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    Just casually enjoying my break when a man walks by on the phone and says “well you’re wrong, and I have the testicles to prove it.”
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    Me: “This is the last time, I’m leaving (a thread)” Me logged in anonymously waiting for one reply:
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    Update on the last status: here's the merch I designed
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    Aka “art is only art if it’s consumed the way the establishment prefers!1!1!”
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    ya'll motherfucking phaggots getting on my last nerve.. do you know how impressive it is for a MUSIC artist to not only win in the musical category but also be nominated for a totally different field just a decade into their career? next to excellence is recognition, none of the FOTP favs have been up on an academy award nomination screen for best actress, MAKE IT MAKE SENSE the past 5 years miss gaga has done jazz with tony bag of bones bennett, released her most personal album, did the super bowl twice, did the oscars 3 times now, is the lead in one of the most successful movies of the year etc etc... all while garnering ACCLAIM and ACCOLADES i aint' forget when ya'll fags were saying venom would outperform ASIB... STOP clinging on to anything to convince yourself lady ga is a flop ya'll OGHs LOST she won it's the new reality, adjust to it and move ON
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    “For the last time, no Shallow stream no whipped cream”
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    Promise me you won’t cry...
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    Shallow is THAT bitch tbh
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    I- And the #1 is basically confirmed for Shallow too. Imagine if someone told y’all in 2016/17 that in 2019 Ariana and Gaga would be competing for the #1 on both charts and Gaga would win + collect a fucking Oscar
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    Sister Jude... it's me... Lana... Lana Banana
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    Hunting for a career job is actually depressing but I refuse to go back to retail lmao
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    Once in a while, I think of a tweet of a Beyhive member replying "they better STAND!!!" to the news that the wheelchair section of the Formation tour was sold out, and then writing "stan* sorry" jdfkdsjfkds
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    me: orders take out from the same place 2 days in a row restaurant:
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    I'll be starting in my new job tomorrow . Please wish me luck girls.
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    Robot Katy losing control in 365 video is how I imagine your brain right now
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    im reporting for targeted harassment
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    I’m SHOUTING this bitch
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    Why would you stan someone who doesn’t give a shit? I love when singers actually give a shit about their career because it actually makes them, their performances, videography, and discography at least somewhat interesting. Giving a shit shouldn’t be looked down upon, sweets.