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    and now, the final numbers are in: The Prismatic World Tour has grossed a total of... 201 MILLION the PWT ends up at #8 on the highest grossing female tours of all time.
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    Greetings Floptrens, I am 1997, God of Bubbling Under Desire. Lay back and feast as we celebrate two years of CHARTDROP blessing our anus's with fiber glass rim jobs and acidic gorilla feces. What was your favorite moment? Was it.... 1.) When Kety cock blocked Mother Menstrate from reaching #1 on iTunes? 2.) When DWUW (with my urine) failed to break the top ten or receive a video? 3.) When FourFiveSeconds people showed up to the artGRAVE because they got a free ticket in their Frosted Flakes? 4.) When NOSEferatu spent all of her coke money on a flop video that charted worse than Queen Madinosaur's latest bop? Come on Little Mandingo's. Let us embark on a reverse warholian expediter, and give praise to the Goddless of Lump(y tits).
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    you better correct it or you aren't a swiftie
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    omfg here are some of my fav moments/greatest hits that you didn't cover: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43-3VRN1ZLc Monster to do list DWUW Twitter promo/meltdown http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-xwkj0kNzFSI/U6NLTuFkluI/AAAAAAAAPyU/o9hBSOTjdPg/s1600/41.jpg https://scstylecaster.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/lady-gaga-sxsw-2.gif Gaga gives away ARTPOP tour tickets for free with KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut purchases Gaga cancels artgrave to focus on swine art what an era
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    YAAAAAAS at it passing 200m something else to boast about now Not it doing over 3x the CDT
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    11/11/15 | Today, singer, songwriter Taylor Swift and Scholastic, the world’s largest publisher and distributor of children’s books, announced a donation of 25,000 new, age-appropriate books from the Scholastic Possible Fund to 25 New York City schools in need of more books for their students. Twenty-five schools will each receive 1,000 new children’s books through the Scholastic Possible Fund as a result of Taylor’s support of the Company’s “Open a World of Possible,” initiative, designed to promote independent reading among all children. As a long-time literacy advocate, Taylor hosted a webcast for classrooms during which she shared how books, reading and writing have influenced her and opened her world. Since it first aired in October 2014, the webcast has been viewed by more than 4.5 million students from around the country and is available at:http://www.scholastic.com/taylorswift/ The importance of increasing access to books in schools was highlighted in the most recent Scholastic Kids & Family Reading Report™ which found that children ages 6-17 from lower-income households are more likely to read books for fun in school and far less likely to read books outside of school than their higher-income peers. Further, having a selection of texts for independent reading can be a powerful tool to encourage kids to pick up a book. The same report revealed that nine in ten kids agree their favorite books – and the ones they are the most likely to finish – are the ones they pick out themselves. “Scholastic is honored to join with Taylor Swift who continues to show a passion for literacy and a commitment to spreading the message of how influential books can be in a child’s life,” said Greg Worrell, President, Scholastic Education. “Through this donation, we aim to encourage independent reading which inspires a love of learning and to ‘Open a World of Possible’ for more New York City students by making sure they have access to the very best children’s books.” “We are really looking forward to receiving these books and incorporating them into our school’s library so that all students in our building can have access to them,” said Principal Nova Xiomara, of PS 132, Juan Pablo Duarte School in Manhattan, NY.
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    5x Platinum in China 4x Platinum in Thailand 3x Platinum in India 3x Platinum in Hong Kong
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    Shake it Lord - 4 weeksBlessed Space - 6 weeksGrammy Blood - 5 weeksHoliest Dreams - 2 weeksIn the Soundscan era, the only previous album to do this is Confessions, and only if you count My Boo from the re-release. Radio queen. Album queen. Sales queen. Awards queen.
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    Me too. Her charity work is a big reason why I stan her tbh 1989 available now on itunes
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    crazy mad respect for Taylor right now. education is so powerful, i'm so glad she pledged her support. time to pick up a few 1989 copies
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    more than 3 years waiting for only 11 songs? I hope this isn't true!
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    They praised and dragged her at the same time
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    GUY still outpeaked anything from the Great-Grandma Heart era
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    Meanwhile Gaga's floppity flop tour doubled the gross of Katy's peak era, California Dreams Tour Talent always wins
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    As tragic as the era was, I still actually cried real happy and overwhelmed tears when I saw the G.U.Y full video for the first time.
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    Isn't it "blood runs fast"? Or does it change at a certain point?
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    I just googled her California Dreams Tour numbers after seeing this and wow Even Kylie grossed more with her local Aphrodite Tour. Snatch that 300% rise, Queen!
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    Monster Ball Tour - In front of my TV watching the DVD.
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    I stan Legendni Godoanne Jesuslina Biblenotta She created lightning bolts, saying "cherry cherry boom boom" in every other song, Russian bath houses, bad romances, telephones, gay people, edges of glory, Nebraska, bedazzlers, overly long ugly boring useless mini films (aka BTW era), applause, and people listening to jazz below the age of 90 Who will ever? The sheer IMPACT of Jesusefani! Her first album, "The Old Testament", has sold over 15m WW and ushered in a new age of synthpop in the late 2000s while everyone else was serving less than stellar R&B (including the prehistoric argentinosaurus fossil Geriatricdonna, whose name everyone forgot the second "Just Pray" feat. came out) Her second album was a continuation of "The Old Testament" called "The Old Testament Monster" exploring her fears navigating her amazing talent as she works her way through writing scripture after scripture for her godly albums. This album featured one of the best selling singles of all time, "Bad Prophecy," a BeYAWNce feature track, "TeleJesus," and "Holyjandro" Her third album, "Born This Iconic, Legendary, Stunning, etc." continued her string of hits with the title track, "The Edges of Your Weave (Off)", and "Goddess of Pop and I." No other official singles were released from the album, "Flopdas" and "Marry The Tank" were both promo singles with limited promotion In 2013, she released an indie album that was not mainstream with little promo or hype at all called "HOLYALTERPOP," and it sold remarkably well for such a reverse Warholian expedition, and included top 5 hit "Applesauce" and marginally successful single "Do What U Want (With My Shitty Rapist Rent A Rapper That No One Bought This Song For) She then unleashed upon the world Grammy-winning (something Krety Berry will never be able to say about herself) "Mummy to Mummy." The title was inspired by her partner on the album, Mr. Tony Bennett Her next album is yet to be released but will surely take over the world of pop and outsell "Dinosaur Heart" and Krety's flop upcoming Christmas album COMBINED Thanks for listening to the story of the making of a legend who has 6 Grammys. That's 6 more than Flopty FYI
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    Ugh I can't at "Style" being the ugly stepchild of 19K89 when it shits on eveRIH other single apart from "Blessed Space" The injustice!
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    The next Lady Marmalade Bookmark me Honestly never heard of ha though, wonder if Who Is Fancy will have a solo hit after this
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    @Blue Riding Hood ohsoswiftly.tumblr.com & tswiftdaily.tumblr.com are great
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    A few more @Blue Riding Hood Ugh, late 90s and early 00s Mimi >>>
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    key word: DEBUT i didnt notice that at first, i was ready to clock this thread for filth but thats actually impressive tho, congrats to Ari!
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    Here for another #MintliaLISTENS
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    and now for Whitney: Whitney Houston.
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    I really do not get the point of this
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    This would havbe been the perfect signature for a Taylor-themed Halloween set. The missed opportuniTAY!
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