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    Lukewarm For The Winter by Nick is coming "Got a taste for the dick I just need to take a bite"
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    Queen of the Qur'an Rihallah states in Qur'an 21: 59-63 that 'thou shall not bleach' therefore stanning sinners like Bleachyonce is a disgusting act and you will die in hell
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    Savior Christ published her first bible in 2006, it was self-titled (duh!) and included the hymns "Tim McHolyGrail", "Teardrops On My Altar", "Our Hymn" and "(Holy) Scripture to Burn". Its RIHlease annihilated the caRIHr of No1CarRIH Underwood before it even started and helped "Savior Christ" become a household name. Since then, The Lord has RIHvealed herself time and time again by RIHleasing bibles such as "Preach Now", "SacRED" and "198Divine". Countless of her hymns like "Today Was A Biblical Tale", "Divine", "I Knew You Were Holy", "Blessed Space", "Byble", "Mother MaRIH's Song (Oh My My My)" and "You Belong With God" have become mandatoRIH staples for modern day services and gospel albums. Ugh, who else but The Lord?! Exactly.
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    Madonna is old Is ugly Is trash And I doubt yeezy or anyone would even consider coming close to that damaged and overused flesh pocket she likes to call a vagina
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    Wake up everyone!!!! Apparently EDIAH is playing in H&M stores!!! @Quinn @California boy @bibitotolover @Disneyrejects @BASEDkatyperry @The Lord Of The Rings @Blue Riding Hood @Queen Of Suburbia @Carlos @RihannaRTT
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    how do you feel about this homosexuals -3 points lower than To Pimp A Butterfly -higher than carrie & lowell no cities to love divers courtney barnetts album ten love songs hiatus kaiyote's album vulnicura i love you honeybear natalie prass her self titled jamie xx' overrated ass album currents a$ap rocky, roísín murphy, earl sweatshirt, neon indian, the internet, drake, future, wilco, miguel and chance the rapper's new albums janet jackson teashitné ibeyi chvrches BOB DYLAN's new album nearly 30 POINTS higher than delirium with more reviews SHIT+MO+TION snorence + and the machine maranal & the beads confident/revival artpop/prism britney jean and probably adele, eventually POOR EVERYBODY
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    the one and only legend GODGA has contributed various essential assets to American society. the goddess herself invented music, charts, and popularity when her album "The Bible" was released to the public in 2008. Next, she invented fashion, pop culture, and controversy in 2009 with the release of "The Holy Monster". The gay community also found it's birth soon after "Slain This Way" was released in 2011, and the concept of art was officially conceived when her album "CHARTTOP" was made in 2013.
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    I'm sorry, the "@" thing randomly stopped working for me Just letting you know that the emperor loves and appRIHciates you all
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    So even though I became a Taylor fan with Red in early 2013 and I became a stan a bit before the 1989 era started, I didn't get into ha other country stuff until this year and now the only album I haven't used by her is Fearless. I'm considering doing a first listen thread if anyone would be here for that
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    I don't know where to start. (I am half a virgin when it comes to her shows. I went to Sticky here in 2009 but i was in like last row and i barely saw anything on video screen, i let alone her ) So around 11am we went to O2 arena to check it out and people were already there so i got scared and after we went to hotel i came back at around 3pm and horror started. Waiting was terrible, i never experienced that. At least fans were very passionate and they were singing songs while we were waiting, there was a girl in BIM outfit, she looked great. I was amazed how people around me were from 15 years old to 60 years old. So i'll skip 4 hours of waiting until we finally went in. At around 18:45 gates were opened and omfg i wasn't ready for that, when i finally entered i saw empty space where pole in HW should be and that's where i wanted to stand right from march when we got first look of stage. I was so happy. But real torture started then. I was hungry, thirsty, and my legs were non existing. At 8pm started opening act, Rejji Snow. It was disgusting, worst thing ever. He was really annoying and we were booing every few minutes, He was on for whole fucking hour. At 9:45PM I was really pissed, but then curtain came off and those warriors (?) appeared. and OMG, i never felt like that, Instead of describing performance please look at my upload When cage appeared i started crying a little and i was smiling like never before. For my whole life i was watching her on tv, in magazines, she was like a myth to me. But when I saw her beautiful face, i'll never forget that moment. 2. BITCH I'M MADONNA Performance was ok, tbh it was more than ok but Iconic was so massive it kinda looks slow after that. I uploaded 2 videos on instagram 3. BURNING UP This song is becoming of my faves when it comes to her 80s discography, it sounded AMAZING live. She's such a rockstar I waited my whole life to scream from my lungs I'M ON FIRE on her show. You can see in my 2nd instagram video when she looked at me, shame instagram is lowering quality of videos 4. HOLY WATER/VOGUE Oh my god. The moment lights went down for this song I was slayed. I had the best place. You'll see in my video when i upload it tomorrow. I'll post few sneak peaks. It was defiantly one of the highlights of the show. It was one of my least favorite songs from RH but now i can't get it out of my head. When she started crawling to the main stage it was so EPIC. Music. MAIN STAGE. oh god. YT clips are noting, you really need to experience this. (that's it when it comes to instagram videos for today) 5. DEVIL PRAY When this song started it had the biggest reaction at the time. People went mad. Dance breakdown was one of the best thing I ever saw, seeing it and hearing it in arena was out of this world. I have video of this, and I will upload it but it's not full. My battery started dying and I wanted to record LAV so I was saving for that. 6. Interlude - Messiah This was so beautiful, visually stunning. Like where is she even finding these guys. I never cared for those interludes when I was watching her previous tours, but she really slayed with them on RH. 7. BODY SHOP I used this song to rest my hand and my voice. She had that autotune on her mic and i think she missed note and started singing it late because she was kinda off during first verse, but performance was great. I think there was no dancing here, but stuff she had on stage were cool, and they used them really well. 8. TRUE BLUE I used this song to rest too because I don't know lyrics that well, i was surprised that so many people knew it tbh. But it really came to life live, and as acoustic song 9. DEEPER AND DEEPER I really don;t know why but I don;t remember this perforamnce, i remember she was driing on somehting (?!) but other than that and dance breakdown, not so much. I remember audience reacted really great to this song, i messed up lyrics few times. I was ashamed. 10. HEARTBREAKCITY/LOVE DON'T LIVE HERE ANYMORE I love this song so much, another visually stunning performance, everything around those stairs was great, that guy who was climbing on them like I was just waiting for him to fall (but not as part of choreography). When she started singing LDLHA on top of the stairs, it was wow. SHe sounded so good, and it was so dark and haunting. 11. LIKE A VIRGIN This is Let it will be of this tour. I love the fact that it was just her, improvising on stage, it's such a great sing along song on tour, oooooh part was tearing down the arena. And that ring in the middle went up it was so cool, but funniest part was when she went down, i had great look at her butt and her crawling down the stage One of the highlights. 12. Interlude - S.E.X. This was another amazing interlude, it was really provocative but it was also very artistic. Can't wait for DVD to watch interludes again. 13. LIVING FOR LOVE LFL is one of my favorite RH songs, shame she was singing that remix, but i understand. That beat sounded insane in arena. I love that she recreated BRITS performance because i really loved it. That walk down the stage with cape on was iconic. 14. LA ISLA BONITA This song is my favorite Madonna 80s song. I'm so glad she's still singing it. It's such a great song with great energy and melody. It's one of her signature songs. She accidentally flashed her underwear in front of me when she lifted her skirt (she had black panties) EDIT: no this happened when she was doing gypsy/80s medley flop.. When she danced in the middle of the stage, she was so happy, she smiled all the time, seriously i've never seen her this happy. 15. MEDLEY - DRESS YOU UP/INTO THE GROOVE/EVERYBODY/LUCKY STAR I wasn't happy when i read about this medley in early September but it was AMAZING here. I LOVED this version of DYU, she was all over the stage. I freaked out when ITG started because i love that song so much, arena was on fire. I'm kinda glad my battery died so i could focus on her and show and not on my phone. 16. SECRET @Rebel Bitch omg I can't believe she sang this song. I was SO HAPPY. One of the highlights. She was singing this on heart stage so i only saw her from behind. I just can't believe I heard this song live. 17. GHOSTTOWN I don't know why she's not singing this song on every show, it was the biggest song of the night. It was loudest song. It was EPIC. One of the highlights. 18. REBEL HEART Another highlight. I love this song so much and i couldn't wait for it to sing it live. I SAID HELL YEAH THIS IS ME RIGHT WHERE I"M SUPPOSED TO BE was maybe my favorite part of the show. From the moment i heard this song for the first time i had vision in my mind of her playing it on acoustic guitar and screaming I SAID HELL YEAH THIS IS ME RIGHT WHERE I'M SUPPOSED TO BE. Fan art was amazing. She asked Guy Oseary to come up on stage but he refused. 19. Interlude - Illuminati Holy shit this was AMAZING. BETTER THAN AMAZING. It was so cool, and scary at the same time. Her best interlude ever. I just can't describe it. 20. MUSIC/CANDY SHOP I loved jazz beginning of Music but when that iconic beat kicked in i lost it. I am so happy she performed original version and not shitty remixed versions, bass in arena, jumping during 'do you like to boogie woogie' she should keep this song on tours forever. Candy shop was surprisingly really good. I loved song back in the day but i'm tired of her performing it again, but it was one of the best performances when it comes to dancing. And she was really excited during this performance. 21. MATERIAL GIRL There wwas so much going on with this performance I don;t know where to start. Her walk down the stage as bride was epic, those dancers on main stage slayed but shame no one was watching them when she was throwing flowers (i don't know how to say bidermajer on English fall1) in audience. She started teasing guy who got it, and asked him to take off his glasses so she could see him. She was so adorable when she said 'now we're married. but how can we be married when i don't know you, screw that, i thougth i knew my last husband and we all know hot that turned out'. Shade. 22. LA VIE EN ROSE Before this song she once again talked with her 'husband' asked him to show us his muscles poor guy. I didn't know this song and as it turned out i was probably the only one. It was so awkward when EVERYONE was singing along except of me who was right in front of her when she did this song and she looked at me and i tried to look like i was singing (i lip-synced) and i looked like idiot. 23. UNAPOLOGETIC BITCH I LOVE THIS SONG AND THIS SONG IS FIREEEEEEEEE. HER ATTITUDE. FUCK YOU PART. She brought on stage actress Jessica Chastian. I had no idea who she was but i just watched Interstellar a month ago She was so beautiful and hot, they were great on stage, they danced so good. Jessica dropped it like it's hot. They kissed. She slapped Madonna on her butt few times. There was a banana talk ofc but it's so different when you watch it live. And she left. Bye BITCHES. Lights went off and there were people who thought that was it so they started leaving and then Holiday kicked in It was great ending for even better show, so fun, happy, fresh. We all know her last few endings were massive with songs being stretched to 7-8 minutes, this one was short but UB felt like an ending and Holiday was encore. There was a Serbian flag on screen at some point and i got very excited because of that I was so sad when it finished but also very happy because i couldn't believe what happened, this was one of the biggest dreams in my life and i experienced it in magical city with great people (9). It was so much fun and thank you Madonna for bringing joy and happiness into our lives with your music. LOVE YOU. <3
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    The video for Bad Romance premiered exactly 6 years ago Lets take a moment and remember this iconic slayage
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    I was just thinking of the same thing! I'd be here for it! Looking goooood!! Not in my flop store.. I'm actually half Indonesian.. and I do got a little part of Japanese blood in me. Getting Asian influences in here.
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    i know people act like theyre so much better than her but then wish her death like
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    omg it has our song queefteen white horse lemme listen now
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    is fearless the one with hey stephen bc that song makes me so warm and fuzzy inside
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    I see the highest earners are the ones playing stadium shows with double+ the capacity
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    New Romantics as the closing single for the album
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    @Sylkmonster @Skywalker @ChooseyLover @WinnieThePooh @Kim Kardashian @Skyline @Vilppu @alejandreaux @The Lord Of The Rings Guys, if you wanna send your own, please tell me Just they have to be 600x300 [2:1 ratio] You can crop them to the ratio with ezgif.com and upload them to Imgur then
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    critics, fotp members, and the general homosexual listening public begs to differ
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    Gonna be 19 knocking down children in theaters.
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    Allahyonce Knowles, the CEO of Music Industry is literally the queen, goddess, creator of music, singing, dancing, songwriting, producing - literally better than MJ himself, her music gives hearing to the deaf, sight to the blind, ability to walk to the wheelchair bound ones, brings people back from the dead and cures cancer with her performances, concert tours, music videos and simply her appearance.
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    Literally snatched Madonna's wig for pop album acclaim Now I stan Grimes i finally have something to clapback with when the Medonsters pull the metacritic receipts out
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    BTD - the pop album to appeal to the mainstream Paradise - the concept album, shaping a certain aesthetic essential to understand the persona of LDR UV - the "experimental", spontaneous and intuitive record. HM - the album that's closest to what Lana herself listens to
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    All went well, so changed my display Name What do ya Cats think of it? @California boy @Blue Riding Hood
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    mess at people who think her best album could be anything other than Ultraviolence
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    Ultraviolence and Honeymoon are light years ahead of Born to Die and Paradise. But her best album will always be Lana Del Ray, no contest
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    We have made new friends join
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    This would havbe been the perfect signature for a Taylor-themed Halloween set. The missed opportuniTAY!
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    I'm so sorry, I wanted to tag more people but the tags stopped woking for some reason and the username dropdowns didn't show up anymore But thank you for your pics, these are pefect!
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    why is TLY so iconic ??
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    I have no idea if these have been used already in this thread, I just looked them up on google and picked some that were around the right size
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    kate bush sounds like the witches they hang up in salem when she sings
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    Here for this being the only image used in the entire project, on the entire site, and one the entire internet ever
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    ikr it feels like the 1989 era is nearing its end
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    work bitch, HIAM, TTWE, IWG, 3, womanizer, circus, BOMT, IUSA, POM, everytime, toxic, stronger, OIDIA, crazy, FTBOMBH 16