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    That's right, you heard it here first folks. After taking a long ass hiatus, I have returned! I have been getting multiple PM's and requests for me to bring the charts back for a few weeks now so... why not just bring it back? Only thing is that I decided to make some changes for this comeback, instead of Top 15 we're going back to Top 10. The artist chart will NOT return instead I'll be adding a Top 10 ALBUM chart along with the Top 10 singles chart. Happy scrobbling and I will see you guys Friday!!!
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    18 players, 3 songs, 3 judges. Welcome to FOTP's Holy Trinity, a new music-based competition where you'll be challenged with creating the perfect song trinities! The game will exploit the strange yet pleasing obsession we have with the number 3 and grouping things into trios, trinities, trilogies, triangles, being tri-bi, all those tri-things! Obviously, the number 3 will remain present throughout this entire competition, though that won't mean you'll be playing in threes, every players will be off for themselves. If you think you've got what it takes, then join and prove your taste in music! The game is simple, each round I'll be giving you all a theme - it could be an adjective, or a simple description - and your job is to create the perfect trinity of songs that both matches the theme correctly, and manages to stay cohesive and work as one. After submission, the 3 game judges (to be revealed when the game begins!**) will then listen and score to your trinities from 1 to 10. The top 3 scoring players will be grouped into The Golden Trinity, and the bottom 3 players in the The Flop Trinity. Discussing together, as a trinity, the Golden Trinity will then choose someone from the Flop Trinity to eliminate each round. In the end, 3 players will remain and be crowned FOTP's Holy Trinity*! *Each member of FOTP's Holy Trinity will receive one month of VIP as their prize! **The Judges Trinity is formed by members from the Popfection team! Just send a PM to myself with one song you'd like to audition with, it should showcase you and your taste in music, as well as a picture you'd like to be represented with throughout the game. The judges and I will discuss, then 18 players will be chosen from these sign-ups and the game will begin! The deadline for submissions will be Friday, July 28th, and the game should start the following day(s). The official cast and judges will be announced then! Also one thing I'd like you to keep in mind is that you'll need to be fairly active in the game, I don't mean you need to be here every single day of the week but at least when there's important events happening! If you have any questions leave them below ofc! yes, this will be the only time i ever mass tag for this event, don't rage at me please and thank you!
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    Woman looks different without makeup. Groundbreaking.
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    So, as most of you know. @Aidan. hosted a "giveaway" event a while ago in which I won a copy of Let's Get to It, an underrated Legendlie album. Today I received a package from a mysterious "A". Here is the package: All seems fine, and I got ready to blast If You Were With Me Now on my stereo, until I opened it up and found this note... Ignoring the blatant homophobia and the pressure to buy one of Kylie's worst albums, I proceeded to open up the CD. Only to find something even worse... HOW DARE YOU SCAM AN AL KYLIEDA MEMBER LIKE THIS? This has been reported to Tech Haus Inc. and will be dealt with! I hope you Live and Learn from your mistakes!
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    Screaming at Kylie finally having a permasection but equally shrieking at her being considered a "Pioneer". Of what? Vocals? Of fashion? Lyrics? Musical style? Persona? Human rights? Gold rush? WHAT? And Mariah? Queen of Christmas songs and whispering? I don't understand. Help me gorls, Madge doesn't deserve to be associated with these lessors
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    Exclusive footage of Taylor when she first heard Swish Swish
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    i'm using this whenever i don't want to do anything.
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    Now, imagine if Madonna said 'i dumped him because he was black and i needed clean image at the time'
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    me eating shawn mendes' ass for the first time
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    Is she dropping an @Ursula diss track?
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    Britney's singing live, Kesha is releasing a single, Iggy and Azealia are collaborating...2017 is WILD
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    Top 10 Singles Text Version: - Top 10 Albums #1 Lust For Life - Lana Del Rey (555 scrobbles) #2 A Seat At The Table - Solange (551 scrobbles) #3 Witness - Katy Perry (405 scrobbles) #4 Dua Lipa - Dua Lipa (292 scrobbles) #5 Dangerous Woman - Ariana Grande (204 scrobbles) #6 The War - EXO (161 scrobbles) #7 Rainbow - Kesha (124 scrobbles) #8 Melodrama - Lorde (122 scrobbles) #9 Party's Over - Astrid S (102 scrobbles) #10 The Pinkprint - Nicki Minaj (88 scrobbles)
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    Definitely not, support the artist and wait. It's been 5 years you can wait a month
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    On my way to the Dangerous Woman Tour
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    The MC section now completes seven whole months in Spotlight and is now Permanent! As of today the section has a total of 51,705 posts! It earned more then 22k posts since it's addition in December!
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    I spent a little bit of time working on these today, and I wanted to share them here in case any of you wanted to use them. Enjoy!
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    Winner: @Michael. Runner Up: @Diamond Jury: @Cosmic @Simón. @Maraj @Liam @Hyun. @Daenerys @Sylk @Skyline @Alex. @Zachary @RihannaRTT @barbiej33p @Kuba Pre-Jury: @Aidan. @Tomás @Hermione @Milk @Saiga @Lachlan @Royalty @Royale @Taylor @Rachel Berry @Power Dutchess @Luca.
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    @Hannah @Luca. @Daenerys @Maraj @Halcyon @Royalty @Michael. @Malfoy @TattooedHeart @Diamond @Royale @Cosmic @Hyun. @Jake @Hector @Dr. Slay @Taylor @Addi @Coca-Cola @Rachel Berry @Urbanov @Jae @Justas If you would like to join the taglist, just tell me!
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    I mostly stopped posting on FOTP, but this is too important for me to leave unsaid. If anyone reading this has been dealing with depression, self-harm, or suicidal thoughts, please talk to a counselor or contact a hotline. You matter, you are loved, and you are not alone. It isn't easy to put yourself out there, but trying to get help will be one of the best decisions you've ever made and you will thank yourself later. Below is a list of numbers you can call, and while I'm by no means a mental health professional I'd be happy to listen and help somehow if you send me a PM. <3
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    Fan Ranking Names in italics have been evicted 1. @Tomás 2. @Sylk 3. @Royale 4. @Skyline 5. @Maraj 6. @Daenerys 7. @Aidan. 8. @Saiga 9. @Hermione 10. @Hyun. 11. @Diamond 12. @Zachary 13. @Kuba 14. @Cosmic 15. @Milk 16. @Rachel Berry 17. @RihannaRTT 18. @barbiej33p 19. @Royalty 20. @Alex. 21. @Lachlan 22. @Luca. 23. @Power Dutchess 24. @Justin Bieber 25. @Liam 26. @Michael. 27. @Taylor
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    It's time for the nomination ceremony! @Milk as our very first Head Of Household, it is your job to nominate two people for eviction. Who will they be? It's time to find out who the unlucky fads are! The veto will be held next!
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    Memory Wall @Aidan. @Sylk @Diamond @Cosmic @RihannaRTT @Luca. @Hyun. @Royale @barbiej33p @Liam @Hermione @Kuba @Michael. @Rachel Berry @Tomás @Zachary @Maraj @Saiga @Taylor @Skyline @Power Dutchess @Simón. @Royalty @Lachlan @Daenerys @Alex. @Milk
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    That is everyone! 27 houseguests, but only one of you will be crowned the winner of FOTP Big Brother: All Stars! Start greeting, making alliance PM's (that I MUST be a part of! If I find out about any alliance PM's that I was not a part of, it will result in everyone in the PM getting penalty votes!), and get ready for the premiere tomorrow at 3 pm EST! Also, join @Hylia as he will now air your pre-season interviews in the After Show section! @Daenerys @Skyline @Liam @Rachel Berry @Cosmic @Maraj @barbiej33p @Hyun. @Kuba @Sylk @Taylor @Lachlan @Royale @Alex. @Saiga @Michael. @Hermione @Aidan. @Diamond @Milk @Power Dutchess @Justin Bieber @RihannaRTT @Luca. @Tomás @Royalty @Zachary
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    (banner made by @Dr. Slay) The wait is over! TAG is finally back! Most of you already know how this game works, but here's a rundown since it's been 84 years since the last season. Each week, I will post a new round with ten questions (there will be five rounds total). All you have to do is send your answers to me via PM. Don't answer with your personal opinion, answer what you think the majority of FOTP will answer. There are no wrong answers, but getting the top answer gets you the most points. You are not allowed to share your answers with other players before the results show. At the results shows, I'll be revealing the answers for each question and you'll have the opportunity to get some bonus points! At the end, I'll post a scoreboard and you'll be able to see how well you did. The winner of this season will receive 2 months of free VIP! 2nd place AND 3rd place will receive 1 month of free VIP. If you have any questions, check out the pinned TAG information thread or just PM me! This season, snatching top answers and bonus points is more important than ever! Each round, the player with the most points will be the winner of the round. They will receive special gifts that will help them in the next round. The two players who truly flopped and are collecting dust at the bottom of the scoreboard will be punished and the "gift" they receive will hurt them in the next round. More information on that will be revealed during our first results show. The results shows will take place every Sunday starting July 16. If you participate, please vote in the poll above for the time that works best for you. I'll let everyone know when the show will be ahead of time so you can cancel work, social events, sleep etc. because TAG is just too important to miss! Now here are the questions for round one. We're starting off a bit easy, you're welcome ROUND ONE QUESTIONS 1. What's the best part of summer? 2. Name a popular social media site 3. What is the most useless emote on FOTP? 4. Which FOTP fave delivered the best album in 2016? 5. Name a popular TV series from this decade 6. Who should receive the MTV Video Vanguard Award this year? 7. What's the last film you saw in a theatre? 8. Name a european city you'd like to visit 9. Name a celebrity you'd love to never hear about again 10. Do Mariah Carey and Kylie Minogue deserve their spots in the "Pioneers" section? Please send your answers to me by next Saturday! Sending your answers only takes a few minutes, so participate! I promise you'll have fun <3 If I tagged you it's only because you played in a previous season. I won't tag you again pls don't hate me
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    This was kind of expected to be the case, unfortunate as it may be. She's under contract for two more albums after Rainbow. The good news is he's been cut out of decision-making completely, even if he is making royalties. That said, a) royalties are a pittance, b) she's back to doing what she loves while he's a public enemy, and c) the music she's making is a giant "fuck you" to him in so many ways. At the end of the day, she still won in a lot more ways than anyone anticipated.
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    The next group to fall off the rope are...
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    There are over 15,000 ACTIVE SERVING transgender troops in the military. The fact that he just completely undermined their service and called them a burden to the force is so fucking low. This ban is backwards and foolish and I fucking hate him.
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    how come 128 people on this forum have a Rihanna stan badge yet 5 of them post in her section?
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    @Big Brother Live Feeds will be turning on shortly to post their updates.... It's time for me to reveal both the shooting star advantage as well as something else that you should all be prepared for tomorrow! First, the shooting star advantage. Tonight, you will be voting for who get's the jury shooting star. Whoever gets this star will be granted immunity until the jury phase begins. This person will still be able to win HOH's and Veto's so be careful as to who you choose. They may be safe, but you certainly are not! Now on to the second bit of news.... Tomorrow will be the seasons very first double eviction! Oh yes! Either Royale or Royalty will be evicted first, then we will name a new HOH, they will nominate two people, we will determine a veto winner, and we will have a quick vote, and then someone else will be evicted. I will be messaging the double eviction HOH tonight so that I can get their nominees without hassle. However, this person will not be allowed to say if they are the HOH or not! Get ready houseguests, you are in for a bumpy ride tomorrow!
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    Fan Ranking Italics mean they have been evicted 1. @Hyun. 2. @Skyline 3. @Daenerys 4. @Kuba 5. @Zachary 6. @Royalty 7. @Hermione 8. @barbiej33p 9. @Maraj 10. @Alex. 11. @Sylk 12. @RihannaRTT 13. @Royale 14. @Diamond 15. @Saiga 16. Rachel Berry 17. @Cosmic 18. @Liam 19. @Tomás 20. @Justin Bieber 21. @Aidan. 22. @Milk 23. @Lachlan 24. @Power Dutchess 25. @Luca. 26. @Taylor 27. @Michael.
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    It's time for the nomination ceremony! @Maraj is about to kill another career!
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    @Daenerys @Skyline @Liam @Rachel Berry @Cosmic @Maraj @barbiej33p @Hyun. @Kuba @Sylk @Taylor @Lachlan @Royale @Alex. @Saiga @Michael. @Hermione @Aidan. @Diamond @Milk @Power Dutchess @Justin Bieber @RihannaRTT @Luca. @Tomás @Royalty @Zachary Now that you are all in the house I must inform you of our newest rule! 1. If you make an alliance PM, you must include me or risk getting penalty votes. 2. No overwhelming amount of overly sexual posts or risk penalty votes. 3. Our newest rule! After the mayhem of last season, it is now against the rules to spam off topic conversations for the sake of gaining rep. Every offender will be given TWO penalty votes. Now that we have that out of the way, lets begin our very first Head Of Household competition, shall we?
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