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    Something that ALMOST happened and most certainly would have ended Gaga's career for good: TMZ getting ahold of Gaga's R. Kelly rape dream video, "Do What U Want" and the video almost leaking in full while she was nominated for an anti-rape song! I am still furious this didn't happen. It would have been the funniest career-ending moment in history.
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    OK but why am I picturing her going out in disguise to lick donuts to help the virus spread?
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    We’re all in quarantine why is the forum not popping 🥴
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    Right tho? Didn't realize my daily lifestyle was called "quarantine"
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    Corona said "If you're not gonna stop global warming, I'm gonna make you"
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    From a website that rates Gwen Stefani as a equally good and/or better singer than Ariana Grande, Christina Aguilera, Jessie J, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Adele, Florence's Machine, Kelly Rowland, Sia, Katy Perry and Rihanna... Yeah seems like a reliable source....
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    Stream Physical by Dua Lipa. It's funny because Mad Max aesthetics aside, Physical video succeeds more at being what SL video wants to be. Dua moves through the colours and in the end causes them to join and dance together. Had Gaga gone for actual costumes (I really think Xena TV shown is a great example because it's 90s AF yet the costumes don't look bad), actual sets beyond just desert and a more structured plot for the video (It doesn't have to be huge, just properly sequence the dances with each tribe and show her praying or something with each one to make them join her) and lastly make the Red vs Blue thing an actual battle or idk... something bigger than just 2 guys fighting. I guess that means the vid lacked more dancers
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    Dua numbers so high they’re having trouble calculating yup!
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    I know it's really bad bad bad bad bad self-aware queen!
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    GOT7? Game of Thrones season 7? Yes ma’am
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    Me avoiding all things living so i don't get the Coronavirus.
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    Hopefully this means Trump is also infected
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    Listing songs from the Bradley movie again
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    the fact that, out of all things (impeachment, muller investigation, racism, etc), the thing that will end trump (a science denier) will be the coronavirus is hilarious, bizarre, and ironic. The clown came back to bite
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    All this talking about how rape victims should feel and are supposed to feel (well how YOU all think how they should feel) makes me, as a rape victim, feel so incredibly disgusted. If you don’t have experienced this, you should shut the fuck up about how a rape victim is supposed to feel. You don’t know anything about it, so please, don’t act like you do.
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    So, where we gonna go? I whisper in the dark Where we gonna go? I think he knows He got my hearbeat Skipping down 16th Avenue Got that, oh, I mean Wanna see what's under that attitude Like, I want you, bless my sould And I ain't gotta tell him I THINK HE KNOWS
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    He has said a lot of untrue things about a number of people. Aside from that, shaming someone for the mental health problems and calling them disturbing, especially when that person is dead is really problematic.
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    All this COVID-19 news is depressing It feels like the world is all focused on one subject so the days are boring and it feels like they pass extremely quickly.
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    Corona entering the White House to end nasty boomers like Dump 🚽 and Mitch McTurtle
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    Because the most important thing is her physical appearance + chart sales and it doesn't matter that she's in a better place mentally now
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    Who’s gonna tell them? Are they just gonna have to wait for the harsh reality check come next Monday?
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    but can we discuss how Love Again was the rightful closer to the album? imagine ending this experience with those strings
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    Didn't she say she recorded 200? We must let this queen slip every now and again I feel
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    THIS. probably why I like it so much. Imagine if they collabed for a remix
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    This chorus really gives me Charlie Puth vibes
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    put my mind at ease... pretty please
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    Pretty Please is cute in an album full of gorgeous. She was doomed from the start.
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    so something good came out from Tove Lo music existence afterall
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    Physical is that ironic conceptual hit for our times
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    If some ( you ) are here for the drama, doesn't mean everyone else is. And why would anyone be here for any kind of the drama, especially something like this? Not being judgemental towards those who find that kind of hobby as an entertainment fulfilment in the slightest, but still. And the whole point is that this shouldn't have been the thing back then, because it is pretty transparent what was this all about. Apparently, people do crave for drama, so it is pretty evident ( from everything I read about this ) that some used this as their form to attack a person they don't like no matter if they had been able to see through this scheme or not. But the major point is that nothing of this matter and yet people turned this into something of epic proportions. Like, this ( edited ) phone call is not important. At all. That's the most apsurd part. For the sake of the drama you mention, people were willing to give this situation very significant role just because they didn't like certain person in the first place ( because they had their own preconceived notions apparently ). I repeat myself, this is borderline laughable, but I guess it served as a form for everyone to see what are people able to do when there is anything that they could do against someone they dislike. Even though, there is not a reason ( like here where the reason wasn't present since person everyone grabbed for neck was telling the truth or people ignored true intentions behind this on purpose ). Which is a shame may I say, because you could have been doing much more important and immensely funnier things than dedicate yourself in a stone throwing action and "hunt" after someone you don't particulary find likeable ( not to mention that liking or disliking someone you don't personally know is a different kind of problem/topic ). "She did what she had to do..." This pretty much is very telling about someone's character I must say. You basically agree that when someone doesn't like certain person, they should be free and willing to resort to similar tactics. I would apply evaluation of hobbies and priorities, but hey, whatever you like.
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    should i report for d*ath threat?
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    PDP has actually 43 million cuz of double upload as almost every M single on Spotify
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    Setting her boundaries! Britney Spears“doesn’t want to work” out of resentment for her father, Jamie Spears, and the rules of her conservatorship, a source exclusively reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly. The “Toxic” singer, 38, has been enjoying her time away from the spotlight, and hasn’t planned to release new music anytime soon as a form of protest against her conservatorship, which Jamie, 67, has controlled since 2008. As conservator, Jamie has power over the Grammy winner’s multimillion dollar estate, her personal affairs, her relationships and even her taxes. “Britney has expressed that she doesn’t want to work again because she doesn’t want to continue to essentially keep herself under the conservatorship,” the source tells Us. “Britney resents that her dad is given a monthly allowance which is around $10,000 a month for his services overseeing her finances.” x
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    So I had a dream that somehow I was shopping with Britney Spears at Target and we were with her mother. I split from her and her mother cos I did wanna hold them back from me wanting to look at what I came for. I had my own money (like under $30) and only needed to by 2 things (can't remember what) but then I saw a fictional new Ariana album with a shiny hardcover packaging as if it was a book (kinda like something out of the K-Pop market). Somehow when we go to the register (I knew I was short a few dollars and) I asked Britney if I could borrow what I was short of. She was making it a big deal since it was (and idk how it switched) an album by The Who. (An old American classic rock band). So we ended up holding up the line with me trying to convince her as the cashier was ringing up her items, a very irritated bald white man in his 40s. Eventually her mother returns from whatever she was doing and I asked her her opinion. I said that I was only short like $8 so it wasn't like I was asking for a house. But I checked the prices anyway and ----get this---- the album ended up turning itself into a whole ass tablet device that costed $155 (still with The Who album in it; still don't know what happened with the Ariana album I originally wanted to grab). Then I was like OOOOHHHHH SHIT, ok nevermind. Then I woke up
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    Never Really Over vs. Stupid Love some Spotify charts: Global: NRO - 2.212.108 SL - 2.194.262 US: NRO - 632.523 SL - 548.820 Australia: NRO - 127.990 SL - 106.761 Philippines NRO - 118.974 SL - 117.498 Canada: NRO - 110.958 SL - 95.574 Germany: NRO - 109.529 SL - 101.761 Italy: NRO - 64.202 Sl - 52.930
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    That 1 good section of Dark Ballet is so powerful its messing with peoples' minds
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    Elementary, high schools and universities closed for 2 weeks
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    She should have ditched the R Kelly version and made a video with Xtinct. As someone said in another thread, her side projects always do well
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    we tried to warn the liddos i-