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    Thoughts on that? You’re NOT special because you’re forcing yourself to listen to some random alternative artists no one has heard about or bands from the 70s. Why do you think you’re above someone who likes ONLY pop music? What’s wrong with having a preference and sticking to that? Music snobs are the worst
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    perched for the "BuT sHe BuNdLeD wItH JoCkStRaPs aNd ThOnGs" reprise in BG
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    Imagine stanning this downright piece of human trash. Her and her fans along with the fags that still casually support her because they are shallow individuals all deserve to be dragged to hell and back. How can you support someone who is THIS narcissistic? Someone who has repeatedly supported rapists, pedophiles and even went as far as shaming their victims? How can you even speak up against other important issues such as racism, sexism, etc. and in the same breath stan this vile individual? Where is your fucking dignity? Where is your sense of morals? She has shown us so many times in the past that the only person she cares about is her damn self. She'll do ANYTHING for a #1 even if that means collaborating with a convicted pedophile and rapist WHO SHOULD STILL BE IN FUCKING JAIL. They are releasing Trollz as a CHARITY SINGLE after fucking 6hit9ine cried on Instagram about Ariana getting a #1 with a charity single. If that wasn't enough...Nicki is doing this which is a downright dig at Ariana even though they are friends allegedly? While Ariana and many other artists are in the streets protesting or even lending their platform and show appearances to BLM activists, Nicki only cares about supporting her criminal friends and getting another #1 which can't be credited to her really.
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    Somebody downvoting a post from 3 years ago
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    STREAM THE ALBUM: ok so since SoundCloud is a little b*tch, Track 10 ("Tightrope") could not be uploaded, so you will have to go to the Google Drive link below to stream. Alternatively, you can just stream the entire album from the Google Drive link below as well. Some of the tracks were slightly pitched for SoundCloud, so the album technically sounds better/as intended on Google Drive. Google Drive Stream and/or
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    Keeps getting younger--a decade of kids
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    Good. Lying about, and using a subject as delicate as rape for clout, is disgusting.
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    Lauryn Hill's #1 debut was an achievement Nicki's #1 debut is a stain on her legacy
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    Even worse when it’s a gay who tries so hard to be like “I’m not like other gays I only listen to rap and alt str8 music and I hate gay culture!1!”
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    Whether she really is bisexual or just said it to be a part of the club, it's kinda irrelevant. She is still a white woman singing mainly about men and relationships with men and she only has public relationships with men. Most people would identify her as straight. Sam on the other hand openly came out and lived authentically as a LGBTQ person. It's different and he deserves that title GRAMMYs gave him
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    So I have been making custom dolls since this quarantine started 95 days later, I finally made my first Ariana custom and I'm really happy how it turned out so I thought I'd share it with y'all
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    @Jjang’s next thread can be “Chromaticas 3rd week sales higher than Joanne’s 2nd. Why?”
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    Whenever I see you comment on Madge, I think of the lyric "I've heard it all before" from her iconic hit Sorry
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    LYRICS + INSTRUMENTALS (link in titles): T.A.F.K.A.C.A. / "the skeletons i hide in my closet" (Album Release) @Bleachella pls charge $2.3m from Gaga's account for a digital release; also ignore the physical part from the release article, i forgot i can't afford dat
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    Pop forums doing the most Yall like to claim anyone's bigger than britney whether it's rihanna, ariana, gaga or any random flops, just because Brit is irrelevant right now. But as someone who consciously lived through Britney's prime, these gals have nothing on her. Brit's impact on the world was undeniable, everyone literally knew her name from every corner of the world, whether young or old, nobody can escape her; people wanted to know about her lifestories. It's not like in these days, not everyone cares about these girls whether they have 100 #1's or one week #1... some are as local as they can get.
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    absolutely. there are certain discographies each pop music lover should go through regardless of how they feel about the artist. do i enjoy all of her albums? no. but her discography is quite the journey and listening to it provides quite the answer on why she's the queen of pop.
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    No one will remember this song in a month anyway
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    It's a sad time for society. https://www.billboard.com/amp/articles/business/chart-beat/9406723/6ix9ine-nicki-minaj-trollz-number-one-hot-100
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    I wonder if there's a feature where the same thread could be linked to two or more subforums at once (like for example, the Rain on Me thread would appear in Ariana and Gaga's section but only be 1 thread) @Onika look into it
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    How about we do real things like charge cops when they kill black people?
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    2 months older album without Ariana BlackPink and Elton John which means full solo album with little promo if any with only 11 songs Hello Winner !
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    The way they’re trying to avoid the lashings
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    And the award for most annoying stan base goes to... Considering wasphive stole that "Queen B" title from Lil Kim's... it's brave of them to drag Britney for it.
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    Don't you have another madonna thread to jerk off to?
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    Congrats to nobody
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    I can't believe I am graduating tomorrow
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    Well to be fair she is a black woman and this song was released in honor of a black holiday. Also after all the shit black people have been through lately it would be nice to hear from OUR artists.
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    Because Nicki has a track record of either defending or supporting horrible people and the others don’t?
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    i need ONE more rep point to get to 6K please donate
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    He didn't lie tbh, I don't blame him for hiding the fact that he used to be a Nicki fan page. The way the hip hop community would've turned on him sooo fast if they would've found out before OTR dominated would've been sad to see. Glad to see him living in his truth during pride month tho!
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    Madame X megarate failed to crack half of Chromatica megarate's pages. Why?
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    Thank you everyone! So glad everyone enjoyed! Now I need my days back and unclog my computer
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    Chromatica feels like Lady Gaga trying to go back to the sound of her debut that fans LOVE, but keeping her current essence and experience as an artist. -Manel possibly my fave album from Gaga, which i didn't expect at all! i'm so happy she made this a concept album and thought the tracklist through, it makes for such a strong listening experience and for this to be her strongest, most cohesive album yet. the "bad" songs aren't even really bad outside of the album, that's how good it is. i'm so happy she returned to her dancepop roots and took us all to Chromatica! also, ranking the sections, II > III >> I! -Hyun. This album is clearly a new direction for Gaga in the way she went with disco-inspired pop with The Fame. Personally, I find it her most cohesive work yet and clearly defined by her internal pain and attitude about the world. Not a house fan to start with, my expectations have been kept low. And boy the good sis outdid them. -Joanne INCREDIBLE! -Dan A solid and cohesive album. Very exciting to listen, every track just feels so epic. It's a nice and fun distraction from the chaos if the world around us. I love that she created a whole world and aesthetic around this project it just adds to the fun. -militanthomo i don't hear what others hear. this isn't her best album at all. feels like she's getting in the groove of things again after Joanne but it's not amazing. -pang This album is definitely a grower. Although it's not her best (that's ARTPOP and BTW and TFM), she delivered her best body of work in years (aka since AP). -Gilly 3 months ago when I changed my name to “GagaSavingPop” in preparation for the highly anticipated comeback of the century, I expected nothing short of a colossal smash. And the album did indeed smash...my spirits. Gaga fails to even see my expectations let alone reach or surpass them. This album is uncharacteristically trend-chasing and not the Gaga I know. An overwhelming amount of this album is genuine filler, while the rest is sonically identical to the forgotten album, Future Nostalgia, by non-singer Dua Lipa. The lows are definitely in hell on this album, but fortunately there are a few stand out songs that lift this album up from its grave. Still, I was overall disappointed in this album and I reckon most of its popularity within the monster base stems from its commercial success. And don’t get me wrong I’m glad to see Mother Monster slaying again, but at what cost. -Winnie
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    @Winnie.#BLM couldn’t be with us today. He was unfortunately detained at baggage check after it was discovered he had a copy of an album that starts with an M and ends with an X in his bag. This is considered a highly dangerous weapon of mass destruction, and proper protocol was taken to ensure he wouldn’t bring it into Chromatica”
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    Stuck with U - Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber girl