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    pretty sure that's based on your previous history on YT sis got something to confess?
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    Finally we got a Madonna, Katy and Gaga selfie part 2 ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’ฏ
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    when Nick Cannon won't get out of your swamp
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    Have xtina fans lost it already
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    So im 17 today
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    just saving @Agugaga the effort of creating this thread
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    You're just spouting bullshit out at this point which is kind of sad on your part. How was she not blocked? She had over 400 points on the H100, had Drake not been there with his monster streaming power, Ariana would have very easily gone number one without a doubt. Especially since she sold over 300k, 100k of them being pure sales. She also has the most purchased female collab (Problem) and most streamed female collab (Side To Side). She is the only artist to have every lead single debut in the top ten. She has over nine top ten hits, five of which being top five. Her last tour grossed nearly 80million, just behind huge rock bands, Ed Sheeran, Gaga and Bruno Mars. How is an artist that was "never big" and "never will be" moving so many units in 2018? Because she is a big name in the industry, clearly not THE biggest but literally no Ariana stan will claim this, and it's time for YOU to accept this. No one claimed she was on the same level as Katy and Gaga you weirdo. Miley only has one number one to her name and that's because she swung on a wrecking ball naked and dry humped Robin Thicke at the VMA's. She got it through controversy and lost all of her momentum weeks after and the GP grew tired of her after one season, hence why Younger Now debuted at #5 and all of its singles flopped to hell and back. Problem went #1 in seven countries btw, two of which are the UK and South Korea. No Tears has also reached number one in a few countries as well, one of which is Australia, her first number one there. I know you feel threatened because Ariana has seen so much success in the 6 years Christina has been twirling in a red chair and eating Oreos, but it's not cute to let that jealousy show so much. xx
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    Seeing Taylor in 2 hours!
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    I don't know about you, but (today), I'm feeling
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    The fuck is wrong with some of yall The pure venom I am seeing from some of you should be reserved for politics The non stop barrage of hate is far too much and it's like...why? Are you threatened? You shouldn't be sisters. The saint christ hasn't had a solo hit this decade and her albums haven't sold either. We know she doesn't have the same commercial success so why are you all reacting like she released a the fucking Isis national anthem She's a talented artist with an incredible back catalogue. She is a legend no matter what any of you think and she has finally got her fire back. Grow up and put that misplaced anger into your every day lives
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    omg queen, what a great idea for a party she looks like Kate Winslet omg
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    Omg, never knew Madonna attended the Just Dance video shoot
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    After sex, a lot of people like to smoke a cigarette. As a gay man, me and my boyfriend smoke weed after sex. After all, in the bible it says "if a man lies with another man, he should be stoned."
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    Well, he is sort of right, it was a choice ... MADE BY WHITE PEOPLE. In all seriousness though, why are y'all not commenting on the clapback from that TMZ employee? He snatchedT.
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    idk why you made this thread but itโ€™s messy and try hard :/
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