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    the fact that the baby gon inherit old-kylie features
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    FOTP: omg this place is so boring these days where are all the trolls I need some excitement also FOTP: ugh this user is so annoying all they do is troll @ mods ban it pls
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    Oreo's parent company Kraft Foods is a huge sponsor for FOTP. @Onika & @Lachlan are contractually obliged to keep the section that belongs to the face of their biggest brand.
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    Look at all this English textbook promo, close the BG
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    reputation her impact y'all can stop complaining about the fucking order now! Hello hello hello, and welcome to the 2017 Member Countdown! It is I, your lovely host Hyunty, and this time I'm accompanied by the legendary @Hannah! The two of us will take care of this iconic event for this year. You've all been waiting for an event for everyone to come together, appreciate your fellow FOTPers, the friends you've made here, members who've made your year, all that festive stuff, everything's possible because of the community we have built here, so here's the chance for everyone to stop the drama, and instead focus on the positive side of things! Just like last year's event, here we'll be ranking and later counting down the favorite members of the community, voted by you, of course! It won't take much of your effort, so let's go over the details and all that fun stuff! (1) To start off, we need a list of your Top 25 members from the forum! These can be anyone you'd like to add! Your #1 position will get 25 points, #2 will get 24 points, and so on. Add comments for everyone too, these shall remain anonymous when we reveal everything so don't be shy to express your feelings! 2016's list of members, for reference! (2) Send a PM to @Hannah and myself with your list, you've got until October 19th to get your list going! That should give you enough time to look for your fave members and rank them! We reserve the right to any mass tagging btw! (3) The event will take place on Saturday, October 21st, at 5pm EST. Here's a handy countdown so you know when it's happening! Have fun, and let's appreciate our lovely community! See you soon!
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    As a survivor of sexual assault, this whole mess with her defending her child rapist of a brother was the last straw when it comes to me supporting her. I cannot and will not support anyone who commits such a horrid act, enables it, or defends a perpetrator's actions. I'm absolutely disgusted with Onika; I get that he's family, but honey, if my brother was a child rapist, I would rather have that sick fuck in jail than anywhere near me or my future kids. I really wish her stans would look at this more often and speak out against it, I don't see enough of it.
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    Hello everyone! Yes the rumors are true, I am the co-host of this years member countdown! I'm not the only new thing about this years festivities though! This year we are offering a reward for those that submit and stick around for the results later this month! That's right, you have the chance to win free VIP! Now how exactly can you win VIP from this years member countdown? Well it's simple. All you need to do is correctly predict the top five of this years countdown. Those that guessed correctly + were active throughout the results will win a free month of VIP! Yes this is a cheap way to get yall to submit and be active in the thread. So what are you all waiting for? Send Hyun and I your fave members and your predictions soon!
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    On February 10th, I decided to do a thing called a last.fm chart and on the first day of signups I had about 40 people on the first week. Over time, my charts just kept growing and growing which made me super happy. This has been the most funnest thing I have ever done on this forum, thank you guys for participating and also scrobbling like crazy just for me, every single one of you means a lot to me. You didn't have to sign up for it but most of you did anyways, thank you once again. To answer the question in the title, yes.. this is goodbye. After months and a little hiatus of doing these charts, it's time to move on and leave things behind. I will be making an archive of the charts all the way from February to September so don't worry, so my gift to you guys is this Top 50 chart full of songs that have charted since the beginning. I use this website called Crownnote and every time a song charts it gets points (the higher the peak, the higher the points.) So enjoy and once again thank you all for EVERYTHING. #11-#20 #21-#30 #31-#40 #41-#50
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    Get ready for its iconic return at #186 when Roulette SMASHES
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    Good there's a high chance you won't procreate, then
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    Kylie and Madonna stans should overlap more, in my humble opinion. They're pretty similar artists in that what I like about both of them is their extensive discography of thematically different albums. Obviously, I am an expert on both (it's sarcasm, I promise) so I decided I would compile a list of Kylie albums to listen to based on Madonna albums that you may like. Let's start with the most obvious comparison: Ray of Light ---> Impossible Princess The Experimental One If you like the more experimental electronic sound of Ray of Light, Impossible Princess might be your Kylie album! While more trip-hop and a bit darker than ROL, it's Kylie's most experimental album and the one she wrote the most songs on, and her writing is quite impressive if you ask me. Also fun fact, Madonna said that Don't Tell Me from Music was inspired by Kylie's Cowboy Style from IP, which is an EXTREMELY fun fact if you ask me! Bedtime Stories ---> Body Language The R&B One Maybe it's my bias cause each of these are my favorite album by the two artists, but I do think Bedtime Stories fans will see the merits in Body Language as well. BS is more 90s r&b while BL is more 2000s r&b, but they're both each of the artists most cohesive albums musically. While I don't want to say definitively "if you like one, you're sure gonna love the other one!", I do think they could be good jumping off points for one another and both worked for me as vessels to get into each woman's discography. Confessions on a Dance Floor ---> Fever OR Light Years The Early 2000s Disco Album Amazing that Kylie put out two, right?? Disco queen! I include both because I personally prefer big anthems like Your Disco Needs You over quiet the repetitive Can't Get You Out Of My Head and even though Fever is probably more similar to Confessions, if you're like me and Fever just doesn't quite do it for you, Light Years is a fun alternative (I know, unpopular opinion). Before I say anything else that could be bad let's just move on! Erotica ---> Kylie Minogue (1994) The Super 90s Album I first want to say that when I say "dated" I don't mean it in a negative way. Something can sound quintessentially 90s and have that be the best part of it. That's how I feel about these 2 albums and why I think of them similarly. While not her first controversy, Erotica was Madonna's super sexual album that really stirred the pot for women in pop music lyrically and KM94 was Kylie's first non-PWL album and a huge break from her previous sound, so I'd consider both to be big turning points in their careers. If you're interested in sultry 90s music and Erotica is your Madonna album of choice, KM94 might be a good album for you! And even if not, just listen to Confide In Me it's so good I promise MDNA ---> Kiss Me Once The Messy Album Again, not a bad thing. I know both albums get a lot of hate but I honestly highly enjoy both quite a bit. One of my favorite things is cringy music by otherwise talented artists and these albums definitely work for me on that front. I figured I'd mention them for anyone that's like me that likes this kind of stuff, but I also understand if you like neither, that's ok too! True Blue ---> Rhythm of Love The Fun Early Album I definitely use the word "fun" too much to describe music, but what can I say? Girls just wanna have fun! These albums are both generally upbeat and boppable. If you're looking for an early discography highlight, these are definitely good picks, and what do you know? Their both the artists third album! Rhythm of Love is more disco inspired 90s pop whereas I'd call True Blue an 80s pop album, I do think fans of one would enjoy the other. I couldn't find matches for all of the albums that I liked, so sorry if you didn't find your fave on here, but I wanted to add this one for shits and gigs: Like a Virgin ---> Enjoy Yourself These albums have a lot in common: both are each artists worst album, both are their second albums, and I've never been able to listen to either in full. Similar icons! Although it should be noted that LAV has 2 iconic songs that are more than listenable please don't hurt me So...yeah, I was bored and thought this would be fun. If you have any other comparisons you'd like to share, I'd love to hear them!
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    Don't forget it was uncool to like Michael Jackson before he died partly cause he was old and partly cause he probably molested children and then the second he died everyone pretended to be his biggest fan. Older artists won't be known for their music until they die and it will be "uncool" to like Madonna and Mariah for a while now
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    is the concept "the artist listed is not singing the songs"?
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    My Unread Books Challenge Okay, so I'm not sure how many people are actually interested in reading this, but the thing is, I am a bookworm. Other thing is, I love to collect books and Donald Duck Pockets (<is what they're called here in Holland) I count a total of 224 books and 116 pockets in my collection. Problem is, I often buy new books, instead of first reading a descent amount of the books that I currently already own. And visiting the library from time to time doesn't really help with that. So right now, I kinda wanna start my own project of reading more of my own books than purchasing them. Right now I haven't read 80 of the books that I own. LORD, HELP ME! It's really confronting to actually see those numbers. I never thought it would be that much, dear Jesus! Out of my Donald Duck Collection I've only read 41 pockets out of the 116. Who's interested to follow the progress I'm gonna (try) to make? Disclaimer: I see a ton of books in my collection that I bought when I still went to High School and I actually don't really feel that much of a desire to pick them up and actually read them, but I can't deal with getting rid of them or anything either. I'm already procrastinating. P.S. If you wish to be removed from any future taglists, please let me know!
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    I'm sorry I dare to assume a person's popularity from my savage third world island tbh For all it's worth, small countries STAN. They even stan singers that are has-beens elsewhere, but 'little countries' didn't get a memo and still bop. That's why when Juanne flops, you still see it going number one in AfghaniSTAN and Gayrocco. Gayz from 'irrelevant countries' at least have a decency to support their idols with their hard-earned, flop currency, while you all are sleeping and not supporting
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    I have news. I have successfully made a account on ATRL. Yes, it is true. I will now be moving to ATRL permanently. I know you will all miss me, and I will miss you all too. But it is for the best. I feel very out of place her. I know a lot of people like me. But I feel like I'm become increasingly more unpopular and hated. A select few group of members, always posting and being rude. I try not to let it get to me. But sometimes it does. And so I'm leaving, and hopefully everyone on ATRL will be nice. To the newer and older members on here. I wish you luck, and a tip. Do not gain access to NHB. A select group of older members are trying to make it a true hell hole. Where they can say anything they want, and cyber bully people. All while hiding under the guise of "You knew what you got yourself into". It's really sad. I tried to calm down the vileness in NHB. And was successful for a while. But a few keep trying to keep it alive. Every time I go in there, there is always something negative about me. Every time I make a thread the first posts are always something negative. I'm labeled a troll, when all I actually wanna do is make people laugh. That's what I first visited this site for. Amusement. Granted I did sometimes go overboard. My crazy HOW threads and Lounge threads. Not hate. Not bullying. The anonymity the internet provides, has made some people incredibly inconsiderate and rude. A little more news before I go. I was actually 36. That is true. So for all you people who always made fun of me for being "a 40 year old creep". You were close. But I'm no creep. I was just a normal person looking to find friends on this forum. I'm sure many of you could relate. I think this is all I had to say. This will be my last blog, hell, my last post on this site. My first thread I was just kidding, but after thinking. I think this choice is the best for me. Goodbye Fotp, it was a good 2 years. Sincerely, Jacob. yep, that is my real name.
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    In light of recent activity and absurd climate of the Battlegrounds section concerning 5-Octave-Vocalist Mariah Carey and Madonna. FOTP user Sylk has issued a statement through his representatives. First of all, let me start off by saying that Madonna is a legend, she's the Queen of Pop, that's what she's known for, she's had a longer career and she's always gonna be on top. And since we don't really have an exact estimate, or maybe we do I'm not good with numbers, eitherway Madonna is infact the best selling female artist of all time. But let's get one thing straight Mariah is right behind her, maybe even not 2nd, maybe she's 3rd if you don't like that, but she's up there. You cannot deny her successes and achievements, many of which outweighs Madonnas and vice versa. Simply saying she's local or does not have memorable songs does not take away from the fact that she's just as influential as Madonna but in regards to singing. (doesn't matter if she can't sing like she used to, her legacy cannot be undone. You simply cannot measure consistency alongside longevity in this business.) Just like Madonna, if not all, most of the biggest FOTP favs (ie: Gaga, Xtina, Britney etc) along with a huge chuck of artists from the 90s, 00s & 10s have cited Mariah as an influence, both in and outside US. Another thing I wanna point out is that some of you have the nerve to come for Mariah only being relevant during Christmas, which isn't really true to be honest but okay maybe her only remembered song is All I Want For Christmas Is You, I mean imagine writing and producing, at 23, one of the last songs to become a true standard, a genuine classic. Every year it becomes bigger than the year before. That's something nobody else has or will have. Stop acting like that's a bad thing. Fact of the matter is, both Mariah and Madonna are untouchable legends in their own right. Both have praised each other the last they spoke of one another, so this stan war makes no sense, they're both incomparable. So @all the lambs and @all the good fossils, stop the drama and start the music !! Now this is directly addressed to the vile Madonna stans, if you're offended by being called vile then good, it shows you're self-aware. First of all, career failures at this point don't matter, she's paid her dues. Nobody can't un-diamond those albums, no one can unchart those #1s. It's ridiculous how some of you ridicule this woman and blatantly body shame her. And some of you other stans even go as far as to say her career is over, 27 years in, when some of ya'lls fav's careers walking towards the light in they 2-4 year. Stop attacking every artist when they breath, saying Madonna invented breathing back in 1980s. You guys are so fucking pressed all the time. Going around making jokes about Gaga's health, like who fucking does that? That's just sad. Stop it. I don't even go to the Madonna section anymore because of how toxic you people are. Anyways, I have not participated in any of this hateration so far, this is my only contribution to this discussion. I'm doing this thread to let you all know that it's time to end this tom-foolery. Stop the Drama, Start The Music! #2k17
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    Hi everyone - just wanted to post this little cliché thing saying that I’ll be retiring as a player from the game. I know “retiring” is a weird word but I like it - I’ve spent a little over four years on this game, so I feel like as a “vet” it’s a nice word. I’ve really appreciated this game and how it’s evolved over the years. I’ve also really appreciated the different people that have come, gone and/or stayed over the years. Getting to know y’all, seeing the work - it’s a privilege. For as long as back in the fourth grade, I wanted to make my own music and I started out by writing. I couldn’t tell y’all how much this game has made me step up my game and learn things about writing, production and even vocals in odd ways. Performances, creative ideas too. This has been such an outlet for me, through really bright times and really dark times that I’ve been through over the last four years. I couldn’t tell y’all how thankful I am for that. I’ve been working on multiple projects over the last year plus. Starting out with Christina, I’ve been working on her sixth studio album titled ‘Livid’. Its lead, “L.M.K. (Let Me Know)” — featuring Dreezy — was supposed to be out since September 8th. I’m going to leak it here the second I get home, since everything is done sans vocals, but I guess that’s not important anymore. The album would come out on October 27th, with this really cool 1900s Thriller/Crime inspired short film I had in the works coming out on Halloween. I’m still interested in finishing the album, but not the short film. The album will be leaked then too. As for Céline, I couldn’t tell y’all how proud I am of ‘ARCHITECTRESS’. I’ve still got a long way to go to finish it, and I will post it here when I do - sometime next year. There was a huge twist coming with the album. This entire time I’d been promoting it as “Céline’s last record”, but that was a lie. Another album, titled ‘DELUSIONS’ was going to be announced the day ‘ARCHITECTRESS’ dropped and would be released about a month later. I was particularly excited for ‘DELUSIONS’ because I would say it’s really the first personal album I’ve done in the game. I really think y’all were going to see a side of me through reading the lyrics that you don’t really know. It was a very sentimental, emotional record. I will leak it as well, when it’s finished, sometime next year. The most important thing I wanted to do though was ask y’all a question: Would you feel comfortable with me going back to reviewing albums on Metacritic? I’d still love to be a part of the game somehow, and I’m still very passionate in the idea that hard work deserves to be closely examined/appreciated, and since y’all seemed to have liked me on MC last year I figured it was worth asking. It’s just that with all this inconsistency, and a lot of paranoia that’s come back after a few years and some realizations as to how the social dynamic of the game is - I wouldn’t enjoy playing anymore. Of course, like I said, I’ll still be leaking projects. I think to “judge” everyone else without dropping shit myself is whack asf and y’all know I truly believe that so that’s the main reason why I’ll finish my projects and leak them. I love y’all though - well most of y’all, anyway. Thanks for everything!
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    Both are very different vocally so I don't think it would be a good fit, Britney would just overshadow Mariah
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    1. Michael Jackson started his solo career in the 70s. 2. Anyway, I watched that clip yesterday and noticed how many kids knew him. I won't debate if the clip is scripted or not. The thing is Madonna isn't a male and other female artists get into the same situation. Michael Jackson is adored by all generations, while Madonna can be defined as a slut, attention seeker and not a real music artist, a gay thing by straight man. The list goes on. When people talk about music geniuses, names like Bowie, Prince and Dylan are thrown around. Kate Bush is nowhere to be seen. Some ignore her, maybe because her music is much more artistic and less rock and roll music for concerts that masses could enjoy. Through history, women have always been downgraded. As painters, musicians, writers, workers, actresses... In the past actors played female roles, women have been accepted as less capable by men, every form of creativity was considered to be a man thing. Men decided that kitchen is woman's place and now they occupied that place too, because there are many famous chefs. When it comes to fine arts in the 20th century, women did progress, but they still were underrated. Female artists of Surrealism like Frida Kahlo and many others were as good as Dali and Magritte, some maybe even better, yet they aren't well known. Swedish painter Hilma af Klint was discovered to be the first creator of abstract art during the 80s, yet Wassily Kandinsky is still the "creator"in art history books. Even when women are great, there are always comments like her work is "feminine" just because it is very romantic or emotional. Like men and emotions don't go together. In some way Madonna will always be in Michael's shadow, because she is a woman and was very provocative through her career. His songs could be enjoyed by everyone, while some Madonna's songs you wouldn't play to young audience because of sexual nature and other themes. Again, MJ is adored by both sexes, while Madonna gets "gay thing" status by many straight men. On the other hand, Michael will always be in Madonna's shadow, because Madonna was much more artistically daring in music. While he was repeating the same thing, Madonna was evolving. She sang about many serious themes (pregnancy, virginity, materialism, AIDS, gays...), experimented with different genres, delivered different visuals... Instead of trying to drag Madonna and make her less important than Michael Jackson, you should be proud that a woman managed to be such a force artistically and commercially in the music industry. I know there are people who hate her, but you act like we are talking about Halsey here. Madonna, as a woman, delivered quality pop and showed that pop music can be more than catchy music for masses on the radio. She didn't recycle the same shit, she was original and creative, she spoke through her music, she was one of those who fused art with stage and music videos... Why don't we celebrate her, instead of downgrading her like every other woman that was downgraded in her own time?
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    Because they're too good for the US
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    well, in terms of sales the US may be 80% (actually it's not because there's UK, Germany & Japan there slaying left and right), but relevance doesn't measure in sales but rather the actual popularity in the world, and last time i checked the US accounted for 4.3% of the world population so try again sweety
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    I finally finished my terrifying philosophy midterm paper. I'm going to bed for now but this thing has been hanging over my head for the past six weeks and I can't wait to catch up on celeb gossip, clean out my inbox on here, start working on my upcoming articles, begin figuring out my transfer plans, and generally just feel my stress levels decreasing (even though I have other assignments right around the corner ). @Sylk @Taylor @Diamond @#Music @Dennis Reynolds @Starlight @Royale I will finally reply to y'all tomorrow.
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    All I Want is Chart this Christmas will outstream Gloryhole in December whether we like it or not. It's inevitable.
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    All this time you were gone and Xtina still hasn't released an album
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    I mean, this should be expected. Shania has a massive legacy and her fan base spans multiple generations. This is a comeback that a lot of people have been waiting for.
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    She's doing it for charity, so I think it's pretty fucking amazing.
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    omg this is too long to estimate Beyonce - sacrificing virgins to the Illuminati for youth and wealth Rihanna - Doing infomercials to promote her new fenty flavored tampons Katy - porn Taylor - dating and dumping the president and writing a song about him Drake - Being considered a legendary rapper like most rappers that live long enough even if they sucked Justin B - Serving time for a rape case or murder Ed - still being mistaked as a carrot Adele - Releasing her 4th album. Nicki - idk but i imagine those implants will start to degrade very badly and she will have ran out of money to get new ones.
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    Me after scrolling past one hot guy on Instagram
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    Listening to Demi's new album
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    I’m LGBT…. Lazy, Greedy, Bitchy and Talkative
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    Used my boss's computer to log in on fotp while he was on lunch break btw
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    buzzfeed is the chainsmokers of journalism