No one would call a male musician doing this petty