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    Lotus was certainly a selective affair with that 56 score on Metacritic and it's not-even-gold certification. Whew.
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    Winnie The Pooh Critical: When We Were Very Young Commercial: 1926-Present Artistic: Return to the Hundred Acre Woods
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    Rih as a teacher
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    Tay would be teaching economics. Because of RIHsons
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    ok hello flop! each of the favorite popartists are singers or models but they can also seem like teachers. tell if each favorite is a teacher what class they would teach in school! comment it below and i will later.
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    The boys have done really well this year. The ladies need to step their pussies up.
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    lady gaga has surpassed everything madonnas done in the 80s and is now gonna move on to be iconic remain MAD
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    Wait @ this being a perfect metaphor for R8 Actually screaming at these
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    I think she'd teach Social Studies, like culture related stuff. "Halloween is the only time of the year where u can dress as a geisha and no one will call u a racist for that" Gags will teach Psychology
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    now its time to eat soft ice cream
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    Xtina is literally going to teach an online singing class, I believe it's in the making right now.
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    no one from The Voice ever becomes relevant
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    In terms of relevancy at this point in time. Taylor Swift Katy Perry Rihanna Madonna Lady Gaga Lana Del Rey Britney Spears Christina Aguilera Kesha
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    but let's talk about THE FACT britney is not in the Top 100 Artist of ALL TIME and beyonce is.... 100 artists, with eras range from the 50's, 60's, 70's til now and she's no where to be found... Both girls released albums in 2013, one went to get that critical acclaim and sell 5M WW with NO PROMO while the other is currently waiting for her album to get certified double trash bag. irrelevant much?
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    I actually made a gif a few weeks back when we were talking about this in the rihanna base
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    But Beyoncé is #37 on the Artists chart and Cortana Spears is nowhere to be found Even Kelly Clarkson and P!NK are there Makes one rethink the pop princess title, don't cha think?
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    Straightlonghairwithaslightwavelor is the best
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    Gaga wouldn't be a teacher, but she would be the girl of the photocopier
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    Lana english Beyonce principal (or the student who copied at exams) Rihanna geography
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    Xtina would be the gym teacher Whitney would be the chemistry teacher
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    Madonna can be the biology teacher, but then she can give sex education.
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    katy would teach religious studies, uncomfortably '...and that is why class, God hates fags, because it is against the rules written by our Holy Lord.' 'But Miss Perry. Didn't you kiss a girl and like it?'
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    Omg but for real I could see her being like perfect for teaching honors/advanced economics course and then being the coach for the volleyball team
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    ok now I go. Kesha can be a math teacher because now she have time to go to study at school
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    YAAAASSSS so happy for her Still hoping they find a way to save her hearing
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    maybe she'll serve us an album whilst she's locked up
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    The part that stuck out to me was that this woman abandoned her son because he's (presumably) gay. Like how vile and despicable can you be.
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    Its just her body, gheys. Its ok. If it was a male artist you all would be slayed right now. She likes to cause attention but at least she's talented as well. Some people do this shit and dont even have talent to back them up.
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    Hope you're ok lovely Take care
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    You can get Christina Milian for 20k I can afford that. I'll get her to follow me around singing the Kim Possible theme whenever my phone goes off.
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    The Female Michael Jackson who is better than MJ himself lbr. She is as white as he ever was and has a passion for entertaining children as well. Katysus Perrist released her debut album One of the Gods which was a foregleam of her next historical defining album, Teenage Jesus. Teenage Jesus was an industry revolutionary album that ended careers and converted the masses. Katysus then released her next album, Praysm, and we were supplied with joyous dark sounds.
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    The Queen has a kind heart and she loves doing everything in secrecy, RIP chelsea, RIP angel, The beyhive know who is chelsea because B cared about her so much. This is so sad.